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Ruth goes window shopping

>> Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Yeap, I went window shopping today!! As if I didn't have much work to do in the office, eh?

In fact, I wasn't in office since yesterday cos I was at Holiday Villa, Subang Jaya, for a training by CX Management (and it was good!!...the training & friendships were good, but the food there wasn't anything to shout about, so I ain't gonna blog about it).

While waiting for my dad to finish work, I went window shopping at Subang Parade & Carrefour. There are 2 clothes shops which I would like to recommend here:

Love It, Subang Parade
This shops offers a good variety of clothes, from casual to formal. The best part is that the price is SO reasonable! Prices start from RM13.90 for a solid color tee, which I thought was quite neat :) I wanted to buy that already, but it wasn't something that I REALLY needed, so I passed :P But seriously, the shop has a good range of clothes at good prices :) Do check it out if you're at Subang Parade (2nd or 3rd floor)

I managed to get a photo of the shop!! Teehee...

What Women Want (W3), Subang Parade
This shop is situated at the ground floor, near HSL Electrical shop. The prices here are slightly higher as compared to Love It, but it offers an even larger variety of clothes, & also other items that women want i.e. make up, toiletries, nail art centre...etc. It's quite a big shop, or somewhat a 'mini departmental store' by itself :) They do have clothes around RM15 as well, but generally, their clothes are more towards the RM40-RM60 range. (didn't manage to capture any photo of this shop, but it's very easily located)

I actually saw one top that was quite nice, but it was very thin & costs RM39.90, so I passed again...hahaha...Ruth didn't bring much cash out :P

I reckon we could share with you all some shopping goodies next time when we come across any! This blog is certainly on food, but it's also on fun & adventures!

Stay tuned!!

- Ruth


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