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Kafe 2 Musim Returns

>> Friday, September 28, 2007

Yes, my colleagues & I were at the Kafe 2 Musim again! Not to say that we fell in love with that place or that place has grade A++ food, but we kinda like the ambiance & the taste of the food isn't too bad either ;)

This time, we tried the other dishes that are offered at the cafe. SM had her usual Seafood 2 Musim, featured in the past post of PerutBesi, while MM had the Tom Yam Fried Rice; JT had the Fried Bee Hoon, while I had the Taiwanese Soy Noodles (oil-free!).

The taste can be graded as B (average), and the price is the usual cafe price, ranging from RM7/dish-RM20/dish, depending on what you order. We didn't order anything too expensive, so each of our lunch came up to about ~RM15 each (inclusive of drinks).

Tom Yam Fried Rice- very spicy!!

Fried Bee Hoon

Taiwanese Soy Noodles (oil-free!)

Steaming hot when served.... *yums*

South African Red Bush Tea- an aromatic & sweet-smelling tea, filled with antioxidants (RM4/mug- bottomless)

Green Tea (RM3/mug- bottomless)

Do try out this place especially if you're around the area of Pusat Bandar Damansara. It's located near Subway Sandwiches & is quite easy to find :)

- Ruth


Food & Media in Singapore

>> Sunday, September 23, 2007

Here are some very interesting advertisements which caught my attention at the MRT station while I was in Singapore:





Food is good, but too much of good food may not be that good after all :S

- Ruth


PerutBesi in Singapore

I was in Singapore from the 14th-16th of Sept, just last weekend. The trip was a very fulfilling one, & I indeed had an awesome time there. Didn't spend much, really- thanks to friends working in Spore who gave myself treat after treats! :P

I was actually there for a 'mission'- to give a surprise birthday bash to my best friend, Gloria. Her bf was the one who thought of this plan & asked if I was interested to be a part of it :D Definitely!

To cut things short:

I arrived in Spore on Friday night around 11.30pm, & YH picked me up from the bus terminal before heading to his house for a night's rest. So, I was 'hiding' in his house all along, without the knowledge of Gloria. Wakaka. To get ourselves into her house, he purposely left his MP3 in her house the night before & asked for her house keys the next day to retrieve it. When we got the key, we duplicated it & I was in her house half the afternoon on Saturday to decorate the place & set up the surprise. :D

At 6pm,PA & RY arrived at Gloria's house & waited til she came home. YH went to pick her up from church & he sent a 'signal' to me when they were downstairs. Coolness. We got the cake ready, turned off all the lights & fan, & stood still, with PA holding the cake. Haha...very funny. :lol:

When Gloria opened the door, we started singing "Happy Birthday" & she screamed, standing still at the door. She screamed not once, but TWICE! #1. she thought her house was broken into, #2. she saw that it was me, PA, & RY, 3 church friends of her's back in Msia! *rofl* I laughed so much til I can't sing the song properly d. :P

Anyways, we had the delicious chocolate cake from Bengawan Solo, & headed to The Villa'ge for dinner.

The chocolate cake from Bengawan Solo Cake House, a very famous Singaporean brand:

The Villa'ge (Orchard Road) is something like Marche's. The concept is the same, just that the name's different. The place is like a market with many stall selling food, & diners are given a card with a bar code to be scanned, each time we order any food from any stall. At the end of the meal, all the cards will be presented at the cashier & the cashier will scan from the bar code the amount to be paid. There were 5 of us for the dinner & we sure had a lot of food & a lot of fun as well! Food was good, fellowship better, & ambiance, great!

The Villa’ge:



Rosti withsunny-side-up egg & cheese pork sausage:

What we had for dinner (clockwise)- rosti, fried dory fish fillet & potato wedges, deep fried squid rings, deep fried soft shell crabs, Caesar salad, & pizza (not in pic):

My drink- kiwi + cucumber + apple (good for skin):

Crepe with chocolate ice cream & banana slices:

The gang:

After The Villa'ge, we went to Max Brenner Chocolate Bar at the Esplanade :D Glorious chocolate! This is like a chocolate cafe (like Starbucks), & they serve EVERYTHING chocolate! Yummilicious! The price is also like the usual coffee cafes, dollar to dollar, in SGD. Worth going there once in a while. Really. Excellent choc delights!

Here’s what we had:

The café/ bar:


The menu:

Chocolate fondue:


1. Let the chocolate melt nicely
2. Pick up a piece of fruit or marshmallow with the special ‘fork’
3. Dip the fruit/marshmallow in the chocolate
4. Enjoy it bit by bit!

Dark chocolate suckao:


1. Pick up the chocolate pellets with the special spoon cum straw
2. Pour in some milk to make the chocolate melt faster & smoother
3. Stir the concoction & allow the chocolate to melt to perfection
4. Either suck the choco or eat it with the spoon! *yums*

Hot dark chocolate with orchid oil in a hug mug:

1. Hold the cup with both hands like you’re hugging it
2. Slowly sip the chocolate & enjoy the aromatic orchid oil

Dripping milk chocolate from the marshmallow:

All for the photo:

At the Esplanade/ Merlion:

By the time we arrived home, it was past midnight already. All of us were very tired, but no doubt, we had a lot of fun & enjoyed each other’s company! Although my trip to Singapore was a very short one (I left for KL at 2.30pm the next day), I felt that it was a worth-while trip ;) Oh yeah, before I left Singapore, I had lunch at this Japanese restaurant in Novena Square. The food isn’t too bad (can’t recall the name of the restaurant though).

Fried prawns with mayonnaise:

Pai Ku Ramen:

Ajishou Ramen (I think that’s the name):

- Ruth


Kafe 2 Musim

>> Saturday, September 15, 2007

How many seasons are there in Malaysia? One? Two? Too many to count?? I'm very certain that this one place can tell you! ;)

Located at Pusat Bandar Damansara (PBD), Kuala Lumpur, this little cafe offers a variety of local food & drinks. I was there for lunch yesterday, with 3 colleagues, & we had a good time there, relaxing & blending into the groovy atmosphere. One thing nice about this cafe is that it plays some sort of pop music to accompany their patrons while having their meal :)

Prices for meals range from RM4-RM20. A large glass of fruit juice costs RM4, while a decent plate of rice or noodles costs RM8. It may be slightly pricey, I could say, but considering the fact that it's located in PBD, the atmosphere is nice, AND the food is actually not too bad, it's a worth-while lunch to have :P

Here are some of the pics taken during lunch:

Kafe 2 Musim (outside)

Kafe 2 Musim (inside)

Seafood 2 Musim with rice (RM9)

Seafood 2 Musim without rice (RM8)

Green Curry with Lai Fun (RM9)

Tom Yam Chiang Mai Style (RM13) ... I think it's Chiang Mai style... can't recall

Drinks: Carrot Milk (RM4), Kedondong + Assam Boi (RM4), Apple + Orange (RM5)
-> HYun, Steph, Jen

Steph, Jen, Ruth

Check the place out for yourselves! Cheers!

- Ruth


Penang Hokkien Mee

>> Wednesday, September 12, 2007

This is one of the best Penang Hokkien Mee (a.k.a. prawn mee) I've ever tasted. Each bowl of this noodles costs at least RM10! Yeah man, it's no joke! :lol:

My friend's aunt was the cook behind this fabulous dish ;) In it were noodles, pork slices, small prawns, large prawns, squid slices, hard-boiled eggs slices, kangkung, beansprout, pork ribs, chilli sambal, & fried shallots! *yums* You can't get it anywhere else man...but her house! Hahahaha... :lol:


p/s: Readers who want the recipe, drop a comment & we'll see if we could get it for u from her aunt :P

- Ruth


Restaurant 33, SS 3

There's this restaurant in SS3, Petaling Jaya that offers a wide range of Chinese 'tai chow' food at a reasonable price. The taste isn't too bad, & their service is good :) Every weekday, there'll be a 'today's special' whereby certain dishes will be offered at a cheaper price. If I recall correctly, on Tuesday, the lemon chicken costs only RM8 (normally should be around RM12-15, I think).

They also have set dinners for 2-3 ppl, 4-5 ppl, & 6-8 ppl. The sets are pretty much static, but if you're going for a simple dinner & don't want to pay so much (and think too much on what to eat), this place is quite a good option.

Last weekend, my family had a taufu dish, a vegie, & a herbal chicken dish, which were quite good. We paid less than RM35 for this (not the set dinner). I think the chicken & the asparagus & pork costs RM12 each... can't recall clearly :D

Taufu (beancurd) dish

Stir-fried asparagus with roasted pork

Herbal chicken

-> If you know where's the pasar malam area in SS3, PJ, then you'll be able to see this corner restaurant. It faces a football field.

- Ruth


MATTA Fair II 2007

The 2nd Matta Fair was held at the PWTC last weekend. Thousands of people, not only Malaysians, but those from all parts of the world, thronged the fair to get the best bargain for their holiday.

I managed to get into the fair right after a visit to the European Union Education Fair in the KL Convention Centre. Entrance fee for the 2nd Matta Fair 2007 was RM3 (I think it's the same as last time) & each visitor will get a bag upon registration with some goodies in it.


The fair took up 3 halls & every hall has great offers for its patrons. Prices for hotel rooms in local destinations are going as low as RM300.00 for 3 nights (4 pax)! The war of prices were totally evident & it's amazing at how such fairs attract the load of people.


To think that the economy isn't doing very well is questionable. Haha. Below RM10,000, one can go on a holiday abroad for almost 6-8 nights, inclusive of accomodation, tour, & air ticket! *faints* Too bad I don't have such cash to travel around the world. If & when I do, it'll be a great adventure to embark on!

- Ruth


Taman Tun's own Ipoh

Last Friday, 3 colleagues & I had lunch at this Chinese coffee shop in Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI). Apparently, the hor fun there is good wor, so we went there to try it out :P (I love it when my colleagues are SO into food like me! :lol:) Furthermore, it's claimed to be the famous Ipoh Chicken Rice in TTDI! ;)


I dare say that the food there is pretty good! Hmm..can give it a 7.5/10 for now...keke. The chicken is nicely done & I like the gravy that comes with the chicken. The tauge is also the authentic Ipoh kind!! Fat & short!! *yums* They had the prawn dumplings, which is pretty good as well...hmm...I think it's better than the one in Subang that I recently had :D

Here are some pics that I took:


"White" chicken


Prawn dumpling in 'choy sum' soup

Price list

Check it out for yourselves someday!

p/s: It's opposite the TTDI wet market.

- Ruth

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