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The Search for Best White Coffee

>> Thursday, April 24, 2008

I received an email from my friend, Jarod, who sent me some information on food! *delightful* Here at "The Ruthless Eaters" blogsite, we welcome any information on food with opened arms!

Here's what Jarod has to say:

Where can you get one of the best White Coffee?
--> Sun Yun Loong Rest.

Located at Jalan Bendaraha (Ask the locals, & they will be glad to tell you. This restaurant is quite famous. The picture has the road name), & surrounded by industrial factories, you would not have thought that there will be anything nice there.

The fact is that the best Ipoh WhiteCoffee is around the corner! The coffee is KAO KAO , full of aroma, not bitter and not too sweet! Many people like to flock that place for a drink. You will notice that the Original White Coffee will have a level of foam on top of it.

They also serve the best kaya bread. I've tried it before, & it was nice! According to my uncle, the boss used 3 years to earned back the money he invested in the shop! Just by selling the Ipoh White Coffee and the Kaya Bread! Geng! There are some other stalls there, but they are not as famous as the coffee.

If you're ever sleepy while you're in Ipoh, do stop by for a cup of aromatic coffee!

Cost of Ipoh White Coffee: RM1.50

That's all from my friend, Jarod :) Hope this piece of information will lead you to a good cup of Ipoh White Coffee!

- Ruth


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