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Post District Elections Syndrome

>> Monday, April 7, 2008

Symptoms of the Post DE syndrome:
  • Missing the people you met at DE
  • Wanting more events like the DE
  • Wishing that DE lasted more than just 2 days 1 night
We’re suffering from the post District Elections syndrome! *argh*

The District Elections (DE) for TRAC MYF took place from the 5th-6th April 2008. The national-level TRAC MYF took a couple of months to plan for this event & was praying that it’ll be a great one since it’s our first time conducting it :)

The elections was held at TRAC office itself & the 26 delegates plus the national-level committee members stayed over at PJ Trinity on the 5th night; the installation of the newly elected committees was conducted at PJ Trinity itself :)

This election was to elect a committee to over-see & build the youth ministry in each of the 3 districts in the Southern Zone of Malaysia i.e.: Selangor, Wilayah, & Southern (Johor, Malacca, Negeri Sembilan). We planned for a 2 days 1 night event as we wanted the delegates to also have a time for bonding & sharing to encourage & uphold each other in their prayers :)

Truly, all glory & honor goes to God alone!

The DE was a huge success & the youths who came are requesting for more of such events to be planned!! *faints* Some youths who didn’t stay overnight with us actually came back to PJ Trinity the next morning for the installation service with their entire bunch of youths from their churches!! *wow! Applause*

We’re seriously looking forward to more of such events & may probably look into planning for the Nothern Zone’s DE! *lol*

Here are some pics taken during the weekend:

Installation of the District Committees

Southern District: Wen Shan, Victoria, Tiffany, Darren

Selangor District: Rachelle, Tabitha, Roy, Shu Yi

Wilayah District:Esther, Errekka, Andrew (MIA: William)

All delegates from the 3 districts

- Ruth


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