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Best Tong Sui

>> Sunday, April 27, 2008

I had to blog this one! This place offers the BEST tong sui (dessert) ever! So far, I haven't come across any other place that offers such a variety of tong sui ;) Located at Section 17, Petaling Jaya, this humble stall is parked along the market street, which is a food area at night.

I call this street the 'wai sek kai' of Section 17 as it offers a good variety of food ranging from tong sui, pan mee, hakka mee, chee cheong fun, chicken rice, to roti canai, malay food, burger, & even apam! *lol* You'll be spoilt for choice since this place actually has quite a lot of tasty food! The chee cheong fun is quite famous & delicious (especially the curry gravy one), the chicken rice stall has one of the best 'pak cham kai' (steam chicken), & the Hakka mee is pretty worth eating too!

A bowl of tong sui costs RM1.40 only! It's a big bowl of dessert that you can get & you can even scoop it yourself! If you like more stuff, go ahead & take yourself...the aunty doesn't charge a different rate. If you want more 'water' & less 'fiber', you can help yourself to it. Oh, it's non-refillable, of course! But you can fill your bowl up to the brim & still have it for the same price!! ;) Good deal, right?

Here are some pics to whet your appetite & send you searching for this place!

Tong sui...what do u want?
There are red bean soup, black glutinous rice, sweet potato, bubur cha-cha, papaya & white fungus, sea coconut & white fungus, & the list goes on!!

More tong sui...
There are around 17 types of tong sui that night!! SEVENTEEN!! There are a variety of tong sui with fruits too...like apple, papaya, & lemon - just to name a few!
Sea Coconut with White Fungus & 'Moh Fa Kor' (a type of fruit)

Sea Coconut, Apple, Clear Jelly, & Lemon!
I looooove this one!! It's SO refreshing! (my mum begs to differ cos she doesn't fancy sourish dessert!). This tong sui is quite 'yun' (in Cantonese, which is generally good for health...I've no idea how to explain further) & it tastes great too!

Hakka mee
For RM3.50, you'll get quite a generous serving of noodles, cooked in Hakka style (if you're a small eater, you can opt to share this with another small eater :P). The noodles are best served dry, topped with minced pork & dried shrimp. It comes with a bowl of soup with flat meat balls. It's pretty delicious!

If you're around the area, do drop by. There will be days where the tong sui aunty may not open her stall, but don't give up trying to drop by this stall!! It's the only tong sui stall that you can find in the Section 17 market area :) There are loads of other food to eat there too!

You'll never regret knowing this food place!!

Presentation: * * *
Taste: * * * *
Price: * * * * *
Environment: * *


- Ruth


Anonymous March 27, 2011 at 3:29 AM  

I love tong sui very much and I went there to try this stall, the tong sui is great.

My friend also recommended me a tong sui stall in kota kemuning that sells at night, also sell good tong sui. Their menu changes everyday too.

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