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PerutBesi Duo are HUNGRY for FOOD!

>> Saturday, April 5, 2008

Yes! Both Anne & I are HUNGRY for food!! We haven’t had the time to update the blog at all! Not only that, we don’t even have the time to go around hunting for food!!

*ergh* *stomach growls in demand for food*

Such are our lives. As soon as PerutBesi stepped into the work-world, we got consumed by the demands of the world. Our energy, time, effort-- our lives were just robbed right in front of our naked eyes!! *bah*

All we do when it comes to food is take whatever that’s placed in front of us, go to the nearest coffeeshop & eat whatever we can find there regardless whether it tastes good or not, or just not eat at all!

Ok, we sound pathetically sad :( Bummer.

Well, we will still try to eat AND have good food whenever we could. We still eat to live, not live to eat as most people would think of us. Put it this way, since the world could offer yummilicious food & we could still find the cash to get the food, why not?

Ok, Ruth is rambling now cos she’s deprived of good food. *sigh* Not only is her stomach rumbling, but she’s beginning to ramble as well. *sheesh*

We’ll be meeting up next weekend for a ‘Pasta Party’ together with 2 of our uni friends :) *yay yay…jumps in excitement* We’re targeting to cook up some pasta & maybe an apple pie as well! Ahahaha…

The both of us are also planning on further enhancing this site. We’re still experimenting & conducting some tests (in our test environment, of course) & exploring avenues of having our site hosted by some other party (to make it not just a ‘blog’ but an actual website!).

Alright, this is the much that we’ll reveal for now.

Don’t be surprised if you see the ‘Under Maintenance’ sign on our site ;) We’re up to giving our faithful readers & visitors more spice in life & a site for more information & mouth-watering photos to enjoy!

‘Til our next post, stay tuned with PerutBesi!

The Ruthless Eaters- Food, Adventure Friendship!

- Ruth & Anne


Raja Azrul April 8, 2008 at 3:46 PM  

wow..u really like a monster..hahaha..love to eat..

i suggest u to apply as a host in travel and living channel or in asian food channel (AFC)...represent malaysian food..hahaha

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