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Review: Ramadan Warisan Buffet, Palm Garden Hotel

>> Friday, May 22, 2015

Time really waits for no man! Ramadan is just a month away & many hotels have opened their bookings for the festive celebration. Palm Garden Hotel is quite 'new' in my radar. Being just 20 minutes away from my workplace in Cyberjaya, I decided to pop over for their review session & am pleasantly surprised with their extensive spread of local delights.

Themed Ramadan Warisan, the buffet spread features a range of heritage Malay dishes loved for generations. The buffet spread will be available from 18 June - 15 July 2015 at RM80.00 nett per adult/ RM40.00 nett per child (first week 18 - 24 June & last week 12 - 15 July) & RM95.00 nett per adult/ RM45.00 nett per child (25 June - 11 July).

For those who purchase the buffet vouchers by 31 May 2015 (or while stocks last), you'll get to save quite a bit as the price will be at RM70.00 nett per adult/ RM35.00 nett per child (for dining throughout the buffet spread period).

Spacious & comfortable dining area with loads of food surrounding the area

Let's find out what they offer in their buffet spread:

There's so many dishes available that I have to put into photo collage! Just check out the spread :D You'll find fresh appetizers, piping hot curries, sweet delicacies & even stalls with specialty items.

Salads, appetizers, side dishes & rice (nasi kukus/nasi kempuli) 

Chinese-Style Beef Stew, Kam-Heong Bamboo Clams, Ikan Sembilang Salai Masak Lemak, & Assam Pedas Squid with Lady's Fingers 

Asam Pedas Tulang Rawan (Beef Ribs), Thai Fish Cake, Kawah Kari Kepala Ikan (Fish Head) & Sup Ekor (Oxtail Soup)
I must say that their piping hot stews & soup are thumbs up! Some bloggers were having bowl after bowl of the curry fish head & the Thai fish cake, although really spicy for me, was very fragrant & delicious :)

My 1st plate...hehe...a little bit of everything non-gravy first!

Fresh fruits (and really pretty carvings on fruits as well!), sweet cookies & fresh dates, variety of drinks, ice-cream & ice-kacang!
They have this unique drink of 'red dragon fruit' as well :)

Colorful jellies & sweet cakes!

The stalls area, which is actually quite a large area
Unfortunately, I can't really show you how wide the area is on my blog since panoramic photos don't show well here.. Haha. 

I love the satay, mamak & BBQ stalls best! 

They have really good roast lamb, satay & freshly made canais. All of which are dishes that I love! 

Oh, and they have a live traditional band playing as well ;)

If you're keen to have some good food during the breaking of fast, you've gotta hurry to get your dining vouchers before the vouchers get snapped up!

Palms Cafe
Palm Garden Hotel
IOI Resort City
62502 Putrajaya
Tel: 03 - 8943 2233
URL: www.palmgarden.com.my
FB: Palm.Garden.Hotel.IOI.Resort

Looking forward to a reflective & 'recharging' season,


Review: May Promo - Double Gyoza Set!

>> Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I find the Japanese culture rather unique & fascinating. One of the favorite dishes of the Japanese is the gyoza & I just found out this evening that having gyoza as a main dish with rice is a rather popular culture in Japan! How different it is in Malaysia, where we see the gyoza as a snack more than a main dish to go with our rice :P

In this month of May, if you're a gyoza fan, you certainly have to experience this part of Japan here at Ramen Kanbe, Empire Damansara. For RM20.00, you'll get a plate of 10 pieces of gyoza, a bowl of white short-grain/Japanese rice & a bowl of soup (spicy/non-spicy). On a normal day, a plate of 5 pieces of gyoza costs RM10.00 already, so having 10 pieces of gyoza with a bowl of rice & soup is a quite meal to enjoy, eh? :)

You can opt for non-spicy soup although the brochure stated spicy soup 

Since 7 of us were there to review the May promo item, we took the opportunity to review the rest of their items in the menu as well :) Enjoy this gastronomical journey as you read through each item I'm reviewing...oh ya, I've done a review previously on this restaurant, so you can find my review on their other dishes here.

Cold Lemon Tea (RM5.00/glass)
I've had this the last time & I still liked it. Really "kao" & I love the intense punch of lemon infused into the tea. Could have few glasses at 1 lunch/dinner serving!

Reimen/ Cold Ramen (RM21.00/serving)
Ramen noodles with light & cold sauce
I've never had cold ramen. More often than not, I've only seen cold soba served at Japanese restaurants. Call me 'ulu', but I actually liked this. It's a light, fun, & satisfying dish that is far from boring. In fact, this was one of our most satisfying dishes this evening! It has a 'tang' from the vinegar, is fragrantly savory from the light soy sauce & has an added 'zing' from the karashi paste, something that tastes like a cross-breed of mustard & wasabi. Fuh! "Ada kick!"

Spicy Ramen (RM21.00/bowl)
This springy ramen in spicy soup with minced chicken & pork + garlic & chives is indeed delicious. YH's first thought was rather funny as she went "oooh... this tastes like a mix of prawn mee & curry mee!" Hmm...not the most accurate of descriptions, but hey, it does remind me of prawn mee as the soup isn't the milky+spicy soup that you usually get at other Japanese restaurants. The spiciness level is generally acceptable & for those who love spicy food, this may be rather mild for you, but it's still more flavor-packed compared to the clear soup ramen :) 

Fried Rice (RM12.00/serving)
Portion isn't huge for the price you're paying, but there was a unanimous agreement that this fried rice was indeed ichiban! VERY flavorful, has sufficient 'wok hei' (wok flame) & has a good variety of textures in each spoonful of rice! Fried short grain rice with eggs, char siew chunks, garlic & spring onions - to my dear colleague, Rigo, THIS to me is SO GOOD! Hahaha... (he claims that I never really say any dish is orgasmic/SO GOOD...most dishes that he thinks is orgasmic is just "okay" to me...teehee) I'm not sure if I was really hungry or have not eaten anything better, but for a Japanese restaurant's fried rice, I would say it's YUMMEH! Even YH said "This is probably one of the best fried rice I've eaten my whole life" *seriously??!*

Tenshin-Han Rice (RM15.00/serving)
This is their signature item (this Jap restaurant is really pleased with its VERY simple dishes, I must say). It's steamed rice covered with juicy fried egg...yeah, JUICY fried egg, mind you, & topped with their special home made soy taste sauce. 

I found this REALLY simple, but delicious nonetheless...fried egg, aromatic gravy & pearly steamed rice...mmm...simple pleasures of life!

We also ordered some side dishes for munchies:

Otsumami Charsiu (RM10.00/serving)
Pieces of shoulderloin of pork served with boiled bean sprouts (beneath the pork slices) & spring onions. It's not those fatty charsiu nor anything like our glazed barbecue Chinese-style charsiu. Very simple & nothing to complain. Best part, it's not dry although it doesn't appear to have 'sufficient' fats on each slice.

Wantan Soup (RM15.00/serving)
Frankly speaking, this is also my 1st time having a bowl of wantan soup at a Japanese restaurant. Heehee. It's a simple fuss-free meat dumpling, similar to the Chinese style, but the soup base is their signature soup base, used in all their ramen dishes. Nothing very unique to shout about, but nothing to complain as well.

Boiled eggs (RM3.00/egg)
I think it's slightly over-cooked compared to the many that I've had at other Japanese restaurants. I felt that they could have used the 'omega eggs' for a nicer, richer orange color instead of the usual yellow yolk color. Texture-wise, it's alright, although presentation does play quite a role to make this simple pleasure look more appealing ;) 

There you go...pretty much the main items & variety that they offer here at Ramen Kanbe. Simple, comforting, fuss-free & I must say that their manager, Mr Nagasawa is very humble & open to feedbacks, new ideas, & suggestions for improvement.

Give it a try & let me know what you think? It may not be the BEST in town for you, but they certainly have some unique flavors for their ramen, rice & gyoza.

Ramen Kanbe Restaurant
G28, Block Empire Retail, Empire Damansara
No.2, Jalan PJU 8
47820, Petaling Jaya
Tel: (+6016) 202-5812
Business hours: Daily 11:30a.m. - 10:00p.m.
URL: http://ramenkanbe.com/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/rk.empire.damansara

I'll dream of their double gyoza & fried rice tonight,


Review: D'Lee Deli Cafe, Casa Tropicana

>> Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I can foresee this year to be a year with less blog posts :( With the mad work schedule of back to back meetings, UATs & once a month MTPs, I don't think I'll be able to attend weekly food reviews & write the posts in time. Oh, how I miss the life of an active foodie! *boohoo*

After a whole month of absence, I finally stole some time off work yesterday (and because I just got back from vacation as well) to attend a review at D'Lee Deli Cafe, Casa Tropicana.

D'Lee Deli Cafe is a simple cafe, opened early this year, that serves sandwiches, waffles, cakes, coffee, tea, juices & ciders. Tucked in the cozy residential of Casa Tropicana, this cafe targets the younger crowd who prefers lighter meals & enjoys tasty, sweet & savory creations.

The cafe is covered with interesting & positive quotes, which paints a smile on my face as I read each quote on the walls. Although the name of the cafe sounds like the slang "dee-lee-de-li" (meaning slow & procrastinating), their service isn't reflected by its unique name :)

Simple ambiance & layout of the cafe 

One of my favourite quotes 

Chilled cakes & drinks 

We tried quite a number of items from their menu as most of the bloggers were hungry by the time the review session started at 8p.m. :D Here are some of the items that we tried:

Cold Signature Taro Latte (RM10.00/glass)
I found this slightly diluted & lacking the taro "punch". Perhaps it's because the latte is added with quite a portion of ice. Having said that, the pros with this latte is that it's not really sweet (makes it taste a little too much like fresh milk though).

Hot Signature Taro Latte (RM8.00/cup)
I didn't get to try this, but I'm quite sure that it's thicker than the cold latte.

Green Tea Latte (RM10.00/cup for hot; RM12.00/glass for cold)

Hot Chocolate (RM8.00/cup; RM10.00/glass for iced-chocolate)

Kopparberg Ciders: Elderflower & Lime, Mixed Fruits, Pear, Naked Apple, Strawberry & Lime (RM21.00/bottle)
I've had this before at Labuan last year & loved the Elderflower flavor best as it's fragrant & unique.

Affogato (RM10.00/set)
Smooth & delicious!

Soft Shell Crab with Wasabi Aioli (RM17.90/set)
Each sandwich is served in a crispy-on-the-outside-soft-on-the-inside toasted panini, which has to be eaten 'right away' to ensure its freshness is maintained in every bite. The wasabi aioli is something different & gives the deep-fried soft shell crab an added dimension.

Chicken Pesto (RM17.90/set)
This felt more fragrant than the soft shell crab sandwich, but we found it a tad heavy on the salt. Any chicken dish with pesto is always welcomed into PerutBesi's tummy :P Oh did I mention, the side of potatoes were quite tasty & aromatic with herbs as well.

Creamy Button Mushrooms & Ham (RM13.90/set)
Believe it or not, this was my favorite, although the most simple of them all. I think it fits the bill as a classic sandwich more than the other variants :) 

Here at D'Lee Deli Cafe, waffles is like their signature item. You'll have a choice of classic Belgian waffles or chocolate waffles (each set priced at RM15.00) with your choice of 1 topping, 1 type of sauce & a scoop of soft-served vanilla/flavor-of-the-day ice-cream.

The 6 different toppings:
Peanut Butter

The 5 types of sauces:
Salted caramel
Milk chocolate
White chocolate
Dark chocolate

Classic Belgian waffle with blueberries & dark chocolate sauce
If you like a slightly more crunchy waffle with fresh blueberries & semi-sweet dark chocolate sauce, this is for you! This waffle was consumed within minutes or should I say seconds upon serving. Fresh waffles, who wouldn't enjoy?

Chocolate waffle with strawberries & salted caramel sauce
Unfortunately I didn't get to try this as I had to rush back for a meeting that I had to host (got back 5 minutes late for the meeting!). So sad. Looks really sweet though, so by the looks of it, I would still prefer the blueberries & dark chocolate topping on the Belgian waffle :D 

Oreo Cheesecake (RM9.00/slice)
No complaints. This is almost a fool-proof non-baked cheesecake that appeals to any dessert lover.

Blondies with soft-served ice-cream (RM9.00/set)
When I asked what's a Blondie, the response was "It's the female version of the Brownie!" Right.....and what REALLY is it?? Hahaha...finally found out that it's a brownie that's made from white chocolate instead of dark/milk chocolate & drizzled with a salty-ish butterscotch sauce to give it a balanced taste. I still found it really sweet despite the slight saltiness of the butterscotch, so this is THE dessert for people with a sweet tooth!

If you're looking for a light & delicious meal or a place for some nice waffles/cakes, D'Lee Deli Cafe can be one of your options. Parking can be quite a challenge though, so all the best! ;)

D'Lee Deli Cafe
Lot B07 & B08 Casa Tropicana
Jalan Persiaran Tropicana
Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: (+6017) 3477017
FB: https://www.facebook.com/dleedeli

Let's D'Lee Deli :D

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