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Review: Restoran Angcle Peoh

>> Sunday, August 30, 2015

Overall comment: One of the best asam laksa that I've tasted...and oh, the duck egg fried kuey teow was really delicious too!
Halal: No

You may wonder why the strange spelling of the restaurant name, eh? I was wondering the same when I first heard of this place 'til I read the story on the wall of the restaurant :D How interesting! Read on!

This restaurant has been around for about a year. I was there during brunch & the crowd that trickled in for lunch was "wow"! It's tucked in the busy area of Bandar Bukit Tinggi 2, Klang, which makes its competition even stiffer. To survive & do really well in such an area needs a restaurant to serve some really good food. On that same road itself, I noticed 3 Penang food restaurants, but I reckon Angcle Peoh's truly stands out among the rest.

The lunch crowd on a Saturday

Here's to share with you what I've tried that morning:

Winter Melon with Aloe Vera & Basil Seed Cold (RM4.90/glass)
Refreshing drink to quench your thirst & especially great if you think the asam laksa is spicy for you.

Angcle Peoh himself preparing bowls of delectable asam laksa  

Asam Laksa (RM6.90/serving)
I actually enjoyed Angle Peoh's asam laksa as it has the right balance of sour, spicy, sweet & savory. It's not too sour nor too spicy, which was just the way I liked it. The soup had generous portions of fish in it, prawn paste & also onions, lettuce & mint leaves. Very well balanced, I must say. Oh, noodles weren't stingy in portion as well :)

Penang Fried Kuey Teow with Duck Egg (RM8.90/serving or RM6.90 with chicken egg)
I was really delighted to find that the kuey teow used are the thinner strands of kuey teow! Fragrant with sufficient garlic, duck egg & chili to give it an extra kick. The best part - it has enough "wok hei"/"wok-fire"! One of the best Penang char kuey teow too!

Fried Tom Yam Mee (RM9.90/serving)
Oooo...fried tom yam Vit's noodles?? I LOVED IT! Sourish, slightly sweet, slightly spicy, slightly savory...another well-balanced dish. The amount of seafood on this plate of noodles was also generous & perfectly cooked (the squid didn't feel like rubber/over-cooked!). "Umph!" - wok hei, flavor & all.

Penang Fried Hokkien Noodles (RM8.90/serving)
 This is my 2nd time tasting the Penang Fried Hokkien Noodles in Selangor. I don't come across such a dish often nor do I order this when I come across any...haha...lacking confidence, I guess. Despite having no/less dark soy sauce, this dish was pretty tasty. It has the fragrance of pork lard, which elevates a simple, classic dish to the next level.

Cendol (RM5.00/serving)
Who doesn't fancy authentic Penang cendol? Their cendol fell below par in my humble opinion as it was slightly too rich with coconut milk & the cendol was slightly hard. Overall, it was still delicious compared to the many so-called Penang cendol in Selangor.

This restaurant serves other delightful Penang favorites as well as some classic Chinese noodle dishes like pork noodles (my family loved it!). You'll find the classic Penang prawn noodles, Penang rojak, Penang Hokkien mee/prawn mee, Penang white curry mee, nasi lemak & nasi lemak ayam merah. 

Angcle Peoh's restaurant is opening its next branch at Kota Kemuning next month!! You have to try their Asam Laksa & Penang Fried Kuey Teow to the very least. I'm really looking forward to the opening of their new branch as it'll be nearer to where I stay :D Woohoo! Good Penang food nearby! *dance dance*

Restoran Angcle Peoh
42, Lorong Batu Nilam 21B
Bandar Bukit Tinggi 2
41200 Klang
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel: (+6017) 9362 2223
Business hours: Opens daily 9:00a.m. to 9:00p.m.
FB: https://www.facebook.com/angclepeoh

Craving for good Penang food again,


Review: Worthy Book 2015 Vouchers

>> Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Have you purchased a copy of the Worthy Book FnB Edition 2014/15? If you haven't, you still have time to do so! Vouchers come in handy & hey, who doesn't like vouchers? :)

For RM29.90/copy you'll get 180 vouchers to various well-known FnB brands like the below, where the brands offer "Free-1-Plate-Of-...", "Buy-1-Free-1" vouchers & discount vouchers of up to 50%! You can get free items without any purchases for some participating brands, while for some, you'll get free/discounted prices with a minimum purchase.

The vouchers can be used all across Malaysia, depending on the participating brand. If you noticed in the photo above, I've noted down my top picks! Going out for meals will be more rewarding with additional usage of vouchers.

Get your copy at Klang Valley bookstores & even certain 7-11 outlets before the end of this month!

For more information:
W: www.worthybook.my
F: www.facebook.com/worthybook
I: www.instagram.com/worthybook
T: www.twitter.com/worthybook_my
B: www.worthybook.blogspot.com
Y: www.youtube.com/user/WorthyBook

Who doesn't like vouchers?


Event: K-Food Fair 2015, Kuala Lumpur

>> Saturday, August 15, 2015

Korean food is no stranger to Malaysians. With an increasing demand & a greater market for the Korean culinary experience, the Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation organized the K-Food Fair 2015 (endorsed by the Korean Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs (MAFRA)) with the objective to provide local consumers & food/beverage companies an opportunity to experience Korean food & establish a bridgehead to experience some Korean culture as well.

The fair runs for 3 days from Friday, 14th August - Sunday, 16th August, at the Mid Valley Exhibition Hall 3. Visitors to this simple fair will get to try out some well-loved Korean food, culture, games & performances throughout the 3 days of fair. There will be guest performances by Korean B-Boy group, F-Flava, as well as Superstick, a Korean percussion band. Those who have been following Running Man can snap a photo with their beloved Haha & Kwang-su as well (unfortunately just the life-size posters...hehe), while those who fancy wearing a Hanbok, the traditional Korean costume, could do so at this fair.

This fair offers some irresistible treats that cater specifically to the Muslim community who are concerned with halal certifications of Korean food products in Malaysia as well. The K-Food Fair was designed to help Korean food & beverage businesses comply with the standards set by Korea Muslim Federation (KMF) & our local JAKIM for halal certification to further expand their businesses into the halal products market.

Each booth showcases a part of the Korean culture/season & the food or activities that are popular during that particular season.

The K-Food Fair will expand its presence to 7 other cities in the region after their debut this weekend in Kuala Lumpur. Those who are overseas or traveling overseas & would like to visit this fair can do so at the following cities:
  • 28 - 30 August, Qingdao, China
  • 11-13 September, Ho Chi Mihn City, Vietnam
  • 18-20 September, Xian, China
  • 16-18 October, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • 6-8 November, Chongqing, China
  • 27-29 November, Dubai, UAE

Visiting such a fair just brings back memories of my trip to Korea late last year. Ah...I'm looking forward to another trip there...perhaps it's time to look out for good travel deals from the MITM 2015 travel fair in the next exhibition hall as well since it's happening this weekend? Hahaha...

Can't wait for another holiday!


Review: Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant

>> Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Overall comment: Pork + beer...it needs no introduction nor elaboration :P
Halal: No

See this? Are you salivating already? Or are you wondering what this really is? Of course it's none other than the signature crispy skin pork knuckle!

Brotzeit is no stranger to pork & German beer lovers. The name Brotzeit actually stands for Brot - bread & Zeit - time i.e. translated to a cosy meal accompanied by fresh, refreshing beer. Brotzeit offers an array of authentic German cuisine in a contemporary setting. They serve soups, salads, sausages, main courses & desserts as well.

I was at the Bangsar Shopping Center branch that day where I got to try an array of porkilicious dishes, specially crafted by the chefs at Brotzeit.

The entire restaurant was designed with murals showing the history & development of the German beer culture. There's ample seats for all customers, inside & outside the restaurant, catering to patrons from all walks of life.

We were firstly introduced to their bar bites, then their breakfast menu, followed by some of their best sellers. Let me tempt you with the dishes that we tasted :P

Bar bites: Mini Brotzeit Platter (RM35.00/serving)
Ideal as a sharing portion for 2 persons, this combo platter of Gouda & Ementhal Cheeses, cold cut cuts of belly bacon and honey baked ham plus 3 spreads i.e. bacon, cream cheese and pork liver pate, topped with some pickles and olives, is a perfect starter of even snack for those who love their cheeses & meats, but do not want something cloying/filling. Yums!  

Bar bites: Pigs In Blanket (RM20.00/serving)
The Germans are well-known for their sausages. In this 'snack plate', you'll get 2 pork cheese sausages wrapped in gypsy belly bacon that are seared to perfection & served with spicy wedges. Feels like a nostalgic childhood dish :P

Bar bites: Spicy Chicken Sausage (RM17.00/serving)
This was quite spicy. The spicy chicken sausages are sliced then sauteed with onions and peppers in a spicy chilli/tomato marinade. It's a fiery snack! :P

 Breakfast menu: Brotzeit Signature Breakfast (RM32.50/serving) - comes with a cup of tea/coffee
A sumptuous breakfast indeed! You'll get a classic combination of a hot & cold platter consisting of 2 farm fresh sunny-side-up fried eggs, 2 strips of streaky bacon & 2 Nuremberger sausages on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes + 2 open sliders of honey baked ham, belly bacon, emmenthal and cream cheese on slices of multi-corn bread. This breakfast set is topped with crispy streaks of fried onions & is available daily until 3:00p.m.

Breakfast menu: Hangover Breakfast (RM30.50/serving) - top up RM5.50 for a short glass or Radler
Not sure if it's a good breakfast after a hangover or a good breakfast for a hangover...hahaha. This simple yet delicious breakfast is so hearty that I think I could get a 'hangover' due to the combination of items on the dish itself: 1 farm fresh sunny-side-up fried egg, 2 strips of gypsy belly bacon, smoked salmon, & a bowl of beef goulash soup with a laugen bread roll. I must say that the goulash was really tasty & flavorful. This set is only available on Sundays & public holidays until 3:00p.m.

No porky meal will be complete without some refreshing drinks, Here are some that we sampled:

Non-alcoholic pineapple  mojito (or something along these lines)
This is a full-on "Hawaii-feel" drink! Take me to a beach-side holiday! :P

From right to left: Dunkel Hefe-Weissbier, Hefe-Weissbier, Original Munchner Urtyp, Original Munchner Dunkel
 Different types of beer/lager will pair better with different meats. I actually prefer the Munchner Dunkel, a dark lager with a ruby-brown color & unmistakable hearty malt taste. This lager is best paired with hearty meat dishes especially lamb & roasted meats. No wonder I prefer this lager, eh? Pairs with lamb! If you prefer something more 'fruity', the Hefe-Weissbier will be your pick. These were my 2 favorites :)

Now back to the food. We sampled 2 lunch specials that day, which were really unique.

Lunch special: Gypsy Belly Bacon Carbonara (RM17.50/serving) 
This isn't your usual creamy carbonara. Egg noodles are actually 'sifted' (liquid form) through some grater-like kitchen tool into the pot of boiling water to make these hand-made German egg noodles. After which, it's cooked with some cream & grated cheese plus aromatic pork belly bacon. Give this light-version of carbonara a try. The German egg noodles will be a good experience for your tastebud since the texture is very unique.

Lunch special: Pork Chili con Carne with German Egg Noodles (RM16.00/serving)
The difference with this dish is the pork chili con carne. I personally prefer this to the carbonara version, probably because I like tomato-based dishes.This version had a 'zing' & a hearty-touch. Oh, wait...this has minced pork, which has more 'bite'! Ah...so yummeh...
You can also top up RM5.00 for a cup of soup, RM7.00 for a serving of salad or RM5.00 for a cup of tea/coffee/chilled juice to complete your meal. With every add-on of either the soup or salad, diners will get a complimentary dessert of the day as well!

Eat, drink, eat, drink...it's gotta be a good weekend!

AP with his pint of mango juice infused beer. Very refreshing, fruity & fragrant.

 Just a little...haha...

After all the food above, we were quite satisfied, but up next was the core menu!

Core menu: Crispy Chicken Salad (RM44.50/large serving, RM30.50/regular serving)
Bursting in a variety of colors, textures & taste this salad is something not to be missed. It's a balanced meal on its own as the salad is served with crispy chicken strips on a bed of salad greens with potato salad, drizzled with house dressing and garnished with sweet corn, tomatoes, cucumber and semi dried tomatoes. So refreshing!

Core menu: Signature Pork Knuckle (RM99.00/serving)
This was the star of the day! Crispy on the outside, tender & juicy on the inside....need I say more? :D

A German classic :) 

Chef Christian & Chef Jason with their signature dish 

Mountain Fresh Juices to conclude the tasting session

Dessert: Sweet & Savoury Duo (RM29.00/serving)
To end our tasting session with more pork (yes, more pork!), we sampled the dark chocolate coated bacon served with cream, sweet & sourish strawberries, kiwi & refreshing mint leaves. Certainly an innovative dessert that completed our tasting session perfectly.

For a porkilicious meal with fresh beer, Brotzeit won't disappoint you. I'm sure many would agree with me :)

Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant
Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC) 
Lot G 130, Ground Floor,
Bangsar Shopping Centre,
285, Jalan Maarof, Bukit Bandaraya,
59000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (+603) 2282 9516/7 
URL: http://www.brotzeit.co/outlet/malaysia
FB: Brotzeit Bier Bar & Restaurant Malaysia
Other branches: Mid Valley & Sunway Pyramid

Beer + pork = perfection,

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