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Blogger’s Choice Awards 2008

>> Thursday, April 17, 2008

The PerutBesi duo has gotten into serious business! We’ve signed up for nomination in the Blogger’s Choice Awards (BCA) for the year 2008 ;)

Here’s what BCA says about themselves:
"Blogger's Choice Awards is the most popular user-generated blog voting site on the planet!

This site not only allows you to nominate your favorite blogs within a slew of unique categories but you can also vote and comment on others that have already been submitted. In turn, others can also vote and comment on the blogs you've nominated. Votes will be displayed on the site in real-time, so you can see who's leading within each category at any moment! Winners in each respective category will be revealed in late 2008, and will be recognized at a one-of-a-kind awards ceremony (date and location to be determined at a later time). The results will be posted here at

You may nominate and vote for as many blogs as you want, as long as you adhere to our Rules and Regulations. We reserve the right to remove or edit nominations, comments, user information, categories, and other content that appears on the site at our discretion.

The Blogger's Choice Awards are sponsored by IZEA, Inc. and its properties, as well as any sponsors"

Anne & I would like to urge all our fellow readers to vote for our blog!! We’ve placed our blog for nomination on 2 categories. You can vote for us at the below pages:

  • Name: Perutbesi.Blogspot.Com
    Category: Best Food Blog
    Page: 112
  • Name: Perutbesi.Blogspot.Com
    Category: Best Blog Design
    Page: 218

All you have to do is a simple registration, then search for "perutbesi.blogspot.com" in the search bar & you can cast your votes for us in those 2 categories!

Thank you so much for your endless support!! We'll make sure that The Ruthless Eaters will keep you crying for more food!! *lol*

- Ruth & Anne


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