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Goodies from Mexico!

>> Thursday, July 31, 2008

I received these goodies from Mexico...sweets! I've no idea what they are, but it's sure interesting for someone like me, who gets amused quite easily with new things! (Chris is even more easily amused than I am when it comes to new stuff)

Goodies from Mexico
Clockwise L-R: Round sweet...caramel lollipop...another sweet...small round sweet...wafer sweet...Mexican red-indian pendant-like gift (still trying to figure out what it is :P) Okay, seems like for once, Ruth doesn't know what she's eating...haha...I can't read Spanish la!

My project manager & one team mate went to Mexico for the UAT phase of the project. A few of us stayed back in Msia to support from here :) I'm very glad that the project went well! *yay* Indeed, I am blessed to be a part of this great project team...now that I'm moving into a new project (I already am in the new project), I kinda miss my old project team...*sigh* Things just have to move so fast...bleagh...

*Ruth is feeling nostalgic*

- Ruth


Simple Home-Cooked Meal 2

>> Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I just thought I'd put up the photos of dishes that I cooked just now. Lately, I just felt like cooking some simple stuff for dinner instead of going out all the way for a meal. Petrol isn't cheap & sometimes, I feel that it's not worth taking the effort to go out just for mixed rice or noodles.

All I had was a rice cooker....oh yeah, my mighty rice cooker! Ahahahahaa...I love my rice cooker :D

Here's a glimpse at what we had for dinner...me & 3 of my housemates :)

Stir-fried broccoli with carrots

Baked fish fillet with butter & herbs
Fried egg with carrots

I reckon there will be more episodes of home-cooked food in the near future! Anne, I miss the times that we cook up a storm together!!! *sob sob*

- Ruth


Sri Karak, PJ New Town

>> Monday, July 28, 2008

I was at Michael Sam's house last Saturday afternoon as I had no other plans. I practically went there to bum! *lol*

It felt SO strange, but it was really fun! Hahaha...it's somewhat my 1st time lazing at someone's house, & I'm not exactly close to Mike! Shu, Leej, & I were there solely to wait for Auns to arrive & chill with us. In the mean time, Leej & Mike played computer games, while both Shu & I watched this superbly hilarious movie on HBO called "Bowfinger". I reckon I laughed so loud & so much that the neighbours, if they can hear, would think that I've gone bonkers!

Auns arrived only after 2 hours. We didn't know what to do & where to go, AND according to Mike, sitting in the house was just too boring :P After a time-wasting discussion, we hopped into Shu's car & headed to Sri Karak for some durian-ish stuff :D

Sri Karak is located in New Town/State, Petaling Jaya. It's a corner shop opposite the MBPJ building, & it's quite easily located. This shop specially sells food that contains durian, so to all durian-lovers, this may be the place for you. They offer Karak's famous durian bomb, to durian ice cream, durian tarts, durian cakes, durian ice kacang & durian pancakes! Quite a variety, really, but the taste is certainly an individual's delight. I still feel that the original Karak's durian bomb is far better...

On the overall, this place sells durian-ish stuff & the usual rice & noodles like a normal cafe. The ambiance is quite alright, but I dare say that their service is unfortunately not excellent. *sigh* For the sake of novelty, it's a nice place to try out. But for the sake of having some good durian-ish food, this place won't get my vote.

Food-tasting Time
L->R (clockwise): Durian Ice cream, Pandan tart, Durian bomb, & Durian tart.
The ice cream was just so-so; the pandan tart was common; the durian bomb was the nicest & the most durian-ish of 'em all; the durian tart was not too bad as well, though we feel that all tarts were slightly pricey...each costs around RM1.80

Durian Ice Cream (RM1.80)
The ice cream wasn't very special. It's just like any durian-flavoured ice cream, but somehow I feel that there are even better, though commercialised, durian ice creams out on the supermarket shelves!

Durian Pancake (RM6.00)
This is actually cream & durian wrapped in a thin layer of pancake. It tastes quite good, but there's somehow nothing spectacular about this :(

Durian Ice Kacang (RM6.50)
Frankly speaking, this is one of the worse ice kacangs that I've ever had. Looks can be SO deceiving! I felt that the "gula Melaka" (brown sugar) syrup that came with the ice shavings was just bad. It had some chilli-ish taste/smell! We felt that it may be cheap, diluted brown sugar mixed with some honey & dark sauce!! *faints* Totally not worth the money paid. We ate up the durian ice cream & left the entire bowl of ice 'untouched'. Complaining to the waitress was useless cos she just didn't offer to replace our bowl of ice kacang!

Mike eating the durian bomb :) The contented look on his face...hahaha...priceless :P

Presentation: * * *
Price: * *
Environment: * * *
Taste: * *


- Ruth


Bumbu Bali 2

>> Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ruth's a "happy-bunny" today...

Wait...on 2nd thoughts, no, I don't feel like a "happy-bunny" :( Today is LY's birthday cum farewell dinner :( Super sad. Yet another gang member leaving *sobs*

We gathered at Bumbu Bali, Puchong, for dinner just now. The food there is not too bad, & the ambiance is actually quite nice. I wrote about this place before, so you can visit this link for more details on this place. As for this post, I'm just gonna introduce to you on more food offered at Bumbu Bali :)

The interior of Bumbu Bali (upstairs)

The table that we reserved

The menu for main courses
The prices of a main course ranges from RM15 - RM30It's recommended that you order one portion & share :)

Menu for dessert

Blue Hawaii (RM8.90)
This drink is quite unique, but it sure looks strange to me! I would have tried it if I was feeling more generous towards myself that day :P

Mojitto Lemon Grass (RM8.90)
This drink is simply soda + mint leaves + lemon grass + lime juice. It's quite an interesting concoction, but it REALLY reminded me of Colgate toothpaste!! Hahaha...yes, a little bit too familiar to my tongue :P

Soto Ayam (RM8.50)
This is actually a typical Malay/Indonesian soup, made from chicken broth cooked with spices to give a pungent, yet fragrant smell to the soup. This dish came with 'ketupat' (something like rice-blocks) & toasted baguette/garlic bread. JC said that the soup is slightly salty...

Cream of Mushroom (RM6.00)
According to LY, the soup tastes good. At the look of it, it does look smooth, but I'm not sure how "mushroomy" the soup is :P

Nasi Ayam Bertutu (RM20.50)
The name sure sounds weird, but this is actually grilled half chicken with Bumbu Bali's special herbs & spices, served with yellow rice, stir-fried kangkung with belacan, chips, & a small platter of mixed veggie+fruits. The special sauce that comes with this dish sure gave it a "kick"! :P

Siap Menggoreng (RM20.50)
This dish is similar to the Nasi Ayam Bertutu, except that the chicken is fried. It doesn't look & taste too bad :)

Campur-Campur Tiga (RM30.50)
I've blogged on this dish before. It's actually a mixture of 3 different types of meat: prawns, squid, & fish...and somehow there's chicken too...it's a HUGE platter that could be shared by several ppl, but ML ate it all up by himself!! *faints* "U go, ML!"

Nasi Campur Bumbu Bali (RM28.50)
This is similar to the Campur-Campur Tiga above, but it comes with rice, & the amount of meat is less as compared to the CC3

Seafood Platter (RM26.50)
What you see here is what you get :P It's a plate filled with seafood as its name speaks! RJ said it's quite nice :)

Tipat Cantuk (RM10.50)
If you've eaten rojak and/or gado-gado, this is something like it. It's 'ketupat' with some veggie & egg, served with Bumbu Bali's special sauce, which resembles the satay sauce (spicy peanut sauce)

Vegetable Pasta (RM10.50)
LY was vegetarian that day, so he ordered this dish. It's basically spagetti served with beans/legums, tomatoes, carrots, aubergine, & all sorts of veggie. It looks quite nice, really :P

Cincau Jelly with Rambutan (RM6.50)
The specialty of this dessert is the fact that the syrup has lemon grass in it. It gives a much more fragrant smell to the mixture of grass-jelly & rambutan bits, but somehow this dessert wasn't as nice as expected. It's a little too sweet, & it somewhat killed JC's tastebuds :S

Orange-flavoured Vegetarian Cake
It's basically cake without egg! Really...I kinda liked it...LY went all the way to Sunway to get it. I've no idea where he bought it from, but it's sure quite costly

Orange-flavoured Cake Slice
This is how the cake looks like when it's cut. The orange pieces are in between the cake & it's yummy!!

LY the happy birthday "boy" & his fellow gentlemen ;)
This is like his closest guy friends in the office, I would reckon :) Nice.

The happy LY & the pretty ladies! *pheweet*
This bunch of women complete the gang :)

This is indeed one of the more recommended places to dine. The price is slightly more costly, but if you ain't a big eater, you can actually share one portion of food between 2 persons :)

- Ruth


Ma Poh Seafood Restaurant

>> Friday, July 25, 2008

I've passed by this restaurant a couple of times, but it just didn't occur to me to drop by & try it out. Most of the time, I will end up eating at Ming Chu or Tar Chong, coffeeshops that offer a variety of food in the Taman Equine area.

Ma Poh Seafood Restaurant offers quite a good variety of Chinese-style dishes. The prices are quite reasonable, starting from RM5.50 for a plate of rice + 1 dish. The service there is quite good as well, & the taste is certainly not too bad. I was here for the first time with a group of colleagues, & my 'twin' was the one who introduced us to this place :) Apart from the dishes+rice that we ordered individually, this place offers ala-carte dishes and rice separately, & they have fried noodles too :)

I'll let the photos do some 'talking'...

"Kung Poh Kai Teng Fan" (Stir-fried boneless chicken with dried chilli + rice): RM5.50
The overall taste of this rice dish is not too bad. I'm quite satisfied that there was enough gravy from the chicken dish to accompany the rice, & I'm satisfied with the amount of chicken pieces as well :) At least they don't give SO much dried chilli+onions & only 5 pieces of chicken, as I've experienced before!
"Kung Poh Kai Fan + Ho Pao Tan" (Stir-fried chicken [with bone] with dried chilli + fried bull's eye egg + rice)
It's pretty much the same as the above, but the chicken comes with its bones. The one thing good about this is that the chicken parts are certainly nicer than breast meat (boneless)!

"Fu Yong Tan Fan" (Fried Ommelete [has chilli, greens, onions, prawns & Chinese sausages] + Rice)The fried ommelete was indeed satisfying. It was fried to perfection, despite its humble appearance. TL was satisfied with this dish :)

Marmite "Pai Kuat"(pork ribs) + fried bull's eye egg
The pork ribs was alright, as what CF said. It's not too boney, & I reckon the meat was properly marinated to bring out the flavour of the dish
Map to Ma Poh Seafood Restaurant
Jusco Taman Equine will be on your right if you come either from Puchong or Seri Kembangan. At the round-about, take a 3 o'clock. Turn left at the first junction & go all the way straight. At the t-junction at the end of the road, take a left turn. The restaurant is on your right.

Ma Poh Seafood Restaurant
No 13-G, Jalan Equine 9
Taman Equine Bandar Putra Permai
43300 Seri Kembangan
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel: 016-656 1277/017-633 6932 (Frankie Wong)

Presentation: * * *
Price: * * *
Environment: * * *
Taste: * * *


- Ruth


Simple Home-Cooked Meal

I've been cooking a little more often these days. Eating out is getting quite expensive, whatmore with the distance that I've to travel to get some decent food, & not to forget the amount of petrol that I'll have to comsume when I drive out to eat *sigh*

Dinner tonight was really simple. All we had was a chicken dish, & a vegetable, which my housemates were very amused with when they saw it. They even thought that the vegetable was a type of fruit-- some genetically modified guava! *lol* It was hilarious when WL came into my room to ask me what that was (after he cut it into half & discovered that it didn't have any seeds that resemble the guava's)!

WL: Ruth, what's this? (showing me the half cut gourd)
RW: Har?? Oh no...it's not a fruit, WL! (bursts out into laughter) It's a vegetable!
WL: Oh....hahaha...ok ok, I'll put it in a container, in the fridge then...

My housemates...haha...don't I just love them :P

This was one of the most lovely yet simple dinners...hahaha...

"Yuen Cheong Fan" (pig's liver sausage...something like the Chinese pork sausage)This is one of the most delicious substitute for the "lap cheong fan". It may sound rather yucky, but oh, it's yummilicious! It really reminds me of Chinese New Year, as we have something like this on the 2nd day of CNY each year :) It's a very simple add-on to enhance the fragrance of plain rice! Just add pieces of the sausage on top of the rice when the rice is almost cooked, & walla, you'll have wonderfully fragrant & lip-smacking rice! :P

Stir-fried English Gourd (a.k.a Cameron Gourd/Apple Gourd) with Dried Shrimp & Garlic
This is a very, very simple dish, & an absolutely humble vegetable. The best part about this veggie, apart from being REALLY sweet in taste, is that it's cheap too! One English gourd costs around RM1 only! I got this one for RM0.80!! *lol*

Just in case some of you can't imagine how the gourd looks like, here's a photo of it :P

"Baked Half Chicken with Butter & Mixed Italian Herbs"
This dish is yet another simple dish. All you'll need is just half a chicken/chicken pieces, butter, mixed Italian herbs, salt & pepper to taste, & an oven toaster! Hahaha...well, I don't have an oven, so this suffices :P

This is like some sneak-preview into what's cooking in my Cyberjaya kitchen....hahaha....I'll introduce more good stuff soon! Stay tuned! ;)

- Ruth


Tong Sui & Assam Pan Mee, SK

>> Saturday, July 19, 2008

Just imagine: All we had for lunch was pan mee (a type rice flour noodles), but the amount of people who gathered for lunch was amazing!! I should have captured a photo of ALL of us!! *faints*

Lately, I have been given the title of "Lunch President". Yeah man, when it comes to food, everyone will just point their fingers to me. Bah. My usual lunch gang is just around 5 people, but this time around, I managed to gather almost TWENTY colleagues to have lunch together!!! *faints again*

Most of us were GTs (graduate trainees), but there were some FTEs (full-time employees) who have started to join us as well! *yay* We ended up going in 4 cars, & heading to Seri Kembangan, to a house turned coffeeshop, which offers, quite good tong sui (sweet dessert) & noodles like assam laksa, pan mee, yee mee, & the usual soup noodles :) Not too bad, I dare say.

Assam Pan Mee
This is just the usual pan mee, but served in 'assam laksa' soup. It taste quite nice, actually :) The soup is sourish (really good assam taste...I liked it!) & slightly spicy, to give the entire noodles dish a kick ;) The bowl of noodles comes with vegetables, meat balls (pork & fish), & other assortment. It also comes with a small plate of fried anchovies (ikan bilis) & home-made green chilli dip

Lok Mei 'tong sui'
This dessert is a sweet-based syrup with 6 types of ingredients in the syrup. Here, you can see that it comes with a boiled quil egg, white fungus, longan, jelly, & other stuff, which I don't know their names :P

Map to the lunch place
Here's the map to the place from Seri Kembangan itself. If you're coming from Cyberjaya, head towards the Jaya Jusco at Taman Equine, & follow the direcions stated in the map. It's quite easy to locate, just as long as you take the first turning on your right after the Public Bank in Seri Kembangan.

Presentation: * * *
Price: * * * *
Environment: * * *
Taste: * * * *


- Ruth


Agefuku Restaurant's Latest Addition

>> Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hello to all our dear readers. Our apologies for not keeping this site updated for almost a week. I'm currently occupied with designing a new look for this site (trying to figure things out myself), while Anne is in the US for work. How nice, eh? I wish to be there too! *sigh*

Anyways, I've just received the latest newsletter from Agefuku Japanese Restaurant, Taipan, Subang, & this time, they are introducing their new menu! The latest editions sounds like some good deal (I'm especially interested in their Bento Set!!)! I have yet to try it out, so if any of our dear readers have tried it, do let us know what you think about the food at Agefuku!

For more info:
Agefuku Japanese Restaurant

Previous posts on Agefuku:
New Eatery- Agefuku
Agefuku's Latest Promotions

- Ruth


Craving for cakes?

>> Friday, July 11, 2008

Anne just sent me some photos of yummy-looking cakes. I'm not a true cake lover, but looking at those cakes does make my mouth water! :P

These cakes are available at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, & not only is the presentation good, apparently it taste good too :D The total costs was RM48.14 for 6 slices of cakes!! Hmm...I wonder why is there 14 cents... *Ruth wonders...* Strange...but anyhow, it's about the price of cakes from Secret Recipe, slightly smaller, but the variety is much more interesting (and so are the names)!

Profiteroles x2
Carrot & Nut Torte x1
Classic Cheese x1
Triple Chocolate Gateau x2
Total = RM48.14


Carrot & Nut Torte

Classic Cheese

*Dunno what's the name of this so I shall name it...* Strawberry Crunch

Triple Chocolate Gateau

Try it if it you're a cake lover! (and even if you're not!) *wink*

*photos curteousy of Anne's sister

- Ruth

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