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What to eat in Kuantan: Curry Mee at Sri Galing

>> Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Curry mee/noodles seems to be a favorite for Kuantanians. You can find at least 1 curry noodles stall at every row of shop lots & every stall claims to offer the best curry noodles in town! Among the more popular ones are Hoi Yin near Teluk Cempedak beach, Seong Woh along Jalan Teluk Sisek, & Jess Cafe at Star City Kuantan.

AP is an avid fan of curry mee. Having grown up in a town filled with curry noodles stalls at every other corner of the town, he has acquired his own list of 'better curry noodles' in Kuantan. Sri Galing is one of his favorites (and his family's favorite as well), so I'll share on Sri Galing first. I'll be blogging on 2 other curry noodles restaurants/stalls in the next 2 posts.

Kuantan Garden, as many people refer this area to, has many eateries & Sri Galing looks like any other coffeeshops around the area. It has nothing special to boast except the curry noodles, which AP enjoys.

You can either pick your own yong tau foo pieces to be added to your noodles (curry soup, dry, or clear soup) or order a standard bowl of curry noodles that comes with a few pieces of random yong tau foo. The yong tau foo pieces are kinda small, but tasty enough when added to the curry soup.

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to the type of curry soup. Some like it thick & creamy with coconut milk/evaporated milk, some prefer it to be less creamy since it's so high in cholesterol, some prefer it to be spicy, while some prefer the soup to have a mild level of spiciness that's just enough to give the dish a 'kick'.

Sri Galing's curry noodles is slightly on the thicker, creamier side in the mornings & I was told by AP that come noon when the soup seems to run out, the aunty probably adds water to the curry soup, so it'll be more diluted. Hmm...consistency isn't something that you'll find here, I guess, but you can be sure that AP will still come here consistently...hahaha. We've had her curry noodles with moderately thick, aromatic curry soup & there was even once when the soup was extra thick & creamy, which tasted REALLY delicious! What makes Sri Galing's curry noodles taste great is the 'sambal paste' that they add on top of the bowl of noodles. When you mix the paste into the soup, it's a "whole new world" of flavors & aroma :D

As we usually select our own yong tau foo pieces, a bowl of curry noodles with up to 10 pieces of yong tau foo comes up to like RM10.00/bowl! Yeap, you'll find it a ridiculously expensive bowl of curry noodles, but hey, you have your 10 favorite pieces of yong tau foo.....*wink wink* It's also the price range that you'll end up paying if you eat at a cafe, eh? To date, I have never bothered finding out how much a piece of yong tau foo costs here at Sri Galing. It's just a routine to come here at least once or twice a month, usually on Saturdays for breakfast.

Dry noodles (Sg Lembing mee) with curry yong tau foo
The curry soup that comes with the dry noodles are slightly different as it doesn't have that added sambal paste in the soup. With the added fragrant chili oil & paste, it brings the curry soup to the next level of satisfaction ;)

Sri Galing is often packed during weekday lunch hours & on the mornings of weekends. We've actually ended up at another coffeeshop for curry noodles on a Saturday morning because Sri Galing was FULL! When such a crowd appears, you can be sure that the poor aunty who cooks & prepares everything alone will take more than an hour to get your noodles ready for you.

So, which is your favorite curry noodles stall in Kuantan? Look out for my next few posts & I'll tell you which is my preferred stall ;)

Map to Sri Galing

Restoran Sri Galing
B-13, Lorong Sri Kuantan 25
Jalan Galing
25250 Kuantan
Pahang Darul Makmur
Business hours: I'm not sure of the exact hours, but it's opened for breakfast & lunch pretty much daily. I'm not sure of their closed day(s).
FB: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sri-Galing雅凌茶餐室/174604812617511
GPS: 3.81939, 103.33853
Note: Same row as Bayleaf Steak House.

Presentation (does it look mouth-watering): * * 1/2 
Price (is it affordable - more stars = YES): * * *
Environment (is the place comfortable, cosy, clean, pleasant): * * 1/2
Taste (is the food delicious, worth coming back for more): * * * 1/2
Service (are the service providers friendly, efficient, polite): * * 1/2


One of the better curry noodles to me,


What to eat in Kuantan: Simple, tasty, affordable meals at The Plain

>> Monday, May 23, 2016

** Update: 24th May 2016 - the 2 aunties are away for holiday 'til July! *gasps* Just when I blog about this place, they're now closed for a whole 1+ month. I wonder where the 2 aunties are going? Summer break wei.... **

Star City Kuantan has much to offer. It's an area filled with restaurants & cafes, boutiques & shops selling all sorts. This humble restaurant by the name of "The Plain" is a true gem discovered, all thanks to AP & his band from Jammer Music.

Located at the 1st floor of Star City area, above the Digi Specialised Store & the corner roast duck restaurant called Sim Trinity, The Plain has nothing in terms of decor to boast (it is seriously plain!). However, when it comes to the taste, portion & quality of food served vs the price they charge per meal, I think it's a place worth dining to just enjoy the simplicity of life here in Kuantan. The best part, it's fully air-conditioned :P

I was informed by AP & his band members that this cafe is opened & managed by 2 aunties, 1 who takes the orders & serves customers, while the other aunty is behind the scenes cooking up all the delicious dishes. Experienced aunties can't go wrong when it comes to cooking simple, home-cooked meals, right? I'm not sure how true it is that there's only these 2 aunties working the entire morning 'til evening at this cafe, but it does look like it *lol*

Their menu is very straight forward with images/representation of the dishes to give you a visual view of what to expect. Prices of food start from RM6.90 & hey, there's no additional service tax nor GST! :D

You will find an array of food from sandwiches, burgers, noodles to one-dish rice meals & even finger food.

AP told me that their pork burger, which he tried previously, was delicious. I had a tough time choosing as I wanted to eat all the types of burgers on their menu! For a 1st-timer, I ordered the Hawaiian Pork Burger, a juicy & flavorful pork burger with a thick slice of sweetened pineapple, & a slice of cheddar cheese on a bed of tomato slices & salad leaves, brought together by warm, toasted buttered buns. *thumbs up* The fries were also nicely done, so I pretty much 'whacked' the whole plate of goodies without a tinge of disappointment.

Hawaiian Pork Burger with Fries (RM11.90/serving)

Home-made pork burger that didn't fail to satisfy me

Creamy Butter Chicken with Rice (RM7.90/serving)
AP ordered this & had no regrets. It was delicious! The creamy butter sauce had a good balance of savory with slight sweetness & some chili 'zing' to give the dish some 'kick'! You can also taste the aromatic curry leaves in the sauce *yums* The chicken breast pieces were fried to perfection, locking in all the moisture that such part of the chicken didn't feel dry at all. I hope they're consistent with their dishes 'cause what we had that day was really good :)

Tasty Baked Chicken Wings (RM10.90/serving of 3 sets of wings with drummets)
We actually had to wait really long for this plate of wings, which I felt wasn't worth the wait, but I have to say that if not for the waiting time, these wings make a great snack/finger food. I think it's marinated in hoisin sauce as it's sweet, savory & has that bean-like taste. It's something different from what you'll get at other cafes. This is actually very home-cooked/aunty style! Hahahahaha...

You'll rarely hear me praising cafes due to the prices charged for the quality & taste of food that I get, so this place is one that I'll recommend without a doubt. Let me pop by this place a couple more times to see if that place serves consistently good meals (the band assures me that these 2 aunties have been consistently serving good food, so I really have to check it out for myself) :P

The Plain Cafe
1st Floor, Lorong Seri Kuantan 81
Star City Kuantan
25300 Kuantan
Pahang Darul Makmur
Business hours: Tues - Sun 11:00a.m. - 5:00p.m. (Close on Mondays)
GPS: 3.8248347,103.3367974
Note: Above the Digi Specialised Store opposite Nirvana

Will be back!


What to eat in Kuantan: Western Food at Heritage Wine & Dine

>> Sunday, May 22, 2016

PerutBesi: Hi, what would you recommend?
Waitress: Oh, do you eat lamb? Our signature dish is the Heritage Cajun Lamb!

The verdict: Lamb's tasty, but the portion's kinda too small for the price paid :( Boo... Yes, I'm one who's picky with food + price. Read on to find out more...

Heritage Cajun Lamb with Black Pepper Sauce (RM28.00/serving)

Heritage Wine & Dine has been around for many years (most locals would know this place), but throughout the years that I was here, I've never come to know this restaurant. It sits right above Chill & Grill, a pretty well-known pub/bistro cum restaurant on the busy road of Jalan Beserah & has not any eye-catching signboard. Frankly speaking, its' rare to find restaurants on the 1st floor of shophouses apart from areas like Star City, Kuantan.

The bar counter area

As I walked into the restaurant with AP, my expectations of the restaurant changed almost immediately. I envisioned a spacious restaurant with just tables & chairs plus some simple decor when I enter the restaurant, but the reality is that the bar counter sits right in front of the entrance & the tables & chairs are all at both sides of the bar counter. Hmm...feels more like a drinking place than a dining restaurant to me.

One corner of the dining area

Not a very well-lighted restaurant & has some quirky decor

The lady who approached us is probably the owner of the restaurant; she has thick make-up on her face, especially her eye shadow color & was dressed so casually in a tight sleeveless top + short denim pants/hot shorts. She was really bubbly & was certainly more than willing to recommend the best dishes available at the restaurant. What we had that evening was all recommended by her.

The restaurant serves a variety of western dishes & drinks as well. I've yet to try their pasta & seafood dishes, so I may pop by another time.

Long Island Iced Tea (RM28.00/glass)
We started off with a glass of cocktail each to 'celebrate' my birthday cum our 1st-month wedding anniversary. I could taste the rum & vodka, but somehow there's not much cola & other alcohol, so the mixture wasn't as 'up to standard' as some other restaurants that AP has been to.

Hokkaido Snow (RM28.00/glass)
This was something new. It's truly as if we haven't had enough of Hokkaido during our honeymoon that the lady actually recommended the Hokkaido Snow to me. It's not a cocktail name that you can commonly find elsewhere, but we think it's a version of saketini where there's sake, gin & seems like some lychee liquor of sort. One of the foreign bar workers said that there's sakura flavor, but hmm...I'm not too sure how sakura tastes like :P I guess the only reason why they call it the Hokkaido Snow was the color + the ice =.="

Heritage Cajun Lamb with Black Pepper Sauce (RM28.00/serving)
As mentioned above, the taste of the lamb was actually quite tasty. I think they marinated the lamb chops with satay marinade! Well, it does taste like satay kambing...hahaha. I find that the 2 pieces of lamb chops were too thin. The salad on the side wasn't anything fanciful as well as it's just garden greens with some sweetened mayonnaise. The mash was slightly chunky, which we liked, but it was slightly dry.

Ribeye Steak with Brown+Whiskey Sauce (RM50.00/serving + RM3.00 for the whiskey sauce)
For RM50.00, the portion of the steak was REALLY tiny. Although cooked to perfection i.e. medium, as requested, the portion served was just insufficient to satisfy a hungry man's tummy. The whiskey brown sauce had the hint of whiskey, but wasn't very spectacular. We weren't aware that there was an additional charge of RM3.00 for added whiskey to the sauce since we weren't informed when the lady recommended the option to us.

We're somewhat disappointed with the price & portion although the taste was acceptable. Kuantan is small enough a town to hop over to the next nearest restaurant, so with my current mindset that each meal should be satisfying, not just the taste, but the portion, price & ambiance, I think I won't put this restaurant as my top 3 western restaurants to visit in Kuantan. *boohoo*

Heritage Wine & Dine
Jalan Beserah
25300 Kuantan
Pahang Darul Makmur
GPS: 3.8277288,103.3398263

Slightly disappointed,


What to eat in Kuantan: Mustafa Cendol & Rojak

>> Friday, May 20, 2016

I love rojak with soft, warm, potatoes & crispy, chewy prawn puffs (cucur)! When you're in Kuantan, this is one place that you could get your fix of a good rojak & a bowl of ice-cool cendol :)

Claimed to serve the "Best Rojak in Kuantan", the Mustafa Cendol stall along Jalan Teluk Sisek is constantly full of hungry diners or just tea-time cravers.

On that day when I was there, it was an extremely hot day & the place was packed, so sitting there to satisfy my rojak craving will only cause my body to feel terribly drenched with sweat. As such, I just ordered a take-away rojak & didn't bother with the cendol since it'll melt before I get back to the car...hahaha...but I've posted a short paragraph about the cendol from this stall years ago. You can check out the blog post here.

What I like about the rojak here (I haven't found any other rojak in Kuantan yet, so I can't really say if this is the "best rojak" to me) apart from the existence of the potatoes & 'cucur' is the balanced flavors of spicy, savory & sweet peanut-base rojak sauce. The best part about this sauce is that it's served hot/warm! Super yums! You don't get warm rojak sauce at many rojak stalls, so this was really satisfying to me.

Each serving of rojak comes with half a hard-boiled egg, shredded cucumbers & turnip/sengkuang, prawn 'crackers', fried-dried-beancurd, potatoes, chewy prawn puffs, & crunchy coconut & flour balls. You can also add yellow noodles/mee and/or deep-fried chicken to your rojak for a more complete meal.

Contact details 

Prices of cendol & other drinks available

Prices of food

I had the rojak ayam/ rojak with deep-fried chicken that day. I prefer my rojak with added noodles or chicken as it gives another layer of texture & taste to the dish.

Rojak Ayam (RM6.50/serving or RM6.80/take-away)

Tempted? I'm craving for rojak now as well! :P

Mustafa Cendol
Jalan Teluk Sisek
25000 Kuantan
Pahang Darul Makmur
Tel: (+6016) 9398384/(+6016) 9393108/ (+609) 5177786 - for reservations/catering orders
FB: https://www.facebook.com/mustafacendol
GPS: 3.8157877,103.3420582

Presentation (does it look mouth-watering): * * *
Price (is it affordable - more stars = YES): * * *
Environment (is the place comfortable, cosy, clean, pleasant): * * 1/2
Taste (is the food delicious, worth coming back for more): * * * 1/2
Service (are the service providers friendly, efficient, polite): * * *


Wondering if this is the best rojak in Kuantan,


What to eat in Kuantan: Gyu Don & More at Koi Zen

>> Thursday, May 19, 2016

*pork-free restaurant*

When it comes to a guaranteed-satisfying bowl of gyu don (stir-fried beef with rice), I'll always go back to Koi Zen!

I've tried gyu don at many Japanese restaurants in Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur & Kuantan, but seems like none can satisfy my taste buds except for the one at Koi Zen. I've no clue what sort of 'addictives' they have added into the bowl of gyu don, but it's REALLY fragrant, has the taste of 'burnt butter' that's totally aromatic, the beef slices are generous (it would be tastier if the beef slices weren't well done) & same goes to the mushrooms, onions, & spring onions, while the portion of rice is also huge. It's slightly on the sweeter side, but the flavors are well-balanced. I think the raw egg yolk to be mixed with the steaming hot rice bowl gives it an additional 'kick' as well :P

Gyu Don (RM18.00/serving)

I've written about this place more than 4 years ago, featuring Koi Zen's 1st restaurant at Star City Kuantan. Nowadays, we will pop by their 2nd outlet near East Coast Mall, as it is less packed, parking is easily available & the taste of the food is pretty much the same.

Koi Zen may not be your authentic Japanese restaurant, but it's alike Japanese restaurants like Sushi Zanmai, Ichiban Boshi, & Rakuzen, when it comes to the quality, price & variety of Japanese food.

Koi Zen's branch near East Coast Mall

The restaurant
Not as spacious at the 1st restaurant, but decent space, catering to a smaller crowd.

The one thing that comes to my mind to describe Koi Zen is 'affordability without compromising on taste & quality of food'. On a daily basis, even during weekends, you can find set meals below RM20.00 (excluding GST) that comes with a main dish, side dishes, a serving of chawanmushi, & a slice of fruit. I think it's good value for money, especially if you are hungry & you would want a variety of dishes to whet your taste buds.

Sapporo Nabe with Mixed Hoso Maki (RM19.90/serving)
As if we didn't have enough of Sapporo, we ordered a "Sapporo-inspired udon dish" that comes with a mixed rice rolls/maki. You can choose from a list of add-ons like sashimi, sushi, maki, & stir-fries, so we took the mixed hoso maki since we have noodles as our main dish.

Sapporo Nabe
The slightly spicy claypot udon dish was flavorful as it comes in a spicy miso + kimchi soup base. The claypot was filled with not just noodles, but seafood & vegetables, a pretty balanced meal. 

Chirashi Don with Gyu Shogun Yaki (RM21.90/serving)
My SIL ordered the chirashi don, a classic sashimi rice bowl for sashimi + rice lovers. This is also one of our favorites, but I think AP & I have had quite a good dose of seafood/sashimi rice bowls during our honeymoon to last us for a while. The best part about such set meals is that you can choose what you want to add-on to your rice set, which I thought gives a good variety :) Since there's rice & fish, why not add some beef, eh?

Inari Egg Mayo (RM3.99/set of 2 pieces)
We're kinda suckers for inari, so inari seems to be a 'must order' these days...hahaha...what more with egg mayo *lip-smacking*

Koi Zen Japanese Cuisine (branch)
No. 20A, Ground Floor, Jalan Putra Square 6
Putra Square
25200 Kuantan
Pahang Darul Makmur
Tel: (+609) 513 9222
Business hours: 11:30a.m. - 10:00p.m. daily
FB: https://www.facebook.com/Koi-Zen-Japanese-Cuisine-at-Putra-Square-1528059634086535/
GPS: 3.8185434,103.3260412

Koi Zen Japanese Cuisine (main)
B-30, Ground Floor, Jalan Seri Kuantan 80
Kuantan Star City
25250 Kuantan
Pahang Darul Makmur
GPS: 3.8244229,103.3375122

Presentation (does it look mouth-watering): * * * 
Price (is it affordable - more stars = YES): * * * 1/2
Environment (is the place comfortable, cosy, clean, pleasant): * * * 1/2
Taste (is the food delicious, worth coming back for more): * * * 1/2
Service (are the service providers friendly, efficient, polite): * * * 1/2


Gyu don any time,

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