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Home-Cooked: PerutBesi's Version of Mango Chicken

>> Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What inspires me to cook most of the time are people whom I love. My mum's off day is on Mondays, so as much as I could, I would want to spend Mondays cooking & eating at home with my family; home-cooked meals are the best after all!

We had quite a feast last night since I did some 'supermarket-sweep' last week. Chicken wasn't too expensive & so were the mangoes! It was totally random as I've never really bought mangoes for cooking, but I just thought of cooking mango chicken for the 1st time in my life from scratch!

I had NO clue how to cook mango chicken. Most of the time, the mango chicken that I had at restaurants were either deep-fried & have some gravy topped with fresh mangoes or those Thai-style green mangoes kerabu with chicken.

I wanted a not too Chinese yet not too Western chicken dish, fragrant, rich, & yet without frying as the cooking method cos the entire apartment would be oily. My best friend in the kitchen is the oven, but because I was back at my parents' house, all we had was the oven toaster! It had to cook up a miracle somehow!

I'm gonna share with you my successful experiment :D Brought some over to my cell group member's house & he said it's yummy! *woots*

* recipe below serves 4 persons*

Ingredients for the sauce/marinade:
1 ripe yellow mango, cut into small pieces [I used the waterlily mango]
A pinch of dried rosemary [If you have fresh ones, that'll be even better!]
A pinch of dried thyme
A pinch of salt
1 - 1 1/2 tsp of sugar [It depends on how sweet you want your 'sauce' to be]
2 - 3 cloves of garlic, crushed
1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar [I just wanted a slight tangy/fresh-sourish taste. I think you can have orange juice or lemon juice as well, but maybe half the amount]
2 drops of Worcester sauce
3-5 drops of sesame seed oil [I wanted the smoky fragrance...brings the dish to another level in my opinion]
1 tsp olive oil 

Ingredients (main):
1 ripe but firm yellow mango, cut into larger pieces [I prefer larger pieces as it gives some 'bite'/variety of texture]
1/2 a medium-sized chicken, cleaned, chopped into approximately 6 pieces & lightly marinated with salt & pepper

Blender/Food processor
Mixing bowl
Aluminum foil

1. Preheat oven at around 200°C for 10 minutes.
2. Place all the ingredients of the marinade into the blender & blend 'til it becomes a thick sauce. You may adjust the taste of your sauce accordingly.

3. Place the chicken in the mixing bowl & pour the marinade/sauce over the chicken. Toss & mix well, ensuring the all the pieces of chicken are well-coated with the sauce. Let it 'marinate' for at least 10 minutes (the longer the better!)

4. Place the pieces of chicken onto the aluminum foil & spoon some/all of the marinade onto the chicken. [It's really up to you, whether or not you want more gravy]

Don't these remind you of durians? :D 
Maybe I should bake durian chicken someday! Hohoho...

5. Wrap the chicken with the foil. Bake the chicken at 200°C for 20 minutes/until it is cooked.
6. Unwrap the chicken & pour out the gravy from the foil wrap into a bowl. Set the gravy aside.
7. Place the chicken with the foil now unwrapped (leaving the chicken 'exposed') back into the hot oven.
8. Bake 'til the chicken skin turns golden brown & if possible, crispy! It should take another 5-8 minutes for the magic to take place.

9. Remove the baked chicken from the foil & place it on a plate.
10. Place the mangoes on top of the chicken & drizzle the gravy over the mangoes & chicken pieces.

The chicken dish is finally ready to be served & enjoyed! I found the chicken very fragrant! The gravy was luscious, smooth & well-balanced in sweetness, savory & a slight tangy taste from the cider. When eaten together with the freshly cut mangoes, ah, it was just music in my mouth!

My recipe may not be 100% accurate as I go by "feel" most of the time. If you try it, I hope it'll turn out great as well! Enjoy!

Note: I'm looking forward to participate in my 1st cooking competition this weekend i.e. Philips Cooking Challenge @ Empire Shopping Gallery! I wonder who my partner will be & what we'll be cooking since it's all by drawing lots...*nervous yet excited* Keep me in prayer for an enjoyable time & favor for success!

In an experimental mode,


Home-Cooked: Baked Chicken with Vegetables

>> Monday, August 25, 2014

This was something that I've done earlier this year & have been baking the same all this while. Since I've some time to post, I thought I'll just share this with all my blog readers! I've actually shared it with my FB friends & have sent out the recipe to some friends who just want to cook something simple & nutritious for themselves :)

Pieces of chicken [up to you how many pieces & how large each piece is; I would recommend having the chicken pieces to be 1/8 of the whole chicken as it’ll cook faster than a whole chicken]
1 ½ cup pumpkins, macedoine/large-diced
½ cup baby carrots/carrots, macedoine/large-diced
1-2 sticks celery, ‘roll-cut’
¾ cup potatoes, macedoine/large-diced
2 cloves of garlic, peeled & crushed
1-2 shallots, peeled & crushed
3 tbsp water

1 tbsp cooking oil/olive oil
1 ½ tsp chopped basil [I used dry basil/herbs]
1 ½ tsp chopped parsley [I used dry parsley/herbs]
Salt, to taste
Ground White/Black Pepper, to taste
1 tbsp butter

Electric oven
Non-stick baking pan
Aluminum foil
Tablespoon/kitchen tongs

Side note:

A. Marinating the chicken
1. Wash the chicken pieces under running tap water.
2. Drain the chicken pieces & place it in a bowl/chopping board.
3. Gently cut the pieces of chicken to make slight ‘incisions’ on each piece of chicken. [This will allow you to roughly determine if the chicken is cooked or not later as well as allows greater absorption of the seasoning]
4. Sprinkle a pinch of salt & some pepper on the pieces of chicken.
5. With your hands, rub the salt & pepper onto the pieces of chicken.
6. Sprinkle ½ tsp of basil, ½ tsp of parsley onto the pieces of chicken.
7. With your hands, gently dab the herbs onto the pieces of chicken.
8. Allow the chicken pieces to “rest” & be marinated for at least 10-15 minutes.

B. Seasoning the vegetables
1. Lay the baking pan with aluminum foil. [I do this to avoid washing a heavily greased pan. It’s easier to clean on the overall as well]
2. Place all the vegetables onto the pan; random is good!
3. Drizzle cooking/olive oil onto the vegetables.
4. Sprinkle a pinch of salt & some pepper onto the vegetables.
5. Sprinkle 1 tsp of basil, 1 tsp of parsley onto the vegetables.
6. Using the spoon/kitchen tongs, toss the vegetables & its seasoning to ensure all vegetables are well-coated with the seasoning. [You could use your hands as well if you’re not too fussy]
7. Pour the 3 tbsp of water onto the vegetable mix.

C. Baking the chicken with the vegetables
1. Cover the baking pan with an aluminum foil.
2. Bake the vegetables at 200°C for 10 minutes or until the vegetables are moderately soft/half-cooked. [depends on how soft your prefer]
3. Remove the pan from the oven & remove the aluminum foil.
4. Place the pieces of chicken on top of the vegetables.
5. Cover the baking pan with the aluminum foil again.
6. Bake the vegetables & chicken pieces at 200°C for 20 minutes or until the chicken pieces are fully cooked. [The incisions on the chicken should have “opened like an open-wound” or you could use a fork/knife to poke through the chicken pieces. If the fork/knife could fully go through the chicken pieces, the chicken is cooked. If not, you’ll need to cook it longer; it depends on the size of your pieces of chicken]
7. Once the chicken pieces are cooked, remove the aluminum foil cover.
8. Brush each piece of chicken with some butter.
9. Bake just the top of the chicken for another 10 minutes, turning the pan to ensure the chicken skin is evenly roasted ‘til golden brown & crispy.
Optional: Add more water (1 tbsp at a time) onto the vegetables in case it burns or becomes too dry for your liking.
10. Remove the pan from the oven & serve hot with a side of rice or pasta!

Bon Apetit!

Note: Coming up next, PerutBesi's Mango Chicken (fresh from the oven - it's still baking now!!)



Travel: Trip to Bali (Part 5 - Local Food vs Touristy Food)

>> Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Some people have been asking, "Where is the PerutBesi?" "Sudah karat kah? Hehehe"

I struggle to find time & 'motivation' (as well) to finally sit down & start blogging. The entire month since my last post has been a crazy journey, especially on the perspective of work. The hectic & busy lifestyle of work just ate me up & probably blew me into pieces that I had to use the entire month to piece myself up once again. Whenever I had time, I just want to not stare into the computer!

Now that my work project has finally entered its 'peak' period, frankly speaking, most things have stabilized. Preparation for anything for the matter of fact is probably worse than the 'peak period'/main event itself. I truly am looking forward to the end of the project, but I also have questions on what next.

Anyhow, I should give my poor Bali trip post a proper conclusion. This was & is supposed to be the finale, but due to work commitment, I just couldn't attend to the blog a month back.

As an adventurous person who looks out for good food at lower/non-tourist prices, my mum, sister & I decided to have a simple lunch at the Mount Bratan's local market instead of at the restaurants that overlook the majestic Mount Bratan itself.

As we didn't have much time to research on this place prior to our trip, we just walked around & decided to stop by at this Warung Muslim Ramun/Ummi for a bowl of the typical bakso or soto ayam. I have to say that the serving is MINI (at least for my appetite)!

Bakso Sapi (Rp10,000/ ~RM2.83/bowl)
Taste is acceptable although slightly bland, but the portion is just really small. We could finish 1 bowl up in like 3-4 mouthful! I also realized that most of their bakso soups are rather bland because most Indonesians actually add the chili sauces/dark sauces & spices available on the table into the soup.

Soto Ayam (Rp15,000/ ~RM4.24/bowl)
It looks neater than what you see here, but my mum didn't realize that I still wanted to take photos of these humble bowls of noodles, so she started eating already. I have to say that although more pricey than the Bakso Sapi, the Soto Ayam noodles is actually more tasty & flavorful & pleasant to be eaten without adding any sauces.

Nasi Impit came with the Soto Ayam

On that same day, on the way back from Bratan to the hotel, we stopped by at the famous Warung Naughty Nuri's (Batubelig). This is like THE place for a good serving of pork ribs, barbecued to perfection, accompanied by a great range of margaritas & alcoholic drinks. Naughty Nuri's is well-known among tourists & you'll rarely spot locals in the restaurant apart from those working here.

The environment is fun, vibrant & lively. Don't expect to come here for a quiet meal after a long day, but you'll definitely get to enjoy a glass of alcoholic beverage with a porky meal.

Interesting deco (non-halal? :P)

Fun workers!

Happy piggies everywhere!

As we're not THAT hungry & the prices of food here are much higher than at the usual stalls, we decided to order 2 dishes & share it among the 3 of us.

Quesadillas (Rp58,000/ ~ RM16.40/serving)
The size is like a personal-sized pizza, so it was like an appetizer for the 3 of us. I can't say that it's thumbs up cos I would still prefer Chilli's version to this if I've to make a choice between the two. My mum wasn't too excited with this since the jalapenos are pretty spicy for her! :P

BBQ Pork Ribs (Rp110,000/ ~RM31.13/serving)
Frankly speaking, it felt like a personal portion, not something that should be shared. As we ordered to share, thinking that the pork ribs would be much larger in size, we only had 1/3 of what you see below per person. The taste is great, but the portion could be more generous. I love the smokiness, slight sweetness & the tangy taste from the marination & the squeezed lime.

It's good!
Meat "falls off the bones" easily - tender, juicy, & flavorful.

Interesting signs at the restaurant
This one's spotted in the bathroom.

Here's another interesting sign at the car park area

I can't say that we're 100% satisfied with dinner, but we didn't go hungry through the night. Given another chance to go to Bali, we will not go to the famous & touristy restaurants anymore! It's local all the way!

Naughty Nuri Batubelig
Jalan Batubelig, 41 (Kerobokan Kelod, Kuta, Bali)
Tel: (+62) 0361 847 6722
Email: mail@naughtynurisbali.com

On our 2nd last day at Bali, after an enjoyable visit to the Uluwatu Temple area & before our amazing spa & massage session, we stopped by for a quick lunch at a nearby Warung Es Teler 66 behind the Murano Spa.

Unlike the warung at Mount Bratahn's local market, this stall certainly serves a much better tasting bakso. I would recommend this stall for their big meatball bakso & their yummy es teler!

Bakso Ayam (Rp8,000/ ~RM2.26/bowl), Bakso Sapi (Rp9,000/ ~RM2.55/bowl), Lontong (Rp3,000/ ~RM0.80/serving)
Check out the size of the meatball! It's much bigger & much cheaper than what we got at Mt Bratan's local market as well! SUPERBLY WORTH IT! It tastes pretty good once you add the sauces as well, so I've no complains here. Their "lontong" (blocks of rice behind the bowl of bakso in the photo below) wasn't what I expected it to be though (I thought it would come with gravy & vegetables). I guess culture is certainly different although many Indonesians & Malays in Malaysia have this for their meals. I can't complain much since it's RM0.80 for a 'side dish'...hahaha.

Es Teler Coklat (Rp7,000/ ~RM1.98/serving), Es Juice Orange (Rp7,000/glass)
Es teler is alike our ice-kacang back in Malaysia, but it's not shaved ice, just roughly crushed ice with a whole load of jelly, avocado pieces, atap che, nangka, & this version had chocolate sauce in it! YUMMY!!! Orange juice is quite straight forward, so I didn't bother with a photo here. Nothing very spectacular for that drink...heh.

Ah, reminiscing on the Bali trip sure brings back loads of good & heart-warming memories.

I need another vacation! Time to plan for the next one...where to next...? Any ideas? ;)

Es Teler 66 & Mie Ayam Bakso
101, Jln Dewi Sri
Kuta, Bali
Tel: (+62) 087 862 411 666 (delivery service available)

Love traveling & enjoying good food,


Travel: Trip to Bali (Part 4 - LOVELY Ambiance, COSTLY Food)

>> Wednesday, July 16, 2014

We spent almost a full day 2 in Ubud/Tegal Lalang during our trip to Bali that we had quite some time to enjoy the view & some of their famous eateries. In this post, I'll be sharing 2 more eateries that we've experienced & my thoughts about the food & ambiance at each place.

We actually made our reservations for lunch at Teras Padi Café, Tegal Lalang, all for the ambiance (request for gazebo area)! Our cousin, Kris, told us to experience lunch amidst the paddy terrace at this place, something that you'll definitely not find in Peninsular Malaysia.

There are several cafes & restaurants over-looking the paddy terrace here at Tegal Lalang, but I reckon this cafe may be one of the better ones (else my cousin wouldn't have recommended it!). The one thing about such "touristy" area is that you'll have to pay an 'entrance fee' to get into/pass through the area. We had to pay Rp5,000 per vehicle, I think (1 time entry fees).

Paddy Terrace
It's not the season for paddy while we're there, but the load of grass & grenery sure made it look evergreen & lovely!

Panoramic View of the Café + Paddy Terrace

Frankly speaking, the taste of food at this café is nothing to boast. They have a limited menu as well, great for those who are simple, indecisive & plain hungry. You'll know what you want/don't want at a quick glance!

Without much trouble to decide, we quickly ordered our food & drinks before spending some time snapping photos :P

Whole Young Coconut (Rp20,000/ ~RM5.70)

Be Pasih Sambal Matah (Rp50,000/ ~RM14.15/serving)
This is a very simple version of a spicy fish dish. It's like compacted fish flakes into a 'cake', pan-fried & topped with some pickled chilies & onions. We found this 'fish cake' too dry for our liking as we're too used to having dishes with gravy since young, so this certainly was a one-time-off dish that we'll ever order if we come back again.

Nasi Kuning (Rp60,000/ ~RM16.98/serving)
Surprisingly, their nasi kuning is the best among the 3 dishes that we ordered that day. You'll find fluffy coconut-flavored rice dyed with the yellow turmeric & served with fried chicken, prawn crackers, chicken floss & egg rolls. Very simple, but tastes much better than the Be Pasih Sambal Matah. It's also dry (no gravy), so eating the rice with the spicy sambal does help a little.

Sate Lilit (Rp40,000/ ~RM11.30/serving)
Also another dry dish! Aiseh, I think Balinese cuisine is dry & the people here just enjoy the simplicity of food with a heap load of spicy sambal! The sate lilit are actually minced chicken, chillies, herbs & spices on sticks of lemongrass. Nothing very fantastic, really, but the minced chicken is quite fragrant.

Happiness at the paddy terrace!

Some craftwork sold near the restaurant - really pretty!!!

Will I make another trip here the next time? Hmm...maybe not so soon. I need to visit other places in Bali since Bali is actually such a large 'city'/state!

Teras Padi Cafe, Tegal Lalang
Jalan Raya Tegallalang (Tegallalang - Desa Cekingan)
Ubud, Bali
Tel: (+62) 361 7425789
FB: Teras Padi Cafe (I messaged them to make my reservation

On that same day, we had dinner at the renowned Dirty Duck Diner, Ubud. It's called Bebek Bengil or Dirty Duck in Indonesian because the restaurant's "first guests" were ducks that walked into the place on a rainy day with their muddy webbed feet (if I remember the story correctly). That name became the restaurant's name since it started in 1990, serving the original crispy duck.

One of the many ducky decos

Our gazebo/dining area
The thing about this place is that it's dark (very dark!) at night with minimal lighting & the place can be quite mozzie-filled :S Best to eat earlier & get back to your comfortable hotel room!

Nasi Bebek Bengil (Rp125,000/ ~RM35.37/serving)
Without much consideration, ordering the bebek bengil is a must when you're dining here for the 1st time. It was quite funny as we didn't have a clue on how the crispy duck would look like. My mum had the imagination of a 'peking roast duck', large duck with crispy roasted skin. I had similar imaginations as well, 'til the dish was served & we had to stare at it for a while in surprise! What a small duck!! But it's oh-so-crispy; even the bones are crunchy & edible...hahaha. Once again, it's dryyyyy....yummy duck, but too dry for our liking when we have plain white rice with the crispy fried duck.

Pickled beans: side dish that came with the rice

Assortment of chilies & pickles to go with the rice: SUPER SPICY!

Spaghetti Carbonara (Rp78,000/ ~RM22.07/serving)
Since we've had so many rice/local dishes in Bali already, we decided for a classic favorite of ours, the spaghetti carbonara. Well, not too bad considering it's a place for crispy duck with rice. It's a tad dry yet oily, but I love the pieces of pork bacon served with the pasta. Once again, nothing beats Vary Pasta back in PJ - value for money + tastes good + generous portion!

This side of a salad came with the pasta...nothing special.

I guess overall the food here is alright. The crispy duck is certainly delicious, but I don't think anything else is 'wow'. It's somewhat too pricey for the portion served as well. I need to look for another place with bebek goreng!

Bebek Bengil – Ubud
Jalan Hanoman, Padang Tegal

Ubud, Bali 80571
Telephone: +62 361 975489 / 977675
Fax: +62 361 975489

Business hours: Mon - Sun 10:00 a.m. - 23:00 p.m.
URL: http://bebekbengil.com
FB: Bebek Bengil - Official
Email: info@bebekbengil.com

Bebek Bengil – Nusa Dua Branch
BTDC Complex, Nusa Dua Beach

Bali, Indonesia.

Bebek Bengil – Jakarta Branch
The Ubud Building – Jalan H. Agus Salim

No: 132 Menteng
Jakarta 10310
Tel: +62 21 3918016 / 3917965 / 3918091
Fax: +62 21 3917721

Bebek Bengil – The Breeze BSD City
Unit Waterfront L#01
Jl. Grand Boulevard, BSD Green City
BSD City, Tangerang

Tel: 021-50386630

Paying touristy prices for 'tourist-famous' food,


Recipe: Moist & Fluffy Banana Cake

>> Tuesday, July 8, 2014

For the FIRST time in my life, I baked a banana cake & a successfully, nicely-browned cake! This little oven in my rented house hasn't been extremely cooperative, so it's a rare opportunity to get nicely browned cakes. I'm SO PROUD & happy to see this cake looking AND TASTING SO DELICIOUS!

Special thanks to myfoodtrail.com for the recipe :D

1 ½ cups self raising flour, sifted [I used 1 ½ cups all-purpose flour + 2 tsp baking powder + a pinch of salt]
1 tsp bicarbonate soda
¾ cup castor sugar, sifted
3 (or 2 large) very ripe bananas, mashed [I think I used approximately 1/2 cup full of mashed bananas?]
½ cup oil [I used corn oil]
2 eggs, lightly beaten
1 tsp vanilla essence [not in original recipe; I added for the additional fragrance]
2 tsp milk [I felt the original recipe was slightly dry when I began mixing, so I added approximately 2 tsp of milk]

1. Preheat oven to 150C and grease your baking tin. I used a round tin (not sure of the width)
2. Sift flour, sugar and bicarb soda into a bowl and mix together.
3. Make a well in the center and add bananas, eggs, vanilla essence and oil.
4. Using a large spoon, stir gently until mixture is smooth. IF the batter seems slightly dry, add the 2 tsp of milk, little by little, mixing the batter to test the consistency/liquidity. It shouldn't be too thick & lumpy nor should it be 'watery'.
5. Pour into cake tin and bake for 30-40 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean.
6. Turn onto a wire rack and allow to cool before icing (or leave it plain).

Enjoy!! :D

Love the success!!


Travel: Trip to Bali (Part 3 - LOCAL Food)

>> Monday, July 7, 2014

Bali, alike any Asian countries, is a land abundant in food options. More often than not, if you're keen to try their local dishes, it's very similar to the Malay food that we get back in Malaysia i.e. rice, rice, & rice! Of course, being a very tourist-driven land, Bali has tonnes of westernized food to offer, some of which are really recommended.

During our trip to Bali, the one place that we actually went TWICE is this unplanned restaurant near our 1st hotel (Sun Royal Hotel, Jln Sunset), Nasi Tempong Indra. If you're familiar with ayam penyet with rice back in Malaysia (it's an Indonesian dish by the way), this is very similar. This is a MUST try if you're staying around Seminyak, Legian or Kuta area & it's PerutBesi's top recommended place to eat for a local meal in Bali!

The Nasi Tempong Indra restaurant near Jln Sunset

So what exactly is nasi tempong?

The main characteristic that gives it its name "tempong" is the extremely spicy grounded chili paste that makes you feel 'slapped' & 'hot' on your face (meaning of 'tempong', an Osing language from Banyuwangi, East Jawa = slapped). Every nasi tempong is served with an assortment of blanched vegetables like spinach, aubergine & sweet gourd plus deep-fried tempe (fermented beans - VERY tasty!!), salted fish & a piece of fried tofu.

The high volume of orders!

Loads of vegetables :D
Your daily dose of fibre, vitamins, protein & carbohydrates

The CRAZILY explosive grounded chili paste

The variety of nasi tempong served here

Being 1st timers in experiencing the local nasi tempong, I have to say that we became instant fans to the tasty & wholesome rice dish. This restaurant is simple, spacious & clean, making the 1st dining experience at a local 'warung' a real pleasure :)

The spacious restaurant
If you're here after 7pm, this place can be quite packed, even on a weekday.

Our 1st trip there was on our FIRST night at Bali. Upon arrival around 9:00pm, we were just famished & wanted something decent to satisfy our hunger. Our driver, Komang, drove us around the hotel area & we ended up having nasi tempong at this restaurant (best decision!).

Nasi Tempong Pecel Lele Bakar (Rp29,000/ ~RM8.20/serving)
We had this for our 1st meal & we ordered the same during our 2nd time here as it was SO good! The grilled 'catfish' was very flavorful, slightly sweet, slightly spicy & savory. The charred taste was also evident & extremely aromatic. Yums! Catfish like this species have very 'sweet' meat, not many bones & very easy to eat/dissect. I loved the crispy tempe & the fried tofu as well (crispy on the outside, soft on the inside...not oily too!). The blanched vegetables are very 'al naturale' - fresh, texture that's just-right & well, without any salt/sugar taste added to it! Loved the fluffy rice as well & oh, the crazily explosive chili paste was something that we couldn't take. It was SPICY!!! But it was also SO GOOD! Gives a kick to the simple dish. We added some kicap manis to balance out the taste as well. It was just yummy!

Nasi Tempong Tempe Penyet (Rp20,000/ ~RM5.70/serving)
If you're not a fan of meat & just prefer something simple, healthy yet tasty, go for the tempe penyet. You'll have 1-2 LARGE pieces of flattened tempe, deep-fried 'til crispy to accompany your assortment of blanched vegetables. What a symphony of textures! :D I LOVED IT.

If you prefer chicken, we tried that too during our 1st night, but I forgot to bring my camera out of the hotel room, so I ended up using the handphone for photo-taking. Color isn't great, but taste of the dish wasn't compromised.

Nasi Tempong Ayam Goreng (Rp38,000/ ~RM10.75/serving)
You'll get a 1/4 chicken, deep-fried 'til it's slightly dry & crispy to accompany the blanched vegetables & rice. We prefer crispy & juicy fried chicken, but I know my cousin will surely love this!

Don't miss out trying the Nasi Tempong while you're at Bali!

Nasi Tempong Indra
Jln Dewi Sri, No. 788
Tel: 081 734 4949/ 081 2345 83033
Email: indra_is_pcman@yahoo.com 
URL: www.nasitempongindra.com/

Other outlets in Denpasar:
i. Jalan Imam Bonjol 253, Ruko Ganesha No. 12
ii. Jalan Marlboro (Teuku Umar Barat) no. 23D
iii. Jln Cok Agung Krisna 51C Renon
iv. Jln Teuku Umar 174C

The other local delicacy that's a must-try when you're in Bali is Babi Guling. Out of 10 persons who have been to Bali, at least 9/10 would say "Babi guling is a MUST try!".
Unfortunately, this is a non-halal rice dish, so to all my Muslim readers, just go & enjoy the nasi tempong 'til your heart's satisfied :) It's worth every mouthful.

Our itinerary was quite packed for the 5d4n trip, so babi guling wasn't exactly part of the plan. We wanted to have it, but our appetites weren't great (considerably small eaters although ruthless ones). We ended up packing nasi babi guling from a warung on our way to the airport before we left Bali so that we can enjoy a local delicacy at the airport while waiting for our flight! This was one decision that we never regretted! We've our driver for that day, Putu, to thank, for stopping us at this warung (he thinks this place has good babi guling at non-tourist prices) to get our dose of babi guling.

Babi guling is actually just roast/suckling pig. It makes me wonder why people are so crazy about this when we've much roast pig & roast pork available in Malaysia.

Each serving of nasi babi guling comes with an assortment of other piggy-condiments/lawar (mixture of vegetables, coconut and minced meat mixed with rich herbs and spices [wikipedia]). There's also pig's blood & "I've no idea what else" in this rice dish. It felt like a 'discovery channel' experience when we dug into our lunch before we flew off. Hahaha. What an experience with nasi babi guling. I don't think I'm a great fan of it although I've to say that the roast pig's skin is nice & crispy! :P

Nasi Babi Guling Biasa (Rp20,000/ ~RM5.70/serving)
If you want a "special" pack with more meat, it's Rp10,000 more. Since we just wanted to try & weren't very hungry, we decided to have the usual portion of meat instead of 'more meat' before we board the flight :S Oh, there were tonnes of 'hidden explosive mines' in the rice as well. Balinese just LOVE hiding chili padi in every rice dish!!

The more tourist-famous place for babi guling rice is at Ubud i.e. Babi Guling Ibu Oka. According to our driver, Putu, taste of the babi guling there isn't a far cry from the usual babi guling rice that you find everywhere else. In fact, you'll end up paying at least Rp10,000 - Rp30,000 more at the popular places like Ibu Oka's. So, I guess we didn't miss THAT much, or did we?

I'll have to make a trip to Babi Guling Ibu Oka some other time. But for now, I can at least say that I've tried nasi babi guling once in my lifetime!

More food posts to come! I've 2 more food post, each with 2-3 restaurants to share with all of you :D  
Stay tuned with The Ruthless Eater!

Local, non-tourist eateries are the way to go!

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