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Kedai Makanan Soon Huat, Dengkil

>> Thursday, April 10, 2008

Finally the PerutBesi duo had the opportunity to meet up & have a good meal together! I’ve been very, very busy with a project with Mexico, while Anne is busy with supporting the project that she has been working on all along. It just feels good to meet up again! *lol*

We had lunch at Soon Huat, a recommendation of Anne. Her colleagues go there quite often for lunch :) The coffee shop is owned by a Hokkien family & all of the food served at Soon Huat has a Hokkien-touch somehow ;)

Here are the recommended dishes, specially brought to you by PerutBesi @ The Ruthless Eaters!

*dishes are based one 1-person serving (Non-Halal)

Claypot pepper pork mix soup with bitter gourd slices & ‘golden needles’ ('kam cham' in Cantonese)

Hokkien specialty...Egg in pork's intestine :P

Fried 'mee hoon ke'/pan mee with dried shrimp, minced pork, & beansprout

Fried 'sang meen', which looks like Hokkien mee at the end

In total, with 2 glasses of Barli, we paid RM16.50 for the meal. Not too bad, considering there was so much meat in the soup :P It's one of the better places to eat in Dengkil ;)

To get there:

-Ruth & Anne


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