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A Lesson on Can Openers

>> Thursday, April 17, 2008

A lesson on can openers??

You must have thought that Ruth has gone nuts. Well, she has always been 'siao' (crazy), but this is the one time that I really feel like I'm back in the stone-age. Bah.

All I had to open my 'square-ish' can of luncheon meat was this:
It's an OLD-FASHION CAN OPENER!! I found it in the kitchen & I've NO whatsoever idea on how to use this can opener!! All along, I've only used these:

It took me almost 15minutes to open the tin of luncheon meat with that old fashion can opener, & even after that period of time, I wasn't successful. My roomie & housemate had no luck either.

We resorted to using a bottle to hit the sharp part of the can opener into the tin!! Bummer! Like some stone-age person le!! *argh* (Anne, this is not my first time doing this stone-age thing! I've done it in uni once!!)

Anyways, after half an hour of struggling, I was about to give up on opening the can. Here's how my can looked like:

Super 'cacat' (mutated) looking man...

I still couldn't remove the luncheon meat from the tin with that sort of opening. Argh!!

I was about to give up until I remember that there was some strange looking 'key' that came with the can, supposedly to help open the can, but I didn't use it (cos I've no idea how to use it!!). The key opened my can of luncheon meat perfectly!!!

Tadaaa!! (just roll the little bit of tin around the 'key' as you wind it) Awesome invention?? -made in China! *lol*
I'm SO gonna make sure I have a delicious breakfast of luncheon meat tomorrow! After all the madness in opening the can...ergh...lesson learnt: bring the NORMAL can opener to Cyberjaya!

So, have you learnt an important lessson on can opening with The Ruthless Eaters?? ;P

- Ruth


David April 18, 2008 at 11:09 AM  

helo ruth next time if donno open luncheon meat call me ok. i will teach you how to open. so i hope the luncheon meat is still eatable?

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