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>> Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I can clearly remember the times I had in uni, enjoying a meal with my friends in the room itself. We had our mighty rice cooker & depending on whose room we're in, you may find the hot plate and/or the slow cooker. Awesome cooking 'assistance' :P

Just now, my roomie (in Cyberjaya) & I had a simple, but nutritious meal in our little room. All we had was my slow cooker, so we made vegetable soup (and we had pretty much the same thing for 2 nights!) with pork slices. *yums* Yeah, I brought all the veggie & meat from home. We actually had veggie soup with a piece of chicken keel each yesterday night for dinner :P

Such meals makes me feel nostalgic... I seriously miss my uni days!! Argh...Anne...let's go back to uni!! *sniff sniff*

My 'mighty' slow cooker...cooks slowly, but tastes great! (yeah, we didn'y have a table to eat at, so we used the floor & laid it with newspaper only la...just like uni life AND it reminded me of my time in Korea at Long's house too!!)

The nutritious meal: mee suah (rice flour noodles/vermicelli), carrots, tomatoes, Chinese cabbage, yellow onions, & pork slices *yums*

- Ruth


David April 18, 2008 at 11:21 AM  

wah ruth you can cook wan wor. god good keep it up.

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