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Delicous Pork Noodles at Kg Baru Subang

>> Monday, April 28, 2008

As the title speaks, there's this one place which offers delicious pork noodles. Located in Kg Baru Subang, this coffee shop, by the name of Restaurant Maxis, has quite a number of stall offering a variety of food. This coffee shop is pretty easily located once you're in the area of Kg Baru Subang. You'll find both rice & noodles of your taste here & it's usually patroned by quite a good crowd.

The 'kuey teow' from this pork noodles stall is very smooth & the noodles are generally nice in texture. The soup is tasty, & I doubt it has a lot of MSG, since I don't feel thirsty at all after eating the bowl of noodles. The bowl of noodles comes with spinach instead of 'choy sum' (I think it's called Mustard Leaves in English) & is accompanied by an assortment of pig intestines, pork slices, & minced pork. The price is the standard RM3.50 for a regular bowl, but the serving is quite generous :)

If you happen to be around this area, which is after Terminal 3 in Subang, do stop by this stall for a tasty & porky meal! *lol*


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