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Korean Ramen & Mamee Tom Yam

>> Saturday, March 31, 2007

We had another episode of instant noodles for lunch just yesterday (27 Marc 2007) :) This time, it looks even better than before! So, we decided that we'll put up larger photos to whet your taste buds! :P


This is the Korean Ramen that I had. It's pretty yummy! Spicy, but bearable :) There's a small pack of seasoning, a pack of dried mushroom & vege bits, and an even smaller pack of chilli to give a kick to the noodles ;)


Mamee Tom Yam made interesting! We added french beans, a piece of fried chicken drumstick, & one piece of taufu (cut-4)


This is the end result of the Korean Ramen. Simple & irrisistably delicious! :P We just added sausages, egg, & french beans!

- Ruth


Ikan Bakar Dinner!

I finally found where the delicious ikan bakar restaurant is in Kuantan (on 18 March 2007)! *sigh* The last time we went to Tanjung Lumpur, we just couldn't locate that particular restaurant! That's why we ended up eating at the chinese seafood restaurant, Tanjung.

This time around, thanks to the uncles & aunties that I stay & hang out with in Kuantan, I got to that place for dinner. Below are the details of the restaurant:

Name: Ana Ikan Bakar
Specialty: Ikan bakar (barbequed fish)
Location: Tanjung Lumpur
Directions: From Kuantan town, go towards Tanjung Lumpur. You will have to drive across a bridge/ fly-over, which overlooks the Kuantan river. Take the first turning on your left, leading into a small lane. Turn left at the end of the lane and go all the way straight until you see the signboard that says "Ana Ikan Bakar" (or something along those lines...haha..i can't recall the full name).
Description about the place: It is actually a big Malay stall-like restaurant. Usually, it has the most customers compared to the entire row of stalls on that road; you can't miss it. It offers a variety of local delights, from the famous ikan bakar, to the sotong bakar (barbequed squid), crabs, prawns, lala (clams...i think they call it clams), and the local Malay food like tom yam, kai lan fried with salted fish, & the not-to-be-missed Glas Besar (huge glass of fruit juice)!

The variety of fish brings to mind the market place ;) By just looking at the variety of fresh seafood that they offer, your mouth would just water :P (although those creatures look very much alive! Freaky....)

The price is pretty reasonable, really. I'm not sure how much we paid for that night's meal, as the uncles are the ones paying (and it would be rude for me to ask since I am not paying), but they assured me that it is worth the portion & taste that you get.

Here are some of the dishes that we had that night (it's a little blur as I took using a camera phone):

- The variety of fresh fish


- The fish we had (kai yoke yue)


- Of squid & prawns


- Flower crabs


- Barbequed 'chicken meat fish' (kai yoke yue)
bbq sting ray

- Stir fried kai lan (veg) with salted fish


- Mixed meat tom yam


- Stir-fried lala (clams...I dunno what it's called in English)


- Large glass of orange juice (Glas Besar)

Glas besar

The overall rating for this place is perhaps a 3.5/5. It's not a very large place, slightly too smokey (cos of the barbeque going on), but the food is good lar ;) Besides, it's opposite the sea shore! Some ambience that gives some groove to the restaurant :)

- Ruth


Need a break...

>> Monday, March 19, 2007

Dear PerutBesi readers,

We will be taking a break from this site. We'll probably get back to 'work' on this site on the 2nd week of April. 'Til then, cheers!

- Ruth & Anne



>> Monday, March 12, 2007

When me and my friends decided to have lunch at One Utama, Bandar Utama on one fine day, we ended up spending on a not-so-filling lunch, an expensive dessert and delicious tea time snack.

1. Lunch @ Bar B Q Plaza (Non-Halal)

We ordered a family deluxe set for 6 of us (RM40+). The set comes with fresh vege, mushrooms, fishballs, prawns, squids, pumpkin, bacon, beef slices etc. The set also comes together with a super 'smelly' garlic fried rice. Nice but make sure you rinse your mouth properly after you eat that :)
- The family deluxe set

BBQ Plaza

- A mongolian and korean DIY table top cooking meal

BBQ Plaza 3

2. Dessert @ Bakerzin

This place is superb. The environment is great but the service we received that day were just so-so. It costs us around RM50+ for 2 types of cake, 2 types of ice cream (each ice-cream comes together with a free tea) and 1 bottle of spritzer.

-Coupe cheesecake (cream cheese ice cream topped with strawberry coulis and crumble)


-Profiteroles (homemade vanilla ice cream fills the centre of choux puff, topped with chocolate sauce and almond flakes)




Bakerzin is located at Ground Floor, Highstreet Zone (New Wing).

More on Bakerzin here

3. Tea Time Snack @ Shihlin

Shihlin offers popular Taiwanese street snacks from the alleys of Taiwan's night market, such as handmade oyster mee sua, seafood tempura, XXL crispy chicken and crispy floss egg crepe. Shihlin claims that the food sold are prepared the way they do over in Taiwan. And they do require customers to eat the food they way it is eaten in Taiwan. For example, we need to use spoon to eat the oyster mee sua instead of chopstick so that it will taste better. Each item in the menu costs around RM5+.

-Handmade oyster mee sua

Osyter mee sua

-Seafood tempura

Seafood tempura

-XXL Chicken

XXL Chic

Shihlin is located at Ground Floor, Highstreet Zone (Old Wing). More on Shihlin here



More hot news!

>> Friday, March 9, 2007

Hello, where are your manners? by Hoo Ban Khee

The hand-phone is one of the most important inventions of the last century, making instant communication possible at any time and almost anywhere in the world.

Unlike the fixed line, it is mobile and convenient. It is pocket-sized, light and sleek, and comes with multiple functions and in very attractive colours.

You can dial a number anywhere in the world and get connected directly with people without the hassle of going through an operator who may not speak your language.

But the flip side is the emergence of some hand-phone users who are less than considerate and keep yakking loudly in public places, anywhere they like.

You find them chatting on the phone during a meeting, inside a lift, toilet, bus, restaurant and even the theatre and cinema.

They spoil the atmosphere and become a nuisance to the people around them. It is annoying when you are forced to listen to conversation that you are least interested in.

I also find it extremely annoying - even insulting - when people sharing a meal with you are more interested in taking a long time talking on the hand-phone than sharing your company.

That leads me to a recent advertisement by a telecommunications company to promote its services during the Chinese New Year.

It works on the tradition of the reunion dinner held on new year's eve in order to promote its special services called the “longevity calls”.

Thus, you see family members partaking in what looks like a reunion dinner but instead of enjoying the meal and fellowship, all of them are busy yakking away on the hand-phones.

With a pair of chopsticks poised over a spread of sumptuous dishes on the table and their heads bending sideways to talk into the hand-phones resting on their shoulders in unison, the scenario looks decidedly comical, even ridiculous.

What kind of image does it project? Do the Chinese partake in the reunion dinner in this way? Is yakking on the phone more important than the most meaningful meal of the year for all members of the family?

Where is the new year spirit? Where is the tradition? Where are the grandparents, the parents and the children who are supposed to share the reunion dinner and to catch up with one another at the gathering?

Many may argue that the advertisement is simply a clever and funny gimmick to draw attention and get the sales message across.

Others, especially those who stick to tradition, would find it upsetting.

It is indeed a clever attempt at capturing the occasion and giving it a twist to sell the company's services and get people talking but it certainly leaves a bad taste to people who value culture and traditions because of the wrong focus.

It may not be guilty of cultural subversion but it trivialises a long-cherished tradition.

And above all, where are the table manners?

- Ruth


Hot news that changes the world

Girl gives birth to baby in school

IPOH: A Form Four student, who complained of abdominal pains, excused herself from taking part in sports activities only to secretly deliver a baby girl at her school.

She delivered the baby at 1.30pm yesterday at the sick bay of her school in Manjung, about 90km from here. The baby, with its umbilical cord still attached, was found dead in a bag belonging to the student.

Manjung OCPD Asst Comm Zainuddin Yaacob, however, declined to say if the newborn was premature or not.

- news extracted from The Star newspaper

The growing number of teenage pregnancy is indeed alarming! I can't help but sympathize with the child that was brought forth into the world out of wedlock & the sin of immature youths. These 'innocent' children are trapped in the womb for about 9 months, just to have their lives ended as soon as they receive their first breath of air. *sigh* In addition, the girl also had to go through such agony (without finding the joy of motherhood, as most mothers say) of bearing another life in her due to her mistakes (and the guy's mistakes as well!), & suffer the effects of the sin for a lifetime.

The 'culture' that youths undertake these days are very shocking & disturbing to people with certain upbringing like us, PerutBesi members. Certain types of music, language, attitudes, & styles that they pick up are totally bewildering. We do not criticize the genre that takes place today, but what concerns us is the question of whether the upcoming generation of 'future leaders' have what it takes to be respected leaders of the world! *shakes head in disappointment*

Things change, & so do people; this we cannot avoid. Without changes, we can say that there is no life after all i.e. you're dead. Changes can either come in good and/or bad ways. If you were to make a change, what would you do? What sort of change do you look forward to make? Would you think twice before committing into worldly mistakes? :|

The PerutBesi gang look forward to changes; more likely changes for the better, of course. We hope to see the society changing to have less crimes, less sins committed, & no doubt, less negative influences that could corrupt the minds of the upcoming leaders of the nation. :)

Oh, we also look forward for a change of tastebuds for more adventurous food stuff! Maybe we'll venture into strange foods of the world in the future ;) Who knows? :P

- Ruth


'Rock climbing'

>> Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Aside from food, the PerutBesi members are also an advanterous bunch in terms of going places. Last Sunday, I felt like getting away for a stress-reliever- I went rock climbing at TC! Madness. Don't ever do this... I did it out of madness, craziness, & sheer determination. Well, I went there alone & I have NO safety gear whatsoever.

The rocks are at the far end of Teluk Cempedak, Kuantan. It's at least 4 storeys high... I dunno how to estimate la, but for me it's high la. It's not those rocks that ppl climb indoors. Those that I climbed are REAL rocks.

Here are some pics that I took during my stress-relieving trip:

The formation of clouds were really pretty,and the colours of the sky & sea blended in harmony with each other... at that time, it was around 6.30 p.m.


The sight of these few friends sitting together brought warmth to my heart & gave me the urge to shoot a photo of them. The lady in pink wore a shirt which says "Locals only". Fascinating.


These are the rocks at one end of TC, where I decided to climb (not in this picture). Madness, yes, but a total challenge worth taking up.


The tall, middle rock hidden behind the trees & bushes was the one that I climbed up. Stress makes one do crazy things. The climb took about 15 min as there was no specific pathway (it's not intended for climbing). Rocks were everywhere, & so were soil, dry leaves, plants, roots, and eeky stuff!


This is the magnificent view from the top of the highest rock! The wind was blowing VERY strongly, & the sound of crashing waves, rustling leaves, and the sight of the eagle soaring majestically knocks you off your socks! -taken around 7.15 p.m.




There's one thing that you'll want to avoid when you climb that rock- leaves of a palm tree. There are thorns on the leaves of the tree, and it really hurts when the thorns get into your flesh as you climb up or get down.


By the time I got down to the shore, it was almost 7.30 p.m... or nearing 8 p.m. The last thing that caught my eyes was this:


I hope this post gave you a different view of TC, which we know so well of ;) Enjoy the beach while you have it! Cheers!

- Ruth


Seafood Supper

The perutbesi clique and frens where out looking for late night supper last Saturday. It was already 12.10am when we went from one restaurant to another, inquiring if they still serve 'ikan bakar' (bbq fish) at that hour. Our first stop was Phuket at Padang Lalang, Kuantan. They still take up orders but they are closing at 1am. Thus, we decided to go across the road to Santai Restaurant & Cafe. Santai is indeed very nice and comfy looking. They open till 3am but the menu is just so-so. Santai serves dishes like keoy teow soup, fried rice, tom yum etc. They have steam fish instead of ikan bakar. The price is also slightly higher but it is a great place for drinks and chit-chatting.

Santai Restaurant & Cafe

Finally, we decided not to be choosy as our tummies are growling of hunger. We opt for Restaurant Tanjung, which is just beside Santai. Tanjung is suppose to close at 12am but they still take up last minute order if there are requests from midnight eaters like us :) Tanjung offers variety of fresh seafood and they even have bbq chicken wing there.

Mantis prawn before Mantis prawn after
Before: Mantis prawn ('Lai liu har'-pissing prawn)
After: Mantis prawn cooked in 'Kung Bou' (hot and spicy) style (RM33)

Scallop before Scallop after
Before: Fresh scallop
After: Scallop cooked with ginger and garlic (RM 2 per piece)

Chicken fish Ikan Bakar
Before: 'Kai Yuk Yue' (Chicken meat fish)
After: Ikan Bakar (RM13)

Baby french bean
Stir fried baby french bean (RM6)

Most of us gave the dishes we have a thumb up. Fresh and taste good :). Tanjung is located on your left if you are coming from Kuantan town.

-Anne & Ruth


Biscuit Party

>> Tuesday, March 6, 2007

We had a small biscuit party just now last night in our room. :) It was around 11.30pm when everyone started to cry out in hunger. One of our visiting friend wanted to try the biscuits we brought from home and that marks the start of our biscuit party. Everyone stopped doing their works and started to indulge in those lovely leftover of homemade chinese new year cookies.

Though the variety of the biscuits is not as much as compared to those we had back home, is the chats and laughs that matter. It is fun to see everyone gets away from all the workloads and stress..and starts to enjoy..at least for a while :)


Must have during CNY:

1. Honey Bee Hive

Honey Bee Hive

2. Pineapple Roll

Pineapple Roll

Children's favourite:

1. Cornflakes cookies with walnut and almond

Cornflakes Biscuit

2. Fortune Cookies:

Inside each biscuit will contains a small paper describing your fortune. (e.g. Your life will be happy and peaceful)

Fortune Cookies

This is what we got...

Fortune Cookies 2


Chap Goh Meh

>> Sunday, March 4, 2007

Tomorrow is Chap Goh Meh. The term is from the Hokkien dialect and literally means the fifteenth and last night of the Lunar New Year celebration. If someone asked me what Chap Goh Meh is all about..the first thing that will cross my mind will definately be 'mandarin oranges' and chinese valentine's day!

On this day, young unmarried woman will cast mandarin oranges into the lake/sea hoping that her future husband will pick it up. Of course, she will first have to write her name and hp number (or perhaps nowadays with e-mail, skype, msn, ym?) on the mandarin oranges so that the man who picked it will be able to contact her to start up with the courtship :) Suprisingly, this custome was originated from Penang and not from China as what i thought of since young. As for me, i never get to try this or even get to see people casting oranges into lake/sea before. Hmm..wonder where is the nearest lake in Kuntan? :)

Chap Goh Meh is also celebrated with 'tang yuen', a sweet glutinous rice ball and guessing of lantern riddles. Lantern riddles are tough! It often makes me feel like i'm a 'mat salleh' among the Chinese community as i would not be able to understand a single riddle at all! (*ashamed)

Tang Yuen
Mum's creation: Tang yuen with red bean paste in red bean soup with sago

More on Chap Goh Meh:




>> Saturday, March 3, 2007

We have just escaped from near suffocation.. 'thanks' to the so-called aedes prevention cum fogging activity in our uni. I wonder what who are they trying to kill? The mosquitoe or the students staying here? They should at least give an announcement prior to the fogging activity. At least let everyone know and make everyone leave the building before they start spraying those pesticide ON US! We were stucked like white mice with no way out. There were two men armed with fogging gun (or machine, whatever you call that) right in front of our door. We couldn't get out from the room. We couldn't open our windows either coz there were white smoke out there. We can hardly breathe. Our eyes started to get teary..We were trapped! Luckily we did not need to wait long before all the white smoke and stinky smell were blown off by strong wind out there. We were left with a mess to clean up. Our hallway was slippery and stinky. Our shoes were all covered up with pesticide and we need to get things cleaned up before we get poisoned! sigh..

- Anne


Pasar Malam Food

>> Friday, March 2, 2007

The Gambang pasar malam is situated 5 minutes car-ride away from UMP. It is a very small scale night market, with only less than 50 stalls available. It used to be even smaller the last time we were there... somehow there were tremendously more stalls today!

The Gambang pasar malam food isn't the best that you can get, but it is surely a better option to the mundane cafeteria food that we have to consume for the rest of the 6 days in uni. One can find a lot of local delicacies; from kuih-muih to chee cheong fun, laksa, nasi lemak, nasi dagang, nasi kerabu, nasi campur (whatever nasi that you wish to have), to vegetables, fish, meat, fruits, clothes, and other delights & services.

Mushroom popia (RM 1.00 for 3) *suitable for vegetarians :)


Nasi kerabu + ayam percik (RM 2.00 per set)


Nasi dagang (RM 2.00 per set)


Smile! :)


Chee cheong fun (RM 0.30 - RM 1.00 per piece)


Tau fu fa (RM 1.00 per container)


- Ruth & Anne

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