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Ikan Bakar Dinner!

>> Saturday, March 31, 2007

I finally found where the delicious ikan bakar restaurant is in Kuantan (on 18 March 2007)! *sigh* The last time we went to Tanjung Lumpur, we just couldn't locate that particular restaurant! That's why we ended up eating at the chinese seafood restaurant, Tanjung.

This time around, thanks to the uncles & aunties that I stay & hang out with in Kuantan, I got to that place for dinner. Below are the details of the restaurant:

Name: Ana Ikan Bakar
Specialty: Ikan bakar (barbequed fish)
Location: Tanjung Lumpur
Directions: From Kuantan town, go towards Tanjung Lumpur. You will have to drive across a bridge/ fly-over, which overlooks the Kuantan river. Take the first turning on your left, leading into a small lane. Turn left at the end of the lane and go all the way straight until you see the signboard that says "Ana Ikan Bakar" (or something along those lines...haha..i can't recall the full name).
Description about the place: It is actually a big Malay stall-like restaurant. Usually, it has the most customers compared to the entire row of stalls on that road; you can't miss it. It offers a variety of local delights, from the famous ikan bakar, to the sotong bakar (barbequed squid), crabs, prawns, lala (clams...i think they call it clams), and the local Malay food like tom yam, kai lan fried with salted fish, & the not-to-be-missed Glas Besar (huge glass of fruit juice)!

The variety of fish brings to mind the market place ;) By just looking at the variety of fresh seafood that they offer, your mouth would just water :P (although those creatures look very much alive! Freaky....)

The price is pretty reasonable, really. I'm not sure how much we paid for that night's meal, as the uncles are the ones paying (and it would be rude for me to ask since I am not paying), but they assured me that it is worth the portion & taste that you get.

Here are some of the dishes that we had that night (it's a little blur as I took using a camera phone):

- The variety of fresh fish


- The fish we had (kai yoke yue)


- Of squid & prawns


- Flower crabs


- Barbequed 'chicken meat fish' (kai yoke yue)
bbq sting ray

- Stir fried kai lan (veg) with salted fish


- Mixed meat tom yam


- Stir-fried lala (clams...I dunno what it's called in English)


- Large glass of orange juice (Glas Besar)

Glas besar

The overall rating for this place is perhaps a 3.5/5. It's not a very large place, slightly too smokey (cos of the barbeque going on), but the food is good lar ;) Besides, it's opposite the sea shore! Some ambience that gives some groove to the restaurant :)

- Ruth


smallkucing January 31, 2012 at 3:38 PM  

We went there last Tues. Food was ok but the service was poor and slow. I am not sure whether am over sensitive or what but I observed the waiter when he took our order his face was sour but when he took orders from his own race, he was full of smile and charm. Maybe he was just having PMS that day but for me this is certainly my first and last time going to this restaurant. No matter how good is the food, but that kind of service is a no no for me.

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