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MM Cafe, Section 17

>> Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Overall comment: Decent food & pretty cosy ambiance. Prices of food is slightly high for a cafe located at an apartment area, but I guess it's a cafe & food here have standard cafe prices (average RM9.90). The best part - no taxes (service/government)!
Halal: Yes

It's my 1st time at MM Cafe & I didn't know that this place existed since I rarely pop by this area (although I live 5minutes drive away)! The only 2 cafe/coffeshops that I know at this Happy Mansion area is 6-to-10 Grill & Nasi Lemak, & the chicken rice stall opposite 6-to-10. Yes, I'm SO not a food blogger, eh?

The chicken rice is pretty good, but I don't really fancy 6-to-10. I feel that it's quite pricey & the portion isn't THAT large for the price you pay...I wouldn't go there unless I've no choice. As for MM Cafe, I reckon I may visit that place again to try their other food on the menu, but this place won't be one of my top-choices around this area. I still prefer road-side stalls/coffeeshops when it comes to Asian/hawker food.

The cafe's interior is very simple. It seats roughly 30 persons comfortably & has very minimal decorations. (photo was taken when we left the cafe around 10pm, so we were the last customers to leave the cafe!)

Ginger Beef Kuey Teow (RM9.90/serving)
Portion is average; not overly generous 'til you get "jelak"/bored & can't finish nor was it too miserably little that you need to take supper or order more food. I find the beef over-cooked. I remember having ginger beef kuey teow somewhere else (I can't seem to recall where!) & the beef slices were tender!! *drools* This one is hard & rough already :( On the overall, it's okay, but I find that it lacks flavour, "kick", & fragrance. Something is missing & I'm wondering if it's the "wok-hei"/flame. Usually, food that is cooked in high flame tastes better :)

Mushroom Soup with Garlic Bread (RM8.90/serving)
When it was served, it looked nice. The texture of the soup looks chunky & has generous servings of mushrooms. I don't know how it tastes like as I didn't try it, but there weren't any complains from CQ...perhaps she's not very picky with her soups...haha...

Penang Char Kuey Teow (RM9.90/serving)
Firstly, when you eat such dishes at a cafe, never compare it with the original road-side stalls in Penang nor PJ/KL. Somehow you'll never get the "road-side"/stall's taste, which is very much aromatic & flavourful. KK is a chef by profession & he didn't really complain when he ate, so I'm assuming that there's nothing very wrong with this dish! I couldn't smell it when it arrived, so I felt that it wasn't too impressive. I guess it's edible & tastes alright if you're not picky.

Bread & Butter Pudding with Ice Cream (RM5.90/serving)
I've never really know how to appreciate bread & butter pudding. The ones that I've had before at hotels didn't taste fantastic. This one seems alright. It's not too sweet, nor was it soggy (ergh...I'll SO dislike it if it is!). What makes the pudding interesting is the crunchy almond flakes. I'm not a great fan of nuts, but the mixture of cold & creamy ice cream +warm & sweet bread pudding +crunchy almond flakes exploding in your mouth gives you a different level of satisfaction to the simple dessert :)

Classic Swiss Apple Pie with Ice Cream (RM9.90/serving)
I'm surprised at 2 things with this dish. Firstly, it's the same price as a main course!! Secondly, this cafe lacks creativity in food/dessert presentation! *disappointed* Ok, those aside, I kinda enjoyed this dessert although I find it extremely pricey for the portion served. The apple pie is probably the size of my palm, while the ice cream is smaller than my fist. Mind you, I don't have big hands. The only thing that I like is the level of sweetness - not too sweet nor was it tasteless :) This pie could do with more cinnamon & apples!

We're gonna miss KK when he leaves for Dubai again (for work)...enjoy your last few days in Malaysia & have a greater year of work abroad!! *come home, come home!*

Map to MM Cafe

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MM Cafe
AG-1, Ground Floor
Block A, Happy Mansion
Jalan 17/13
Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel/Fax: (+603) 7958 8728
Website: MM Cafe
Business hours: 11:00a.m. - 11:00p.m.
GPS: 3.124104, 101.634929

Presentation: * * *
Price: * * 1/2
Environment: * * *
Taste: * * 1/2
Service: * * *



Yokoso Ichiban, SSTwo Mall

>> Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I haven't written for the longest time ever!! Since I started this new job in February, I have lesser time to blog & I don't go out as often anymore for good food! I have night conference calls almost every night (hurray that I won't have night calls for the next few weeks since it's UAT!! *keeps fingers crossed*), so I will usually leave office around 6:30pm to get back in time for my bath, dinner, & then the call. You'll be surprised how much time I'm stuck on the road on the way home after work although I stay not too far from office (I chose to stay out, nearer to office).

At times, I get so tired that I'll just have oats/instant noodles for dinner. On certain nights when I'm in the mood & when I don't have any night conference calls, I'll spend the night preparing & cooking up the next day's breakfast/dinner. The area around my office seriously doesn't have any good food to offer! Not even good mixed rice except for the malay stall down the road! Food around my office is expensive, not tasty, & boring *sigh* How much sadder can work-life be, eh? Haha...so if I'm in the mood, I'll cook up something for myself :)

Tomorrow's home-made chicken burger day! Woots!!

- this post was long over-due, so I can't recall the prices anymore :( -

Overall comment: For the price you pay (average RM15.00/person) you'll get decent food served. Not too bad, really. If you're not picky with Japanese food, then this place won't disappoint you. The sashimi is fresh & the taste of food here is average. In PJ itself, if your budget is RM25.00 for a good Japanese meal, the better options are still Nihon Kai at Sunway Mentari & Ichiban Boshi at Sunway Giza (you won't have to wait like crazy just like at Sushi Zanmai). The only thing that we found weird on the day we popped by Yokoso Ichiban was the smell of insect repellent :S
Halal: Pork-free

Yokoso Ichiban is a Japanese restaurant located at the lower ground floor of SSTwo Mall, a relatively new mall right in the middle of a housing area. The mall is quite large, I would say, with a supermarket called "Urban Foods" opened just a few months ago, & too many restaurants that you're spoilt for choice. Yokoso Ichiban is one of the many restaurants there.

There were 4 of us that day during lunch so we ordered a roll for sharing & we had our own set meal/ramen as well.

Rainbow Roll (can't recall the price)
Generous serving of crispy soft shell crab rolled up with delicious rice that wasn't too soft nor too hard & dry. I've nothing much to complain although this isn't the best I've had :P It's VERY filling as well.

I'm not sure what ramen Lyd ordered, but she said that the ramen is not too bad. The noodles didn't look over/under-cooked, but the soup looks kinda plain & salty. Lyd ate up the whole bowl, which was quite large, so I gather that it's acceptable :)

Sushi Set Lunch (around RM11.90/set)
It couldn't get any cheaper without those coupon deals...hahaha...I thought it was worth eating! If you're not too hungry or if you're just craving for some sushi, this set should satisfy. You'll get 5 types of sushi, 1 chawanmushi, 1 bowl of miso soup, 1 small bowl of salad, & 2 pieces of fruits. I especially enjoyed the chawanmushi :)

Unagi Don
Good :) Truly no complaints. Portion is average & could fill up a hungry man (with the additional piece of sushi roll, that is). Unagi was flavourful, smooth & tender, & doesn't have loads of small bones like some Japanese restaurants! Ergh to those...!

Yokoso Ichiban
LG 56, SS2 Mall
40, Jalan SS2/72
47300 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel: (+603) 7960 7748
Business Hours: Monday to Sunday: 12:00p.m. - 3:00p.m. and 6:00p.m. - 10:00p.m.

After a tummy full of Japanese food, I headed to Chatime to try out this beverage for the very first time. PerutBesi's verdict: More milky, but nothing VERY spectacular. Many friends told me that the pearls are nicer - soft, yet slightly chewy (not those dry & hard ones). I've had good pearls elsewhere too, so I wasn't in awe when I drank it. I find it pricey as well, but people are very willing to spend on such drinks, aren't they? I could get a meal with RM5.90 (1 cup of Chatime)! Perhaps I should have tried those roasted rice kinda variant, eh? Oh well, it's not something that I will LONG for although I enjoy bubble tea :)


Chelsea vs Malaysia (friendly match)

>> Monday, August 1, 2011

It was a great privilege to be there - my 1st time at such events!

It was like a carnival at the Bukit Jalil Stadium. Every other person was wearing either a Chelsea/Malaysia jersey or a blue/yellow t-shirt. As I'm not a football fan, I was just there for the experience ;)

Getting into the stadium was a challenge...literally!

We were there since 5:30p.m. SO EARLY. I really didn't know what to do. We can't really move anywhere else once we've in the stadium as the seats aren't numbered - free seating. So there was I, snapping photos & keeping myself entertained amidst the NOISY crowd! Even before the match started, the stadium was buzzing with sound.

We were hot, sticky, sweaty, & I was bored...hahahaha....

As the players appeared, the crowd burst into cheers!!

Managed to capture photos of some players on the screen...hahaha...

The rest was history. The game wasn't a very exciting one, & yes, Chelsea won in the end with 1 goal (not by their own skills! *disappointed*). As what my friend, HW concluded, "It was a game of 11 midfielders vs 11 defenders." Go figure the level of pride we had for both the teams...hahaha....

It was an interesting experience, no doubt. By the time we got home, it was nearly 2a.m. The traffic jam was a massive one; so horrible that our car can't even get out of the Endah Parade basement car park. We ended up having "dinner" at a nearby mamak before heading back. Oh, I don't think I'll pay to watch such games live the next time :) Thanks APWA for the fun treat! :D

Live football experience,

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