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Seafood Supper

>> Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The perutbesi clique and frens where out looking for late night supper last Saturday. It was already 12.10am when we went from one restaurant to another, inquiring if they still serve 'ikan bakar' (bbq fish) at that hour. Our first stop was Phuket at Padang Lalang, Kuantan. They still take up orders but they are closing at 1am. Thus, we decided to go across the road to Santai Restaurant & Cafe. Santai is indeed very nice and comfy looking. They open till 3am but the menu is just so-so. Santai serves dishes like keoy teow soup, fried rice, tom yum etc. They have steam fish instead of ikan bakar. The price is also slightly higher but it is a great place for drinks and chit-chatting.

Santai Restaurant & Cafe

Finally, we decided not to be choosy as our tummies are growling of hunger. We opt for Restaurant Tanjung, which is just beside Santai. Tanjung is suppose to close at 12am but they still take up last minute order if there are requests from midnight eaters like us :) Tanjung offers variety of fresh seafood and they even have bbq chicken wing there.

Mantis prawn before Mantis prawn after
Before: Mantis prawn ('Lai liu har'-pissing prawn)
After: Mantis prawn cooked in 'Kung Bou' (hot and spicy) style (RM33)

Scallop before Scallop after
Before: Fresh scallop
After: Scallop cooked with ginger and garlic (RM 2 per piece)

Chicken fish Ikan Bakar
Before: 'Kai Yuk Yue' (Chicken meat fish)
After: Ikan Bakar (RM13)

Baby french bean
Stir fried baby french bean (RM6)

Most of us gave the dishes we have a thumb up. Fresh and taste good :). Tanjung is located on your left if you are coming from Kuantan town.

-Anne & Ruth


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