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SurF tHis SitE RaNdoMly

In the Beginning...

The Ruthless Eaters started it gourmand journey on 31st January 2007 in Wordpress. It was initially a small project 'for the fun of it' since my friend, Anne, & I were bored during our uni days. As the years go by, we found ourselves eating our way to further establish this blog :) The Ruthless Eaters moved to its new home at Blogspot on 31st January 2008!

More widely known in the blogsphere as PerutBesi, this blog is currently managed by Ruth (Anne used to help out with the design & technicalities, but she has moved out of this partnership due to lack of time to commit). You will be able to find information on food & places to travel from this site, alongside the map to the food place/point of interest. In the near future, I sure look forward to better this 'baby' of mine to satisfy your cravings!

Here are some old posts on how this blog came to life ;)

When we first started:

Another phase of PerutBesi duo's life:

PerutBesi duo in the work-world:

Feel free to drop me some feedbacks/comments: perutbesi[at]gmail[dot]com


- Ruth
(last update: 16th April 2014)

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