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Happy Merdeka!!

>> Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's Malaysia's 51st year of Independence!

Selamat Hari Merdeka & may this country continue to enjoy peace & prosperity in all that we do!!

- Ruth & Anne


O'Viet Vietnamese Cuisine, Sunway Pyramid

>> Thursday, August 28, 2008


We had a tough time deciding where to eat & what to eat. Three of our friends got converted from GT position to ABTA position, which of course comes with a pay increment! Lovely :) The usual thing for 'converts' to do when they get their first pay increment is to treat their wonderful friends for a meal, & yeap, we had our share! Hahaha....a big thank you to TL, AC, & Q!!

Overall, the food at O'Viet was average. Nothing too great to shout about. In fact, when compared to Vietnam Kitchen, which we visited a few weeks ago, Vietnam Kitchen was better in taste.

O'Viet Restaurant at the Skating Ring area on Ground floor

3 Colors Delight (RM6.90)
O'Viet's special mixture of ice shavings, cream, cincau (grass jelly), cendol, & red beans. Joe said that it's quite nice cos it's not too sweet.

Watermelon Juice (RM7.50)

Optima Vietnamese Coffee [Medium Strength] (RM7.50)
Vietnamese coffee consisting of 4 types of coffee beans. Quite "kow" man...until I can't sleep at night!! *floats around*

Passiona Vietnamese Coffee [Mild Strength] (RM8.00)
Nicely fragrant Vietnamese coffee with a combination of "ingredients that I can't recall" :P

Vietnamese Coffee 'pot'
Grinded coffee beans placed on a sieve, while hot water is poured into the sieve container to slowly drip into the glass below

Mixed Grill Platter (RM24.90)
This platter consists of grilled meat (chicken or beef)& vermicelli, with an assortment of vegetables to be included into your spring roll. It comes with a sweet, sour, spicy Vietnamese sauce & a peanut sauce. Not too bad in taste.

Durian Pancake (RM6.90)
The pancake is rather nice, although it didn't feel like some pancake. The pancake is VERY thin & is used to wrap the combination of durian & cream into a shape of a durian seed :P Quite nice la, but a little high in price

BBQ Lemongrass Chicken Chop Rice (RM13.90)
Nothing extremely special about this dish. The rice was rather dry. It's not something that we would recommend if you're in a Vietnamese restaurant anyways :)

Grilled Lemongrass Chicken & Lamb with Vietnamese Vermicelli (RM12.90)
This is one of the 'authentic' Vietnamese dishes. It's actually mixed vermicelli with veggie & grilled meat. Joe & Toby said it's ok in taste.

Vietnamese Rice Paper Spring Roll (rice paper RM0.40/sheet)
This is a DIY (do-it-yourself) dish. We didn't know how to wrap it & there wasn't any 'user guide' around *lol* We just plopped everything inside & tried our skills in wrapping a spring roll! Some of my friends were even wondering if the layer stuck on the plate

My completed product!
Ok, I'm SO not a spring roller! Gah. I've to improve on this art!

O'viet Seafood Special (RM14.90)
CF said that this dish is highly NOT recommended though we felt that it was alright. The soup isn't spicy nor sour, but somewhat tastes like clear soup ("ching thong" in Cantonese) with chilli oil

Grilled Chicken Platter (RM14.90)
This dish is not too bad in taste. It's a little small in portion, but it's good as a snack

Grilled Fish & Rice (RM15.90)
This is just like the grilled chicken with rice, except that it's fish instead. Nothing to shout about. 'Nuff said.

Buddies :P
AC- "I 'no eye see' these fellas d"
CR- "Is my food coming yet? I'm hungry :("
YL- "Zoom the lense at me! :D"
CF- "Hmm...I wonder if I've ordered the right dish..."

The whole gang

Complmentary Fruit Platter
O'Viet's management did something that required apology, so this is the sign of apology! Well, I won't black-list this restaurant now... :P I'm mean...

O'Viet Vietnamese Cuisine
G1.45 (Ground Level, Sunway Pyramid)
Tel: 03-7492 0018

Presentation: * * * *
Price: * * *
Environment: * * *
Taste: * *


- Ruth


Indulge in goodness...

>> Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Venue: Cyberview Lodge Resort & Spa
Date: 27 August 2008, Tuesday
Occasion: Aunt had complimentary 1 night stay at the Deluxe Chalet

[27th august 2008] I'm too lazy to write... I'll just let the photos do some talking... when I feel like writing again, I'll write :P

(photos taken are not of great quality :( )

[28th August 2008] It was a rather usual day yesterday until my aunt called me on my cellphone. I was wondering what's up this time around 'til she told me that she's in Cyberjaya at that time! Wow. I couldn't believe my ears... "my aunt? In Cyberjaya?? So far from home?? Amazing..."

Aunty Anne told me that she has a complimentary 1 night stay at the chalet in Cyberview Lodge & she was with Aunty Helen (a.k.a. Lt Helen to me), enjoying their 'holiday' for a night; she invited me to join them. Oh, how can I decline such a juicy offer?? Without hesitating, I told her that I will go over after work & join them for the night...

I'm a total "cave woman". Escaping from the apartments to stay at a posh chalet is like "heaven" to me *lol* I was SUPER exicted, or more like estatic, even more when I entered the chalet itself & found out that I could also use whatever facilities there....woohoo! My 1-night of indulging in goodness...I really thank God & my aunty Anne for this opportunity!!

In front of the lobby

The garden
It's actually very pretty, but I couldn't capture its beauty on mere screen :(
The architecture of the building is very Malay/Balinese

The Spa
The inside is has a very 'calm & soothing' feel. The ladies there took us for a tour around the spa & those staying in the resort can utilize the jacuzzi & gym for free! You'll need to pay for the spa & massages though ;)
Our Chalet :)
The beds!!! Super nice...feather pillows some more!
32" LCD TV, computer with internet access & all sorts of chat applications, wireless connectivity too!!
The pretty bathroom
The lovely shower!
The Patio
Our Fruit Feast! Super nice :P
Out at the patio with my aunt & her friend, who was my lieutenant when I was a cadet!!

It's just awesome to be treated to such luxury, even if it's just ONE night, on a weekday! Ah...it's a mini-retreat for me...hahaha...plus I got to go swimming in the morning before I left for work the next day!! Woohooo!!

- Ruth


I luurve me salad!!

There's nothing better than a simple meal of fresh greens. 'Nuff said ;P I'm sure Anne misses these...I made this for today's dinner :D


Pollen Burst
Ok, I'm quite bad at naming dishes...if any of you have better suggestions, please inform me... :P

Romance in Spring

I luurve such salads....

- Ruth


Mission Accomplished 95%

>> Monday, August 25, 2008

Why 95% you may ask...

Well, out of the 7 things that I've listed in yesterday's post, I only managed to carry out 6.5...I didn't get to meet up with the Ngs as they were back in Ipoh :( *sigh*

Before I start to story-tell, here's a review of yesterday's dinner:

Sunday Dinner
The family had dinner at Hai Tian Seafood Restaurant near Vistana Hotel, Jalan Teluk Sisek, Kuantan. This restaurant is quite big & can be seen from the main road. Usually, the restaurant will be quite packed, so we thought we would give this place a try! It's our first time there & we weren't disappointed :)

We were introduced to one of their specialties, which was the Claypot Red Talapia. It's just like steam fish, but this is certainly something different :) There's a bit of gravy, like some broth, & the fish doesn't have that smelly mud smell at all!! Yums!

Claypot Red Talapia

Stir-fried "lai pak" with "kei zhi"

Sweet & Sour Chicken

Stir-fried "Choy Tam"

The beancurd was really nice! This is a must try... it's very smooth & firm! It's not the "hard" & "rough" kinda firm....me likey!!

House-special Beancurd with Dark Sauce & Dried Shrimp

Beancurd with Mixed Veggie

Presentation: * * * *
Price: * * *
Environment: * * * *
Taste: * * * *


Overall, I feel that it's a trip really worth making though I don't feel too good at present; I'm down with a very bad cold & I've been sneezing every 15minutes & consuming "trees" of tissue paper! One side of the nose is blocked while the other is leaking....*sigh* Totally annoying.

The bad
1. It took me 4.5 hours to get back from Kuantan to KL on the bus when usually it'll take me around 3.5 hours only -- thanks to the traffic jam even in Kuantan itself!!2. I only had 2 pieces of tissue paper throughout my 4.5 hours bus ride back & the bus was freezing :(
3. It took me another 1 hour to get home from the bus terminal in KL thanks to the jam on Federal Highway... my dad & I decided to take a longer, but jam-less route back... it still took us eternity to get home
4. By the time I got home, it was 9+pm...late dinner....Olympics closing ceremony was about to end...I gotta head back to Cyberjaya (did that only around 11.20pm)

The good
1. Accomplished 6.5/7 of the things that I wanted to do in Kuantan... seriously, the little time I had to spend on the many people was really lovely :)
2. Got my much needed hair cut :)
3. Spent time at the beach!!! (golly, I love beaches!!)
4. Had a lovely steamboat dinner upon arriving at home yesterday... ah, yummy...

The good need not be more than the bad in quantity. Really. All I need is just the quality of the goodness & that covers whatever bad stuff that I had to face/am currently facing :)

I really miss Kuantan (again). The phrase that UF said still rings in my mind "Ah...how nice it is to have the family back." I look forward to my next trip there :)

- Ruth


Mission to Kuantan

>> Saturday, August 23, 2008

For the entire week, I was extremely excited about heading back to Kuantan for the weekend. In fact, I was so excited that I went even more bonkers than I already am! It's seriously strange cos I was only in Kuantan for 3 years, no more, no less! I reckon its the warmth of family-&-friends life that I have found, that makes me feel so 'at home' in a foreign land :)

I told my close friend that I'll be in Kuantan to "kill 100 birds with 1 stone" -- I just wanted to get SO many things done while I'm here!

1. Spend time with the Tans, especially Abigail
2. Spend time with the Ngs & Soos
3. Spend time with Anne
4. Spend time with CS & WA
5. Watch Wall-E with Abigail & company
6. Meet up with my uni friends at the convocation & take photos with them
7. Eat all the good food I can & go to as many places as I could, especially the beach!

Ok, I know that's like A LOT to be done within 2 days here...hahaha...*excited*

The entire journey on the bus was a rather relaxing one. I slept through & woke up feeling a lil fuzzy upon arriving at Terminal Makmur, Kuantan. CS was there to pick me up & we went for a drink at Zam Zam near my Kuantan house with WA, who met up with us there. It was CS's first time meeting WA & vice versa, so I found it rather interesting how our entire meet-up carried on :P It was good, really. CS finds both WA & I are rare species of homosapiens *lol*

Today was D-day! It's the day where I will carry out all 7 of my planned agendas!! Woohoo!

Anne & WL picked me up from my house & we headed over to Dewan Jubli Perak for the after-convo photo-taking session :P We felt a bit out of place....and there were so many people whom we met, but we have forgotten their names!! "Hi!...Hi!...Hi!.." Seriously, not meeting a person for a long time is bad for our brains! Hahahaha....

Here are some photos taken after the convocation:

SW & I- SW's my uni mate & ex-roomie in Cyberjaya :P I love u, Wen! *teehee*

Anne, YK, & I

KC & I- Just check out his bouquet of soft toys!!

My Student Council 'siblings' during my Student Council days in 2005/06

SW, Anne, myself, & CL - we were all roomies before...

Anne, HT, & I - HT was my 1st year uni roomie. She & my other roomies were of great help in helping me to improve in speaking mandarin :P

What's next, if it's not makan! We headed off to Muhibbah Seafood Restaurant in Padang Lallang, near Tanjung Lumpur. I would recommend this place although it's slightly difficult to locate (since it's hidden amongst the many car workshops & factories). This restaurant is famous for the shark meat....really...it actually tastes good! Well, if you eat shark's fin, you have no reason to not eat shark's meat. If you don't eat shark's fin, eating shark's meat ain't being cruel, you know. I mean, those jokers have killed the shark by cutting off their fins already, so eating the meat is just not-putting-the-meat-to-waste.

(I'll upload the map of this restaurant later :P)

Boiled sugar cane drink (RM1.80/bottle)
Kuantan serves their herbal drink/"leong cha" in glass bottles! :) One bottle can fill up 2.5 cups :)

Deep-fried "Hong Jou"(I think it's Red Snapper...or some red fish la) served with fried ginger, oil, & soya sauce(RM11.00)
The fish tastes really good, but it's just a little small in portion for 3 persons & a tad dry, but it's actually delicious :) I like the fried ginger shreds & the "homey" taste of the oil & soya sauce that goes well with white rice! :P

Deep-fried Squid with Nestum (RM8.00)
I felt that this dish is very nice too. I like the Nestum that goes very well with the squid, & the batter is not too thick like most places :)

Stir-fried Young French Beans with Dried Shrimps (RM7.00)
Crunchy young french beans always puts a smile on my face :P The fragrance of dried shrimp makes the simple dish even more yummy :)

Anne & I - It's been ages since we met up & took a photo together!! We miss each other SOOOO much!!!

Hunt for Food
Anne found out from the internet 'bout one stall selling 'Malay kuih' (Malay dumpling/dessert) at Tanjung Lumpur. Apparently, this stall is quite popular here, so we decided to hunt for it :P (it's been SO long since we've done such a thing together!!!) All we knew was that the stall is in Tanjung Lumpur! We have no idea where exactly it is!! Hahaha...

But we found it!

Mok Naa, Tanjung Lumpur
This place is well-known for its keropok lekor (chewy fish cracker, only found in the East Coast), & other assortments like curry puffs, traditional Malay dumplings/"kuih", & nasi dagang

Piping hot keropok lekor & fried fish + fried prawns on a stick

The assortment of traditional Malays kuih

Time with Family
Basically, after buying the keropok & curry puffs, Anne sent me back & she left for Kulim again (aaww...I'll miss her!). I spent my time at home with the family, taking silly photos with my 'siblings' :P

(photos taken with my laptop's camera & sharpened :D)

Making silly faces with Abigail

With the rest of my 'siblings', Tiffanie, Phoebe, & Abigail

I love my Kuantan family :P It feels really nice to be reunited somehow :p Abishua, we miss u!!!

I'll post up more photos once I'm done with dinner later :P Stay tuned!

Muhibbah Seafood Restaurant
A-5, Lorong Padang Lallang 2
Padang Lallang
25250 Kuantan
Pahang Darul Makmur.
Telephone: 609-517 8619
Handphone: 6012-955 0395 (Cheah Kue Hai)

Opening Hours
11.00am to 3pm and 6.00pm to 11.00pm

Presentation: * * *
Price: * * * *
Environment: * * *
Taste: * * * *


- Ruth

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