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>> Saturday, March 3, 2007

We have just escaped from near suffocation.. 'thanks' to the so-called aedes prevention cum fogging activity in our uni. I wonder what who are they trying to kill? The mosquitoe or the students staying here? They should at least give an announcement prior to the fogging activity. At least let everyone know and make everyone leave the building before they start spraying those pesticide ON US! We were stucked like white mice with no way out. There were two men armed with fogging gun (or machine, whatever you call that) right in front of our door. We couldn't get out from the room. We couldn't open our windows either coz there were white smoke out there. We can hardly breathe. Our eyes started to get teary..We were trapped! Luckily we did not need to wait long before all the white smoke and stinky smell were blown off by strong wind out there. We were left with a mess to clean up. Our hallway was slippery and stinky. Our shoes were all covered up with pesticide and we need to get things cleaned up before we get poisoned! sigh..

- Anne


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