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Beef-flavored Ramen anyone?

>> Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ahah! I haven't cooked such 'pretty' ramen for a LOOOONG time! The first & last time I recall cooking such ramen was... a year ago!! Sheesh...it felt like THREE years ago...bleagh...

This time, I had this beef-flavored soup ramen, which I also found in the cupboard at home...ahaha..I've no idea who bought it (and I can't be bothered anyways), so I happily helped myself to it & made my sister one too! Woohoo!

Here's presenting to you, Ruth's "Fwawer" Beef Ramen!!

Nice le... I HAD to make it look nice... if not, I'll be very disappointed with myself...hahaha...for me, if the food looks good, it'll make me feel good, & thus I'll be happy to taste it :P First impression counts!

Ah...it was a good lunch that we had...hehe...

So, anyone for Ruth's "Fwawer" Beef Ramen? (gave it such a name cos the arrangement of the sausages reminds me of the flower...heh) :P

- Ruth


David May 7, 2008 at 4:06 PM  

can i have 1 in future?

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