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Sunday Lunch

>> Monday, April 21, 2008

I had lunch with my church buddies on Sunday :) It has been quite some time since we had lunch together. Seriously, although we meet in church every week, we don't get to go for lunch together! Haha...most of the time, I'll join my parents for lunch :)

This time, we had a simple lunch at a coffee-shop in New Town a.k.a. "State" in Petaling Jaya. I was just too 'clever' that I didn't write down the name of the coffee-shop, so I can't remember its name now. Bummer. All I remember is that it's a corner coffee-shop with a very typical Chinese name like Kam Heong...or something like that la...lol.

The place was PACKED that day (and I reckon it's packed ALL the time during peak hours), but after waiting a while, we managed to get a table for the 5 of us friends :) We ordered different food, but here are some of the nicer looking & better tasting food:

Curry Laksa (my friend who's also a reporter for a local newspaper said that he'll give a 7.5/10 for this....not bad...)
Popiah (I had this, & I'll give a 6/10. I find the one in Chow Yang Restaurant in SS2 in still nicer)

Fish Head Noodles (my other friend gave this a 6/10 rating. It's not too bad, but he had one much better than this one...and I still think that the one in Pusat Bandar Damansara is still the best!! Find out more here)

Egg tart (I'll give this a 7.5/10 as it's pretty good, I can say...especially the egg part! Yums!)
After lunch, we adjourned to LY's new house! She's got a really pretty house & it's just great to chill at her place! *whoot*

I'm looking forward to more opportunities to explore Petaling Jaya for some good food!! *wheeee*

- Ruth


Jane Kaylor March 8, 2011 at 12:05 AM  

Thanks for the recipe!!! Love it. Fresh or frozen local abalone is cheaper but will never give the same taste, flavor and texture as canned abalone. I love the flavor and taste of canned abalone and one day I want to eat abalone like 'abalone kings' do: braised in sauce and served whole, like a steak, washed down with a good white wine. Cut with a knife and fork of course. Meantime, it's still cheaper to slice abalone thinly and share with the family. I love this dish. It's such a special treat

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