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New Eatery: Agefuku Restaurant

>> Thursday, April 17, 2008

Here's a new eatery at USJ10 (Taipan) area. We have not tried it personally, but if you do, let us know how's the food & ambiance there!

Agefuku is currently having a weekend (Sunday) promotion, so if you're free, go check the place out ;) You'll find all the necessary information below:

Agefuku Restaurant
59, Jalan USJ 10/1, Taipan Triangle,
47620 UEP Subang Jaya,

Tel : (603) 5636 4330
Fax : (603) 5636 4331

Let the photos whet your taste buds!!

Map to Agefuku:

Sushi & more sushi!

Grilled Pine Mackerel with Salt or Teriyaki Sauce

Salmon Sashimi & more sashimi (sliced raw fish)!

Assortment of appetizers

Skewed Chicken in Teriyaki Sauce

Squid Rings!

Fresh Octopus

Delicious Fresh Oysters

Seasoned Oysters

Assorted Fresh Fruits

Are you hungry now?

Do the photos tempt you so much that you need at least a bucket under your mouth now??

Haha...the PerutBesi duo had a tough time blogging & trying to stop our mouths from water-ing... :P We do look forward to some time for a sumptuous meal & a relaxin' time to unwind... *sigh* It's another day of work tomorrow!

- Ruth & Anne


Anonymous April 19, 2008 at 2:36 AM  

I know about this too through email. Definitely will give it a try.

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