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Happy Valentine's Day!

>> Friday, February 15, 2008

It's the time of the year again where love fills the air. Oh, commercialism is to be blamed! *lol* Knowing that it's V-Day today, I decided to spice up my life & do something for others :) I got my 'twin' (my colleague & closest friend in office) to join me in this fun :P & the excitement begun!! :D

I packed packets & packets of sweets & Shiv, my 'twin', made the heart-shaped tags :D I reckon, in total, Shiv & I gave out 10 packets of lovely goodies *hahaha*, while I personally gave away another 9 packets to my project team members & colleagues whom I usually hang out with :P

It was really fun to do such things & just brighten up someone's day :) V-Day isn't only focused on 2 people, I suppose :) When the love of God dwells in us, that love contained is too much for just 2 people! *teehee*


** Hmm... I wonder what's Anne up to today :P I'm sure it's gonna be one special day for her as well!

- Ruth


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