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V-Day at Q-Thai

>> Friday, February 15, 2008

While everywhere else in town is jam-packed, & while every other person is out with their partners, my roomie & I headed to Q-Thai for a simple & appetizing meal :) This outlet of Q-Thai is at the Street Mall in Cyberjaya, right at the Cyberjaya's bus terminal. It's beside Penang House, & it's quite easily located, since Cyberjaya isn't all that big ;)

A decent plate of rice or bowl of noodles costs RM7.80 onwards, while drinks range from RM1.00 - RM4.00. They also have a range of appetizers, which costs around RM10.00.

Wen had the Q-Thai Fish Head Noodles, which caught her in surprise, as she expected her fish head noodles to taste just like the Chinese ones :P The soup has evaporated milk, plus chilli padi, lemon grass, & lime juice to give it a Thai feel & taste ;) Pretty appetizing & different, I could say. I'll give this a B+.

Q-Thai Fish Head Noodles: RM7.80

She also ordered the Sour Plum & Calamansi (type of lime) drink, commonly known as 'kat zhai shuen mui' in Cantonese.

Sour Plum & Calamansi: RM4.00

I had the Q-Thai Seafood Tom Yam Kuey Teow, which well, wasn't really to my expectation somehow. It was not too bad, but I guess I placed quite high hopes when it comes to a so-called 'authentic' Thai restaurant. There were prawns (2), lala (2), squid rings (2), & half a crabstick. Hmm...so much for a 'seafood tom yam'. Bah. Overall, I'll give it a B-. There's plenty of noodles (the kuey teow was kinda nice), & the soup tastes not too bad, but the portion of seafood was terribly stingy, I would say. *lol*

Q-Thai Seafood Tom Yam Kuey Teow: RM7.80
As a consolation, I had the refillable cold Thai Tea to accompany my so-called seafood tom yam. The tea is actually pretty nice. It is like jasmine tea, but with a touch of lemon grass fragrance. I kinda like the tea! *hahaha* Refreshing :P

Thai Tea: RM1.00 (refillable)

I guess when it comes to Cyberjaya, one cannot expect too much from the food available here. As long as it doesn't taste horrible, it's considered a 'wow' thing already. Sad man...*lol* I've yet to find out more on food in Cyberjaya! (hmm...I wonder where did Anne go for dinner tonight... :P)

- Ruth

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