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Sumptous Dinner at Hy Thian Restaurant

>> Thursday, February 21, 2008

I had a sumptuous dinner on Monday with my CS department colleagues at the Hy Thian restaurant in Seri Kembangan. The food served is pretty good! For the entire Chinese New Year, I reckon this was one of the better meals (excluding the home-cooked ones that I had!). Oh yes, boss ‘belanja’ (treat), so it’s surely a meal to remember :P

It was quite an enjoyable time as the colleagues were a fun bunch of people. We have a variety of fresh graduates to those who are much experienced :P I sat a table with my usual GT gang & some other colleagues who felt young enough to sit with us…hahaha…

Seriously, I ate SO much (there were just too much food!!) that all my ‘diet’ plans are ruined. Bleh. Here’s what we had that night:

Yee Sang. We made a great deal of mess on our table as it was tradition to lift the veggie as high as you could & toss it to mix the variety together. *lol*

Shark’s fin soup. Yes, we had shark’s fin soup *faints* The broth was thick & there was so much crab meat in the soup!! Yep, of course there was a good portion of shark’s fin as well :P

Four season platter: Fish paste mixed with prawns on scallop shells, glazed fried chicken drumstick, stir-fried celery & snow peas with scallops, & yam mixed with fish paste wrapped in specially-made skin of some sort *lol*

Deep fried fish with sweet & sour sauce. This was quite interesting. The middle of the fish were sliced & made into fish fillets, & then cooked in sweet & sour sauce. The head, tail, & ‘stomach’/front-sides of the fish were deep fried whole without the sauce poured on it. Quite nice, I could say.

Fried butter prawns. Although the prawns were a tad small, the taste was surely a good consolation :)

Abalone slices with mushrooms, ‘fatt choy’ & ‘pak choy’. This dish was the most ‘tasty’ as the gravy, I feel is cooked using chicken stock, oyster sauce, & probably abalone broth!

‘Lap Mei Fan’/ Giant ‘Loh Mai Kai’. Mixture of glutinous rice & rice cooked with dark sauce & steamed with slices of waxed duck (‘lap ngap’ in Cantonese), waxed Chinese sausages (‘lap cheong’ in Cantonese), & waxed duck liver sausages (‘lap ngap cheong’ in Cantonese). This was one really delicious dish!! Something special ;)

The final 2 dishes were the desserts, sweet canned longan drink & jelly.

This was one great night :) Not only was the food good, the fellowship was also great! I look forward to more of such events ;)

- Ruth


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