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New look for PerutBesi's blogsite!!

>> Monday, February 25, 2008

I'm SO excited!! What do you think of our new look?? (the blog, I mean... :P) Thank you, Anne!! She's been MIA for a while due to her hectic work schedule, but it's just awesome to have her keep this site in her mind & cherished deep in her heart! This site has just TOOO many memories of our adventures together ;)

*sigh* It looks as if I'm very free as compared to her, but haha, I've been MIA-ing for a while as well. The past week has been totally MAD. Work just avalanched on me, & I had to stay back in the office for OT (over time) for almost the whole week!! *faints* By the time I got back to the room, it was past 10 o'clock (after work & dinner)! Although work gave me several heart-attacks & adrenaline rush, I still find myself enjoying the tasks that I had to do :) UNIX, data migration, testing (ergh...), project management... It's a good learning experience despite the hardships that I'm placed to go through. Ah well, this is 'real work' man... :S I'm reassigned to another project effective today!! *faints*

Blogging keeps me 'sane' somehow. It's a good avenue to just express myself (and I'm sure Anne will agree on this too, although she just finds herself TOO stretched after all the programming for the day) & it's fun to share our experiences with our dear readers!

I'll be in Sitiawan this weekend for some national-level youth ministry. No doubts, I'll spend quite a bit of time on the road eating my way there & back as well :D (explains the terrible weight gain...I just LOVE food!! :( ) I'll share my adventures when the time comes ;)

Stay tuned!

- Ruth


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