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Chinese New Year Day 2 2008

>> Saturday, February 9, 2008

Day 2 of Chinese New Year always begins with either brunch or lunch, where the family comes together for the ‘hoi nin’ (Cantonese for literally translated ‘open new year’) meal. The meal will be somewhat like that Chinese New Year Eve’s meal- rice & dishes (up to 10 dishes!).

Among the many dishes, the table will definitely have the waxed duck (‘lap ngap’ in Cantonese), Chinese pork sausages (‘lap cheong’ in Cantonese), & Chinese duck liver sausages (‘ngap yuen cheong’ in Cantonese) to complete the ‘hoi nin’ meal.

The variety of dishes for the 'hoi nin' meal

The 2nd day of Chinese New Year will usually be spent visiting relatives & friends. After the brunch, my family went visiting my aunts from my mum’s side, & we had dinner with a family friend at a nearby Chinese restaurant, Hoi Thong, in SS23, Taman Megah. The ‘Yee Sang’ at Hoi Thong is so far the best that I’ve had throughout my first few days of CNY! :P

- Ruth


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