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Korean Dinner Madness (again!)

>> Sunday, February 3, 2008

Yes, yes, there is just something wrong with Ruth as she's pretty hooked to Korean food. The time I had Korean food was in October 2007!! Gawd...it's been too long a time!

This time around, I went back to the same Korean restaurant in Jalan Ampang, but with my TRAC MYF (Trinity Annual Conference- Methodist Youth Fellowship) committee members/friends- 2 of them only for this time around. Lawrence (Vice-President 1) & Chris (Treasurer) couldn't make it. We happened to be at that area for a visitation to the Amapng Methodist Church youths...

Ah, I remembered the name of the restaurant this time :P It's called Romance & Cheers! It's located at the 2nd Floor of the shop houses beside Ampang Point, & it's directly above the mamak restaurant.

This time, we had the usual free appetizers, the Dokbokgi, Samgeopsal, & the Bibimbap! We ate to our heart's content & was SOOO full that we found it hard to breathe! Imagine, there were only 3 of us, & we had the equivalent amount of food that I had with my ex-colleagues last October!! *faints* (all these contribute to my weight gain!! bummer...)

Free & refillable appetizers

Dokbokgi (애ㅏ ㅠㅐㅏ 햐): RM10
James turning the pork slices on the electric bbq pit

Our Samgeopsal (ㄴ므 ㅎ대ㅔ ㄴ미 ): RM25/serving

Bibimbap (비빔밥) - rice with meat, vegetables, & egg: RM15/ bowl

After tossing & mixing the Bibimbap (like Yee Sang!)

James (President) & Samantha (Secretary)

James & Ruth (Vice President 2)

I would highly recommend this place for its good & affordable Korean food. The restaurant is pretty quiet too as I believe it caters to their regular Korean patrons, & it's all the better if you're looking for a place to chill, relax, & do some fruitful catchup with your family & friends! The lady boss there speaks pretty reasonable Mandarin, so it's not too great a problem if you need some recommendations of their specialties *wink* Oh, if you don't speak Mandarin, simple English would do as well!

For explanation on the individual dishes, click here.

- Ruth


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