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Baby Seafood Restaurant

>> Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Yeah! I'm serious when I put that title for the post! The name of the restaurant is REALLY 'Baby Seafood Restaurant'!

This restaurant is situated near the North Port in Klang, & is famous for their Assam Fish over a charcoal stove! The shape of the 'stove' is also a fish!! *interesting!* More often than not, this place is packed during meal times & you may have to wait to get your food served! The price range is pretty reasonable & the ambience is like the usual Chinese Restaurants with air condition.

My family was actually here last Sunday to celebrate my dad's birthday (a few days earlier than the actual date as I won't be home during the weekdays to celebrate with him). The actual day is today!!


Here's what we had that night:

The famous Assam Fish on Charcoal 'Stove'. It is slightly spicy & sour, similar to Tom Yam/ Teochew style. The fish is cooked in 'broth' containing assam skin, preserved veggie, pickled shallots, dry chilli, chilli, & ginger (RM30.00)

Marmite Pork Ribs. Somehow the taste of this dish reminds me of the 'bah kua' (BBQ pork slices)...yummy... (RM15.00)

Yam Basket with Mixed Veg & Meat ('Fatt Put'). Today's yam is slightly too starchy, but the overall presentation & taste isn't too bad, though nothing spectacular :) (RM 12.00)

Thai-style Beancurd. I actually feel that this dish is one of the best among the dishes that we ordered for the night! The 'tau fu' (beancurd) is soft on the inside & slightly crispy on its outside skin, which gives it a VERY 'fun' taste :P The Thai-style sauce & all the veggie goes very well with the dish too! (RM8.00)

If you happen to be in Klang, this could be a place to stop by for a meal :)

186A Jalan Sungai Putus,
Batu Belah,
41050 Klang
Telephone: 019 213 5807
Opens from: 12 to 2.30 pm and 6pm to 10.30pm

- Ruth


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