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One Proud Moment

>> Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'm dedicating this post to my beloved brother, Abi*. I'm really proud to have a friend/brother in him.

I owe his family a lot. While I was in uni in Kuantan, his family (Tans) & some other families (Chews, Ngs, Chan) were the ones who took me in as their own, gave me a place to stay during the weekends (and whenever I feel like heading to a home!), & guided me in my Christian walk :) Every now & then, I will have the 'I-miss-Kuantan' feeling, all because of them, not Kuantan town itself....

This bro has been through quite a bit & is now soaring as high as ever! *kudos* clap clap clap* dances around* He was sent to Luxembourg for a 2-months training under his company (name of company not disclosed for P & C reasons) & it's indeed an achievement to be proud of! He had to take several tests while under-going his training at his company...since he's very new there, & out of the many there, he was the only one who passed the final exam & the company decided to send him to Luxembourg for 2-months!! *woohoo*

He stays at a suite in a hotel, & goes for his training from morning til evening, after which I reckon he has time to go around Luxembourg himself :P Oh btw, Luxembourg is noted as one of the richest cities in the world & is famous for finance & adminitrative matters! *faints*

Here are some pics that he shared with me, & that I would wanna share it with our dear readers :)

Luxembourg at night

Luxembourg in the morning

Around the hotel (taken from the suite)

In the suite

I hope that he'll have an enriching time of learning & have loads of fun while he's there!

- Ruth


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