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Trip to Sitiawan, Day 1

>> Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Last weekend, 4 of us from the TRAC MYF commitee (James, Chris, Samantha, myself) went up to Sitiawan for a visitation to the Sitiawan Wesley youths. It was a very short trip, but a totally fulfilling one. Frankly speaking, this was one of the weekends that I really looked forward to & I've indeed gained a lot from the weekend! Of course, aside from the main agenda of visiting Sitiawan Wesley, we also took the opportunity to do some bonding & food hunting! :P

We stayed over at James' house & had a great time of rest, relax, & good food as well! :D His family prepared lunch for us, so we had our first home-cooked meal in Sitiawan, which is one of the dishes that I was looking forward to have- Mee Suah in Red Rice Wine! *yums* (Lawrence, wish you were here with us!!!)

Home-Cooked Mee Suah with Chicken & Ginger in Red Rice Wine

Lunch was really filling, but as usual, Malaysians in general love over-eating. Call it gluttony! *ergh* James recommended the Rojak Manjung, which is one of the most famous & best rojaks in Sitiawan.

Rojak Manjung, one of the best (if not the best!) rojaks in Sitiawan

James picking the items that he wants in the rojak (yeah, you can choose what you want to be included in your rojak dish! :P )
Our rojak!

The sauce is a separate 'entity' from the rojak. Apparently, pouring the sauce over the fried items will ruin the authenticity of the rojak's taste!
This rojak is SO famous that it came out in the Flavours magazine last year!

At night, we had dinner with James' family & had a really good meal & fellowship as well. This place where we ate is apparently one of the best around the area as well :P I've no idea how to get to this restaurant as they were weaving through the housing areas to get to this place. Hahaha...

Dinner at Villa Seafood Restaurant. I've no idea where it is, but it's on the same stretch as the load of seafood restaurants in Sitiawan :P

Okay, this pic is quite badly taken. Before I could take a proper photo of the food, the food was half-gone already :S Crayfish in 'Kung Poh' style & stir fried 'Yau Mak' veggie

Fried Chicken (marinated in red preserved beancurd), fried noodle, & fried egg with oysters ('Hor Chien'). This is the BEST 'Hor Chien' I've ever had!! The batter is SOOO yummiliciously different!

Delicious assam style sting ray

Assam squid rings served on a sizzling hot plate

Black pepper crabs (excellent black pepper sauce!)

After dinner, later in the night, we went over to the Lumut Jetty area to have ice kacang & just a time to chat & bond with each other :) (Lawrence, we wish you were here!!)

Ice kacang at Lumut's Jetty area

After a short walk, we went back to the house to end the night. Day 1 was goooood :) Day 2's post coming through!!

- Ruth


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