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Kee Vii Spicy Soup Restaurant

>> Friday, March 28, 2008

I finally got a taste of Kajang's signature dish, "Lat Tang" (Mandarin for Spicy Soup) at Kajang itself. I didn't know what Lat Tang is, how it tastes like, nor how it looks like. All along, I thought that it's like tom yam *lol* but no, it's far from that. It's actually claypot pepper soup with pork, intestines, & chicken, accompanied by Chinese celery/"kan choy" in Cantonese. I actually had this dish once with the my FTE buddies at Seri Kembangan :)

This place that we had lunch at is called Kee Vii Lat Tang Restaurant. It's well-hidden at a housing area in Sungai Chua, but it sure has a good number of patrons! Every table will definately order the Lat Tang, claypot chicken cooked with Chinese wine ('fa tiu jau' in Cantonese), & claypot 'three-layer pork' with salted fish ('ham yu fa lam pou' in Cantonese).

I was there with Rao, Alex, & Mei, & we ordered 3 dishes for 2 persons, which actually fed the 4 of us! The serving there is actually very appropriate with the number of people eating/table :) The taste was good; the price was very reasonable; the service is also good; you can add soup (that comes along with more meat!) for the Lat Tang for free!!

Here's what we had:

Lat Tang- RM15 for 2 servings

Claypot Chicken in Wine- RM7.50 for 2 servings

Stir-fried Sweet Potato Leaves- RM6.00 for 1 serving

If you are around the area, do drop by this place for a nice, simple, & affordable meal :) Have fun hunting for food!! *wink*

Kee Vii Spicy Soup Restaurant
Plaza Indah 1
Taman Sepakat Indah
Sungai Chua
43000 Kajang
Tel: 03-8738 4134
Hp: 017-655 2222

- Ruth


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