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Englebert's Farewell Dinner

>> Friday, March 28, 2008

It's sad to know that yet another person from our GT gang is leaving us :( Jo left last month cos she's getting married to a US citizen. This time, Englebert is leaving to pursue his hopes & dreams. *sigh* His last day is the coming Monday :( Soon, the GT gang will end up having less than 10 people *boohoohoo*

As a group of friends & colleagues, we decided to give him a farewell dinner at a steamboat cum bbq restaurant in Seri Kembangan (SK). This restaurant is also another well-hidden one, but apparently it's a very famous one in SK. Hmm... I guess, where there's good food, there'll always be a steady flow of patrons :)

This restaurant is without air-con (open air) & is named Hoi Tong Steamboat. Parking is quite difficult to find, but it's not too great an issue. It a buffet steamboat place, & the place offers not too bad a variety of food for BBQ-ing & steamboat :) Of course Yuen Steamboat at Sunway offers a wider range as it is more established in this business, but this one in SK is not too bad a choice if you're around the area :)

You can find the usual fish balls, meat balls, prawns, flower-crabs, chicken meat, pork, beef, lamb, vegetables, mushrooms, seaweed, & also dessert like ice cream (the chocolate one taste best!), fruits, & jelly. While waiting for the food to cook, there's also the pre-cooked food like noodles & chicken.

I guess the best part of this sort of dinner is the fellowship. It's just fun to be with a bunch of nice friends, having a meal together, cooking together a.k.a. 'main masak-masak', & chatting about every other thing under the sun ;) Steamboat isn't as fun, but the BBQ is :P

I just realized that all you need for the simple chicken fillet to taste yummilicious is marjerin! :P Placing the un-marinated chicken fillet on the banana leave with melted marjerin & slowly allowing it to cook as you turn it gives you a lip-smacking butter-chicken! *drools*

It's great to have Englebert around with us although we can't deny that he usually speaks less than 30 words a day *lol* It's our pleasure knowing him & having him as a colleague & part of our gang :)

Englebert, all of us from the gang wish you a great career ahead & many exciting challenges coming your way! May you persevere as you pursue your hopes & dreams! Don't forget us ya!!

What's cooking...?
Shiv & Toby 'cooking' together-gether :)

Boiling pot of goodies!

Over-cooked sotong balls: Tom Yam & 'Ching Thong' flavour
BBQ 'pineapple prawns' anyone?? :P
Englebert, Shiv, Ruth, & the rest of the gang having a light moment together ;)

Lian (poser :P ) & Mei
The gang :)
Lian trying to 'pick Englebert's head with her chopsticks' :P

If any of our dear readers just wanna have a dinner place for the food & fun, this place isn't too bad :) If you are in Petaling Jaya, Restaurant Talipon, opposite Kelana Jaya LRT station, offers the same style of steamboat/BBQ. Talipon's variety is similar, but if I recall correctly, they have more unique food-stuff :P

Hoi Tong Steamboat
Lot 12, Seri Kembangan Tambahan
43300 Seri Kembangan
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel: 03-8943 6580

- Ruth


andrew wong April 7, 2008 at 11:39 PM  

wah... hoi tong very near my house!!! not exactly lar... near my area, to be more accurate.

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