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'Heart warmers'

>> Saturday, July 28, 2007

It's always delightful to have a good bunch of friends that take the effort to keep each other updated through the email. It's even more wonderful when they talk about food!! Hahaha... :D

Here's an excerpt (slightly altered) of the email that was sent by one of my uni-friends gang ;)

Hi pretty girls!

how're things thruout this week? i had quite an ok week.. hrm.. although nth much to do.. at least i did some work.. and yesterday we had a lunch fiesta @ pantai seafood restaurant.. hrm.. had lots of good food, since one our colleague is returning to India.

lemme bring the hunger out of you guys.. yest's menu:

1) Salad Prawn (SUper yummy! crunchy on the outside, soft at the inside)

2) Steam Prawn with Eggs

3) Tofu with Abalone and broccolli ( abalone macam rubber saja, but the gravy was... ada omph!)

4) Assam Fish ( some big fish duno what fish )

5) Thai Chicken

6) Steamed kampung chicken ( very simple dish, but very good in taste, super smooth chicken, served in a rattan duno what you call ( those like dimsum's))

7) Soft Shell Crab (not much of a taste anyway.. macam tepung saja.. mayb i duno how to 'yan seong' good food kua)

8) Yin Yong Kai Lan, Leaves are fried and the batang are steamed

9) La La Seong Tong

10) 3 types of Dessert
(a) Dumpling in Soya Bean,
(b) Sea Coconut and Longan
(c) Mixed Fruits

hm... yUm yUm... didnt take picture.. cuz my director is there.. sked she say i siao ad.. hehe

We had a fun night too! Went karaoke with my colleagues in Puchong Galaxy.. kinda fun.. and i think the price was OK.

RM 32/person. Ladies got special discount. Buffet Dinner, covers quite good food. They have sushi too. Vegetarian, deer, beef, chick, yummy fish.. lots of dessert and soup.. chinese soup and mushroom soup...

so... yest i had a tummy full day and had so much fun.. that i am having SORE THROAT now! argh!

After reading that email, I thought, "Hmm...perhaps Anne & I should pop by Pantai Seafood Restaurant (have to first find out where the place is!) & probably Puchong Galaxy as well!" But firstly, I've to drag Anne out of her workplace & unleash her from the busy schedule that she gets herself into! Nyehehe...time to sit down & plan my naughty 'Free Anne Campaign'! The weekend will be best for such 'interesting' planning....kekeke.. :P

- Ruth


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