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'Love-to-Eat' disorder

>> Friday, July 13, 2007

All we know is 'food' & 'eat'. I've a very bad feeling that the both of us, or at least myself, have a disorder called, "Love-to-Eat". *sigh* We're putting on weight, & I am putting on weight like nobody's business! *shrugs* Probably it's time to eat less, but eat more glorious food! Teeheehee...

I was talking to Anne just now on the msn (since we rarely meet now :( ), & I realized that all we talk about it food, travel, &... food & travel! Bah. As if it doesn't require cash. Perhaps the 2 things that motivate us to work is food & travel! With enough $$, we'll be able to not only get some property, but also have more opportunities to travel & eat! *yums*

We're thinking of going for a food hunt one weekend...heehee...maybe we'll not eat in such big portions, but we'll still eat, travel, & love these 2 things in life ;)

Anyone out there who would like to join us in our little adventure (for food) around KL?

- Ruth & Anne


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