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>> Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Perutbesi duo didn't manage to visit the MIFB fair!! :( Yeah, we're pretty disappointed ourselves, but it's due to an unforeseen circumstance. Our apologies to all our faithful readers for not being able to cover this event. One of our friends who were suppose to go with us (who has the car...) had to work on Saturday morning. She's on-call since her project is about to go 'live' soon.

Anyways, as a 'compensation', Anne & I still had a good time with our 2 friends, Joey & Coey (no, they aren't related by blood...it just so happens that their names sound alike :P ) in the afternoon all through late night. Hehe... the girls decided to go shopping since it's the Malaysian Mega Sale, & we went to 1Utama. (surprise, surprise, I'm not exactly a shopping person- more of a meet-up-with-friends person) Before we left for 1U, we had a simple, but nice lunch near Joey's place...

The restaurant is called Relax Cafe. Haha...the ambience is pretty relaxing, I dare say. It's a Chinese cafe that serves noodles & rice. The price is pretty reasonable, & you can get a decent meal of rice/noodles + a drink for less than RM6.00. The serving is medium-sized, but it's enough to fill a person- even a Perutbesi! Kekeke...

Here's what we had:

Taiwan chicken noodles - RM4.80/bowl*
Ice Chinese tea (Jasmine tea- very fragrant) - RM0.80/glass


Prawn dumpling noodles - RM4.80/bowl* (if we remember correctly)

Salted chicken (with Chinese herbs) and rice -RM6.80/set

Otak-otak - RM3.80/set

* served with Shanghai noodles (the other noodle is called the Emperor noodles- fine noodles like those wan tan mee type)

** fruit juice there costs around RM2.50/glass

We spent more than an hour eating & chatting in the cosy cafe before heading to 1U for more fun :) At 1U, just to find a parking space took us nearly an hour! Yes, AN HOUR!. Wergh. But the 1 hour was utilized wisely, of course. Considering the fact that the 4 of us meet only once a month or the most twice a month, being stuck in the car wasn't too bad an idea ;)

We were at 1U for about 3 hours before heading back to my house for dinner! Yeah, my parents invited my 3 friends over for dinner, & we had home-cooked food that night. It's a bonus since they haven't been to my place before & it's been quite some time since Joey had home-cooked food (being away from home to work in PJ).

All in all, we had a fabulous time, & we parted for home with joy in our tummies & in our hearts as well ;)

Introducing the spread for Saturday night's dinner!

All for the photo!! Coey (Yo), Joey, Anne, & Ruth

'ABC' Soup

Steamed Red Talapia

Lighted Sauteed Prawns (just lightly fried prawns with a little salt)

Mince Pork with Dark Soy Sauce & Chopped Preserved Veg (choy pou in Cantonese)
This may not look very pleasing, but it's the tastiest among all the dishes! It's cooked by my aunt ;)

The 4 of us friends look forward for more of such times together :) Friendship is indeed God's special gift. No one can explain how it starts, or how it will blossom ;) Only time can tell :)

- Ruth


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