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Good home-cooked food out-of-home

>> Saturday, July 28, 2007

Here's another place that offers good home cooked food out-of-home. Hehe :P The variety of food served is really like those that u find at home :)

Apparently, the 'tauke' of this business is a Fu Chow, & his eatery offers food that brings a 'homey' feeling to all his patrons. The shop is situated opposite the Paramount Garden's Giant Supermarket, & is on the same row as a 'tyre shop'...it's quite easy to locate :P

The coffee shop serves non-halal food, Chinese-style cooking to be specific, ranging from the common food u find in a Chinese home like stir-fried vegetables, steam pork with salted fish, stir fried sliced potatoes with pork slices, to more 'glamorous' food like steamed siakap.

The most famous there is the stir-fried potato slices with pork slices. I was there with my family of 5, including my aunt, & we had a simple dinner of 5 dishes, rice, & drinks, coming up to a total of RM53.00. My aunt said it's reasonable, considering the fact that we ate deep fried 'ma yau' fish. The serving isn't big, but good enough to make one too full to move at the end of the dinner :P

Stir Fried Potato with Pork Slices

Japanese Taufu Cantonese Style

Steam pork with Salted Fish

Deep Fried 'Ma Yau' Fish (very crispy that even the bones can be eaten!)

Stir Fried Sweet Potato Leaves with Preserved Beancurd ('Fan Shu Miu chow Fu Yue')

I've included a map for this place as well (hope it's understandable). I can't recall the name of the coffee-shop, but it's a Fu-Chow cooking coffee-shop, which opens only at night, around 5.30p.m.-11p.m.


Bummer. It's just SO difficult to resize this map to perfection. Argh! I've been trying at least TEN times!! Anyways, I've indicated in the Legend which colored arrow represents which way you could come from to get to the coffee shop. Since it's not clear, I'll just write it out here:

Yellow: Coming from LDP Highway/Kelana Jaya LRT/Taman Megah/SS2 from LDP Highway

Turquoise: Coming from SS2/24 (main road) towards SEA Park. Passes Eng Seng Heng, Esso Petrol Station

Purple: Coming from 'Rothmans' roundabout (Sin Chew Jit Poh, Lisa De Inn, British American Tobacco)

- Ruth


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