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Awesome Trip to Kuantan-Kemaman (Part 6)

>> Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dates: 26 - 28 February 2010, Friday - Sunday
Venue: Kuantan & Kemaman
Occasion: Weekend get-away with friends
Overall comment: IT WAS A BLAST!!

Day 3 - Sunday

Breakfast at Tanjung Api...

Nasi dagang is one of the more famous dishes in the east coast of Malaysia. If you happen to be in Kuantan, you should at least try ONCE what nasi dagang is all about.

I reckon the only thing that distinguishes this dish from the usual nasi lemak is the rice. In addition to that, the type of fish curry that is usually served with the rice is also different from the usual fish curry that we have at Indian & Malay restaurants.

Malay kuih/dumplings (from RM0.50 - RM0.80/piece)

Nasi Dagang (around RM2.50/serving)

Map to Nasi Dagang at Tanjung Api

View PerutBesi in a larger map

Beserah Beach/Fishing Village...

No one will ever think of coming here for the beach as it's not a popular beach spot. More often than not, you'll find fishing boats tied along the coast or catch the view of boats at sea. It's only because of the Chinese New Year movie, Woohoo, filmed at this area, that boosted this place's popularity.

I wouldn't have thought of bringing my friends here, but since most of us have watched the movie, they just wanted to have a "feel" and glimpse of the place.

The beach

I love this shot of the blazing sun

The hut
In the movie, Woohoo, a group of children were seen sitting on the roof of this hut when they ran away after their mum scolded them.

Catch of the day!
While capturing photos near the hut, a Malay fisherman & his young son just came back from their day at the sea. Here's their income for the day!

Lovely Lobster! :D
Yeah, we asked to hold the lobster as it fascinated us...city youngsters...hahaha...

The surroundings of the village

Platform to Sun-Dry Salted Fish
This platform is supposedly the place where the villagers place their salted fish to dry. It's also featured in Woohoo as the place where the group of young people practiced their Tiger Dance routines.

Off to Kemaman, Terengganu!

It was a really random & spontaneous idea to drive along the coast towards the next state, Terengganu. From Cherating to the border of Terengganu, it takes only a 45minutes drive. The drive was very pleasant & you'll get to witness a spectacle of villages, Malay food stalls, and beaches. It's pretty exciting, especially to those who rarely have the opportunity to indulge into such scenic views.

Hai Peng Kopitiam, Kemaman...

Our main aim to come ALL the way to Kemaman was for the famous Kemaman coffee! Yesh, believe it or not, we drove 45minutes to another state, just for the coffee. It's not as if there isn't a Hai Peng Kopitiam in Kuantan, but the excitement of driving up all the way for some refreshing beverage is just inexplicable ;)

Toasted Buns (around RM3.50/set)
Lovely! Hai Peng is well-known for their toasted buns & bread.

Perfect Marriage
Thick, toasted bread with butter & kaya.

Coffee Latte (around RM6.50/cup)
Check out the froth & sinful temptation. The coffee is so "kao" that you'll be high & filled with energy after just half a cup...hahaha...aromatic & smooth :)

Ice Blended Coffee & Ice Blended Chocolate (RM6.90/cup)
I'm giving this 2 thumbs-up! I'll rather pay for this than for Starbucks! :D I'm sure you'll get what I mean ;)

The man enjoyed his morning newspaper, the woman enjoyed her cuppa ice-blended coffee...*aaahhhh*

Ice Blended Lime (RM6.90/cup)
If you're sleepy or if you just need some energy-booster, you MUST try this! Check out the next photo & you'll know what I mean...

I look terribly spastic here, don't I? :S
You get what I mean by an "awakening" drink? :P

The photos above would have somehow tempted coffee-lovers out there for some smooth cup of 'drug'. If not, deep down inside you, wouldn't you want to somehow sink your teeth into the toast of perfect marriage? ;)

Up next is the last post of the Kuantan-Kemaman trip! Stay tuned with PerutBesi!!

The Traveler,


J2Kfm March 26, 2010 at 9:59 AM  

Hai Peng Kopitiam is one of the most famous kopitiam in Malaysia, right?
Those toasted buns look scary, yet yummy at the same time.
Perfect breakfast food.

PerutBesi March 26, 2010 at 3:36 PM  

->J2Kfm: It's certainly one of the most famous kopitiams in the east coast of Malaysia! West coast residents may not be aware of this kopitiam since Old Town Kopitiam dominates the west coast :P Btw, why would the toasted buns look scary?? Hahaha...it's a peculiar way to describe buns! You MUST try it la...it's yummy!!

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