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Goodies from Mexico!

>> Thursday, July 31, 2008

I received these goodies from Mexico...sweets! I've no idea what they are, but it's sure interesting for someone like me, who gets amused quite easily with new things! (Chris is even more easily amused than I am when it comes to new stuff)

Goodies from Mexico
Clockwise L-R: Round sweet...caramel lollipop...another sweet...small round sweet...wafer sweet...Mexican red-indian pendant-like gift (still trying to figure out what it is :P) Okay, seems like for once, Ruth doesn't know what she's eating...haha...I can't read Spanish la!

My project manager & one team mate went to Mexico for the UAT phase of the project. A few of us stayed back in Msia to support from here :) I'm very glad that the project went well! *yay* Indeed, I am blessed to be a part of this great project team...now that I'm moving into a new project (I already am in the new project), I kinda miss my old project team...*sigh* Things just have to move so fast...bleagh...

*Ruth is feeling nostalgic*

- Ruth


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