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Bumbu Bali 2

>> Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ruth's a "happy-bunny" today...

Wait...on 2nd thoughts, no, I don't feel like a "happy-bunny" :( Today is LY's birthday cum farewell dinner :( Super sad. Yet another gang member leaving *sobs*

We gathered at Bumbu Bali, Puchong, for dinner just now. The food there is not too bad, & the ambiance is actually quite nice. I wrote about this place before, so you can visit this link for more details on this place. As for this post, I'm just gonna introduce to you on more food offered at Bumbu Bali :)

The interior of Bumbu Bali (upstairs)

The table that we reserved

The menu for main courses
The prices of a main course ranges from RM15 - RM30It's recommended that you order one portion & share :)

Menu for dessert

Blue Hawaii (RM8.90)
This drink is quite unique, but it sure looks strange to me! I would have tried it if I was feeling more generous towards myself that day :P

Mojitto Lemon Grass (RM8.90)
This drink is simply soda + mint leaves + lemon grass + lime juice. It's quite an interesting concoction, but it REALLY reminded me of Colgate toothpaste!! Hahaha...yes, a little bit too familiar to my tongue :P

Soto Ayam (RM8.50)
This is actually a typical Malay/Indonesian soup, made from chicken broth cooked with spices to give a pungent, yet fragrant smell to the soup. This dish came with 'ketupat' (something like rice-blocks) & toasted baguette/garlic bread. JC said that the soup is slightly salty...

Cream of Mushroom (RM6.00)
According to LY, the soup tastes good. At the look of it, it does look smooth, but I'm not sure how "mushroomy" the soup is :P

Nasi Ayam Bertutu (RM20.50)
The name sure sounds weird, but this is actually grilled half chicken with Bumbu Bali's special herbs & spices, served with yellow rice, stir-fried kangkung with belacan, chips, & a small platter of mixed veggie+fruits. The special sauce that comes with this dish sure gave it a "kick"! :P

Siap Menggoreng (RM20.50)
This dish is similar to the Nasi Ayam Bertutu, except that the chicken is fried. It doesn't look & taste too bad :)

Campur-Campur Tiga (RM30.50)
I've blogged on this dish before. It's actually a mixture of 3 different types of meat: prawns, squid, & fish...and somehow there's chicken too...it's a HUGE platter that could be shared by several ppl, but ML ate it all up by himself!! *faints* "U go, ML!"

Nasi Campur Bumbu Bali (RM28.50)
This is similar to the Campur-Campur Tiga above, but it comes with rice, & the amount of meat is less as compared to the CC3

Seafood Platter (RM26.50)
What you see here is what you get :P It's a plate filled with seafood as its name speaks! RJ said it's quite nice :)

Tipat Cantuk (RM10.50)
If you've eaten rojak and/or gado-gado, this is something like it. It's 'ketupat' with some veggie & egg, served with Bumbu Bali's special sauce, which resembles the satay sauce (spicy peanut sauce)

Vegetable Pasta (RM10.50)
LY was vegetarian that day, so he ordered this dish. It's basically spagetti served with beans/legums, tomatoes, carrots, aubergine, & all sorts of veggie. It looks quite nice, really :P

Cincau Jelly with Rambutan (RM6.50)
The specialty of this dessert is the fact that the syrup has lemon grass in it. It gives a much more fragrant smell to the mixture of grass-jelly & rambutan bits, but somehow this dessert wasn't as nice as expected. It's a little too sweet, & it somewhat killed JC's tastebuds :S

Orange-flavoured Vegetarian Cake
It's basically cake without egg! Really...I kinda liked it...LY went all the way to Sunway to get it. I've no idea where he bought it from, but it's sure quite costly

Orange-flavoured Cake Slice
This is how the cake looks like when it's cut. The orange pieces are in between the cake & it's yummy!!

LY the happy birthday "boy" & his fellow gentlemen ;)
This is like his closest guy friends in the office, I would reckon :) Nice.

The happy LY & the pretty ladies! *pheweet*
This bunch of women complete the gang :)

This is indeed one of the more recommended places to dine. The price is slightly more costly, but if you ain't a big eater, you can actually share one portion of food between 2 persons :)

- Ruth


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