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Simple Home-Cooked Meal

>> Friday, July 25, 2008

I've been cooking a little more often these days. Eating out is getting quite expensive, whatmore with the distance that I've to travel to get some decent food, & not to forget the amount of petrol that I'll have to comsume when I drive out to eat *sigh*

Dinner tonight was really simple. All we had was a chicken dish, & a vegetable, which my housemates were very amused with when they saw it. They even thought that the vegetable was a type of fruit-- some genetically modified guava! *lol* It was hilarious when WL came into my room to ask me what that was (after he cut it into half & discovered that it didn't have any seeds that resemble the guava's)!

WL: Ruth, what's this? (showing me the half cut gourd)
RW: Har?? Oh no...it's not a fruit, WL! (bursts out into laughter) It's a vegetable!
WL: Oh....hahaha...ok ok, I'll put it in a container, in the fridge then...

My housemates...haha...don't I just love them :P

This was one of the most lovely yet simple dinners...hahaha...

"Yuen Cheong Fan" (pig's liver sausage...something like the Chinese pork sausage)This is one of the most delicious substitute for the "lap cheong fan". It may sound rather yucky, but oh, it's yummilicious! It really reminds me of Chinese New Year, as we have something like this on the 2nd day of CNY each year :) It's a very simple add-on to enhance the fragrance of plain rice! Just add pieces of the sausage on top of the rice when the rice is almost cooked, & walla, you'll have wonderfully fragrant & lip-smacking rice! :P

Stir-fried English Gourd (a.k.a Cameron Gourd/Apple Gourd) with Dried Shrimp & Garlic
This is a very, very simple dish, & an absolutely humble vegetable. The best part about this veggie, apart from being REALLY sweet in taste, is that it's cheap too! One English gourd costs around RM1 only! I got this one for RM0.80!! *lol*

Just in case some of you can't imagine how the gourd looks like, here's a photo of it :P

"Baked Half Chicken with Butter & Mixed Italian Herbs"
This dish is yet another simple dish. All you'll need is just half a chicken/chicken pieces, butter, mixed Italian herbs, salt & pepper to taste, & an oven toaster! Hahaha...well, I don't have an oven, so this suffices :P

This is like some sneak-preview into what's cooking in my Cyberjaya kitchen....hahaha....I'll introduce more good stuff soon! Stay tuned! ;)

- Ruth


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