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Sri Karak, PJ New Town

>> Monday, July 28, 2008

I was at Michael Sam's house last Saturday afternoon as I had no other plans. I practically went there to bum! *lol*

It felt SO strange, but it was really fun! Hahaha...it's somewhat my 1st time lazing at someone's house, & I'm not exactly close to Mike! Shu, Leej, & I were there solely to wait for Auns to arrive & chill with us. In the mean time, Leej & Mike played computer games, while both Shu & I watched this superbly hilarious movie on HBO called "Bowfinger". I reckon I laughed so loud & so much that the neighbours, if they can hear, would think that I've gone bonkers!

Auns arrived only after 2 hours. We didn't know what to do & where to go, AND according to Mike, sitting in the house was just too boring :P After a time-wasting discussion, we hopped into Shu's car & headed to Sri Karak for some durian-ish stuff :D

Sri Karak is located in New Town/State, Petaling Jaya. It's a corner shop opposite the MBPJ building, & it's quite easily located. This shop specially sells food that contains durian, so to all durian-lovers, this may be the place for you. They offer Karak's famous durian bomb, to durian ice cream, durian tarts, durian cakes, durian ice kacang & durian pancakes! Quite a variety, really, but the taste is certainly an individual's delight. I still feel that the original Karak's durian bomb is far better...

On the overall, this place sells durian-ish stuff & the usual rice & noodles like a normal cafe. The ambiance is quite alright, but I dare say that their service is unfortunately not excellent. *sigh* For the sake of novelty, it's a nice place to try out. But for the sake of having some good durian-ish food, this place won't get my vote.

Food-tasting Time
L->R (clockwise): Durian Ice cream, Pandan tart, Durian bomb, & Durian tart.
The ice cream was just so-so; the pandan tart was common; the durian bomb was the nicest & the most durian-ish of 'em all; the durian tart was not too bad as well, though we feel that all tarts were slightly pricey...each costs around RM1.80

Durian Ice Cream (RM1.80)
The ice cream wasn't very special. It's just like any durian-flavoured ice cream, but somehow I feel that there are even better, though commercialised, durian ice creams out on the supermarket shelves!

Durian Pancake (RM6.00)
This is actually cream & durian wrapped in a thin layer of pancake. It tastes quite good, but there's somehow nothing spectacular about this :(

Durian Ice Kacang (RM6.50)
Frankly speaking, this is one of the worse ice kacangs that I've ever had. Looks can be SO deceiving! I felt that the "gula Melaka" (brown sugar) syrup that came with the ice shavings was just bad. It had some chilli-ish taste/smell! We felt that it may be cheap, diluted brown sugar mixed with some honey & dark sauce!! *faints* Totally not worth the money paid. We ate up the durian ice cream & left the entire bowl of ice 'untouched'. Complaining to the waitress was useless cos she just didn't offer to replace our bowl of ice kacang!

Mike eating the durian bomb :) The contented look on his face...hahaha...priceless :P

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Price: * *
Environment: * * *
Taste: * *


- Ruth


Anonymous August 2, 2008 at 1:08 AM  

Good place to know. Must try next time when I am in PJ New Town. I was in PJ New Town tasting the Black Peeper Beef Steak in Supper Club (opposite MBSJ).

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