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Travel: Trip to Bali (Part 2 - Hotel & Places)

>> Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Our last 2 nights at Bali were spent at the established Diwangkara Holiday Villa, Sanur. It's on a different side of the beach at Bali, one where it's less crowded compared to the famous Kuta beach (I actually didn't get to visit Kuta beach during this trip!).

Diwangkara Holiday Villa has been around for quite some time & it features an authentic Balinese atmosphere in single-storey villas. Our superior room had 2 single beds in a very spacious room, 2.5 times the size of our room at Sun Royal Hotel in Legian! It was just the perfect accommodation after a LONG day of sight-seeing at Bali albeit being a much older accommodation :)

We had our 'welcome drink', a fruit-punch, which I felt was too sweet, before calling it a night. There was still day 4 to be excited about!

Day 4 featured a trip up north to the Uluwatu Temple, a quiet temple area over-looking the mighty waves crashing against the rocky cliffs. Amazing! I'm not a fan of temples, but I'm a die-hard fan of the lovely scenery that God paints - the blend of colors of the sea, the greens, the sky, the rocks...oh, I'm in awe! :)

Super-Love the Colors (of the wind...hahahaha)
I journeyed through this area alone as my mum wasn't feeling too well & my sister wasn't interested in visiting more temples. In fact, I didn't really visit the temple, but spent more time just enjoying the breeze on the cliffs!

Mighty Waves Crashing on the Rocky Cliffs

Waves Curling & Crashing
Puts me to awe at how God created such fantastic artwork for us to enjoy!

Uluwatu Temple by the Cliff (the pagoda-looking temple)

The Story of How the Temple Came About

Beware of monkeys!
According to the ticketing officers/lady who tied my 'sarong', I've to be very careful with the many monkeys roaming around the temple area. Thankfully there weren't THAT many wild monkeys around since I was walking alone. They were only at ONE specific area & not popping out from trees randomly (to scare any visitors that they want to).

View of the Temple from Another Side of the Cliffs

I think I spent approximately 1.5 hours touring the area & enjoying every single moment of the splendid view :) I also enjoyed meeting other tourists & chit-chatting with random people whom I met along the way :D

After much sunburn, we left the Uluwatu Temple area for Padang-Padang beach, which was on the way back to town. According to our driver, Komang, this beach is far better than Dreamland Beach as it's not as commercialized. The waves here are also bigger, so it's a surfers' paradise!

Way to the Beach
Everyone has to walk through a flight of stairs through a cave to get to the beach. Quite some walk on a steep, narrow path.

View of the Beach
Pretty waves...good place to sun-bath!

More Curling Waves!

My 1st Sight of a Surfer in Action
The waves were large enough for surfers to enjoy :)

We didn't spend a very long time at this beach as we had to head to our next destination/appointment i.e. 3 hours spa at Murano Spa, Seminyak. Bottom line, we were TOTALLY SATISFIED!

There are just too many massage parlours & spa centers in Bali, so going through the long list of recommended places was surely a challenge, which of course I took up. After much consideration, filtration & research, I decided on Package 4 from Murano Spa.

What we had in our 3 hours Package 4 (Rp255, 000):
-Traditional Balinese Massage (1 hour)
Enjoy a relaxing Deep Tissue massage with Sandalwood or Frangipani mint oil to relieve pain, tension and improve blood circulation.
- Facial (1 hour)
This includes: cleansing, peeling, steam treatment, a traditional Indonesian facemask and a rejuvenating face, neck & shoulder massage.
- Creambath (1 hour)
This includes: a shampoo wash , scalp massage with soothing cream, steam treatment, tonic, and a relaxing head, neck & shoulder massage.

It's a true pampering session for us ladies :) A much-deserved one after 3 days of sight-seeing & walking.

Entrance of Murano Spa

The Massage Room for 2 Persons

Creambath Session
Frankly speaking, I think this was the best among the 3 sessions! The therapeutic massage on the scalp just flows through the body & makes the entire body feel really good. I should go for such pampering session more often :D

Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage after Hair Shampoo-Wash

Steam Treatment
After applying a generous portion of 'cream'/hair mask on my scalp, I had the steam treatment to ensure that the roots of my hair absorbs all the goodness of the cream. Oolala...VERY syiok!

My Masseuse at Murano Spa
She's good! Very relaxing massage & facial treatment - part of the facial treatment was also to shape the eye-brows, which she is good at compared to my mum's & sister's masseuse :D (check out my sunburn marks!!)

Murano Spa
Jl. Dewi Saraswati III (Kunti II), Seminyak
Bali, Indonesia
Tel: (+62) 361 738 140/ (+62) 361 738 139/ (+62) 361 806 0736
Email: sales@muranospa.com/ muranospa@gmail.com

URL: http://www.muranospa.com/
* you can make your reservation through their website*

With our Driver, Komang :D

My mum & sister had such a good night's sleep after the massage & spa experience. I, on the other hand was struggling to sleep as my back & arms were quite badly sunburnt that it hurts to even lie down on my back AND my side =.=" cis. Applying the aloe vera gel on the back was supposed to help, but it felt worse as the gel + my shirt got stuck to my back & 'peeling' my shirt off my back just HURTS! :'(

Anyway, since it was our last night, I decided to sleep less & wake up early to catch the sunrise at the Sanur Beach. You'll only get to see the sunrise on Sanur beach (east coast), while you'll get to witness the sunset from Kuta beach's side (west coast). I HAD to get up for sunrise! Hahaha...

Even at 6:15am in the morning, the sky was quite bright & many people were already at the beach.

Thank God for the beautiful morning :)

*waves* at the waves :D

Sun Slowly Rising...

Mini, Mighty Waves

Good morning, Bali!! :D
Thank You, Lord, for the beautiful sunrise on my 1st time in Bali!

Love the sky on that morning as well...

Sunrise on Holiday Villa

View of the Swimming Pool in the Morning

View of our Room/Villa in the Morning

Walkway on Sanur Beach

It was indeed a good sight-seeing & pampering trip. Although most places are quite far to travel, I thank God for the experience to witness His creation in Bali. 'Til we meet again, Bali! I'll miss you!

Up next will be my post on FOOD experienced at Bali!! :D Stay tuned!

Sun, sea, sand,

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