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Trip to the US: Off to Palo Alto

>> Saturday, May 11, 2013


The land of opportunities - praise & thank God for the opportunity to travel 24 hours (ergh...) to the US from Malaysia! It's my 1st time here & it's been a great experience to be here for 2 weeks...my 1st week is now gone & I'm in week 2! In time to come, I'll be on my way back to Malaysia again...I'm kinda glad to head back, yet I know I'm gonna miss being here - the cool weather (average 14C) is just LOVELY!

Here's to share some photos with you :) Food photos will be coming soon! I think there will be more than 5 posts on my US trip! :D

"Cheap cheap" tickets only...but it gets me here in 1 piece!
Cathay Pacific offered the cheapest return tickets i.e. below RM6k. Not too bad a deal, I guess. But the journey to the US from Malaysia is REALLY long...

Floss' Economy-Class Seat
Poor Floss...his economy-class seat is really "economy"...hahaha...well, at least he's fortunate enough to get to go to the US (without a passport some more...tsk tsk tsk)!

Taking Off - Rainy day when we left

I love window seats...! Puffy clouds! :D

Breakfast on Cathay Pacific - journey to Hong Kong for transit
Perhaps I was hungry or I'm just not very picky with my food? The food served didn't taste too bad - quite tasty, actually :P

Just 1 hour transit, but....the queue!
The walk from where our plane landed to where we had to board again felt SO far! It was like from 1 end of the airport to the other =.=" The queue was crazy too! *ergh* Having to line up + having to carry the heavy laptop bag isn't fun at all...

Lunch..or was it dinner...? I forgot!
Time is NOT something that I do well in keeping track, especially when there's time difference when I travel from Hong Kong to the US - toooooooo many hours....I lost track of time :(

Dessert that came with the meal - NOMMMSS! :D

Breakfast again!
I wanted to have the chicken & mushroom porridge, but there were too many Asians on board, so I had to settle for the western again. Bah.

More to come...I've yet to process the photos...stay tuned!

With love from Palo Alto,


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