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Trip to the US: Arrived at SFO & Palo Alto

>> Saturday, May 11, 2013

After 3 hours of waiting at KLIA for boarding + 16 hours of flight + 1 hour transit, I finally landed at the San Francisco International Airport last week! What a crazily long journey! I was excited, yet anxious, not knowing what's gonna happen at work in the HP Palo Alto office. As it's my 1st time here, I feel superbly "kampung" - that sense of 'wanting to see & do everything' is in me :D

This trip to the US is like a 'dream come true'. I've been wanting to travel to the US for holiday/fun & to visit relatives this year. Three of us friends were planning last year to travel to the US this year, but things didn't work out as one of our friends channeled his budget to another trip. I kinda gave up on the idea of heading to the US (won't bother coming all the way here alone), but this work opportunity came along! Ah, God knows the desires of my heart :D And yay, here I am in the US! Thanks to my colleague in Singapore who proposed my name for this trip!

Here are more photos of the trip:

Flying into San Francisco...lovely view!
Thanks to my neighbour, he switched seats with me when we were flying into San Francisco (I was sitting at the aisle seat). Yay!

No idea where's this, but it looks nice from above :P 

I think this is San Mateo Bridge before the SFO 

Welcome to San Francisco International Airport! :D 

Tired d...no energy to even smile although I was excited...haha... 

View of part of the airport from the "Air Train"

Car Rental Counters
As we're here for 1 week of work in the office, renting a car is a good option to get around...seriously, CA's public transportation ain't really reliable :S 

Hello America!
Nice weather when we arrived in the morning :D Praise God!

Arrived at the Courtyard by Marriot Hotel, Los Altos, Palo Alto
Right after I enter the room, the bathroom/washroom (they call it "restroom") is on my left...quite spacious! 

Bath tub, oh, bath tub.... *joy* 

My room for the week - all to myself!
I wish my family & friends are with me - LOADS of space for more people! Spacious, comfortable (although the beds & pillows were slightly too soft, but I'm so tired each day I can still plop down & sleep), & the desk is good for my night conference calls...yes, I still have to work at night here :'( Super sad...

View from the balcony of my room
Thank God that my room has a lovely balcony! It's such a dream come true to be here... 

Up next, food in Palo Alto! I'll blog about it later...it's 12:27am now already & a long day awaits! Stay tuned & see you soon!

Love from the US,


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