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Day Trip to Sekinchan: What to see, buy, & eat...

>> Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I spent Labour Day out in the "fields" & fishing village of Sekinchan :) It was my 1st time there, so I was quite excited with the "field-trip".

For those who do not know where & what Sekinchan is about, it is actually quite a small town after Tanjung Karang/Kuala Selangor. Sekinchan is famous for its paddy fields & fresh seafood. Don't expect anything extraordinary from this village, but you'll certainly get your share of excitement amidst the peaceful & scenic town. There are "seasons" for nice, green, scenic paddy fields, so we're really blessed to be able to enjoy the luscious green landscape in Sekinchan at this time of the year.

What to see/buy:
1. Fresh seafood, straight from the sea to the boat, & onto the "collection & sorting" area...

The peaceful fishing village

All sorts of fish & seafood :D

Catch of the day...fuh, BANYAK!

 Cleaning the mantis prawns

Sorting eel...LOADS of it!

Hello, pile of eel!

Baby stingrays

Fresh prawns (approximately RM35.00 - RM38.00/kg, depending on size) 

Baby sharks of sort! So pretty! :P

Flower crabs...much alive...

Arranging the fish "maw" for drying...ooo...

 Many village-houses have the "hei" word on their porch :D Feels like wedding all year round!

Salted fish & more...

You can buy fresh fish in town...

Fresh Garoupa - not sure how much it costs 

Yums! Looks so nice!! 

One of the huge prawns for sale...we bought 1kg of such prawns (assorted sizes that are around this size/smaller) for RM38.00/kg 

What to eat:
Apparently this is one of the more famous restaurants for their seafood/shark meat porridge. The food here is not too bad in taste, but the service is quite slow. Prices is certainly a bargain! We spent less than RM10.00/person for a full meal! *eyes popped open*

Side order...some uncle in motorcycle came by selling Teluk Intan's chee cheong fun...1 box = RM7.50! Tastes ok ok only la...something different to try... 

Seafood Porridge (RM16.00 - I think it's for 3-4 persons' portion)
Broth is sweet & seafood is fresh. The porridge is quite tasty although it feels like there's not enough rice...more soup than rice! :P 

Spicy Seafood Porridge (RM16.00 - I think it's for 3-4 persons' portion)
Similar to the one above, but this one is quite spicy. It's interesting to have spicy porridge, so if you haven't tried spicy porridge before, it's worth trying. I kinda still prefer to "spicy stir-fried porridge" in Kuantan :D 

Stir-Fried Kam Heong Style Lala (RM16.00/serving that fed 7 of us - 1 person doesn't take seafood)
Nothing very special. It strangely lacks the fragrance from dried shrimps! 

Deep-Fried Calamari (RM15.00/medium serving)
Not really nice. The batter isn't crunchy :( 

Stir-Fried Cabbage (RM7.00/medium serving)
No complaints. Enough "wok hei" - a very important element to Chinese cooking :) 

The restaurant was packed when we were there, but here's what it looks like when we left ;) 

Here's where the restaurant is located... 

Jiann Chyi Restaurant
156, Lorong 3
Bagan Sekinchan
45400 Sekinchan
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel: (+603) 3241 4690/ (+6017) 350 0867

What to see/buy:
2. Crackers of all sorts - prawn, fish, sweet potato....

One of the many stalls selling crackers (RM10.00/7 packets)

 Dried goods: seafood, crackers, coffee, snacks...

What to see/buy:
3. Pantai Redang is one of the more popular beaches in Sekinchan. The view couldn't be compared to the actual Redang beach, but while we were there, it was actually very breezy & it was just lovely to be there to enjoy the sun, sea, sand, &....friends! :D

With my parents at Pantai Redang

View of 1 end...it wasn't very sunny today...sky wasn't very blue... 

Fresh coconut drink at Pantai Redang (RM3.00/coconut)
Very sweet, fragrant & refreshing!

What to see/buy: 
4. As Sekinchan is well-known for their paddy fields, you'll certainly not miss the rice-processing factories around the fields. We visited one of the many, I assume, where they had bus loads of local tourists! The factory area processes the rice as well as sell an assortment of rice & snacks. They also provide educational talks for tourists ;)

Buying the unique "egg-shape ice-cream" (RM3.00/ice-cream)
I didn't buy as I felt it was too costly for a small little ice-cream...

Egg-Shape Ice-Cream
You've to pop open the cover & hold the ice-cream (bottom) to enjoy licking/eating it...

Machine that processes the rice

What to see/buy:
5. It is a MUST see - make a visit to the paddy fields! Drive along the rocky roads in between the fields & enjoy the LOVELY green pastures :D

Lovely green rice - not ripe yet

SO CUTE la... 

I feel like I'm "home"... 

With my colleagues 

Deep pink Japanese roses growing alongside the paddy field :) 

What to see/buy:
6. One of the well-known products in Sekinchan is also their mangoes. There's this house that's referred to as the "Mango King". You'll find all sorts of locally grown mangoes & snacks at this place that you can buy home to enjoy.

What to see/buy:
More green paddy fields, where some are turning yellow - the harvest is coming!!

I really enjoyed the trip :) I will actually believe that I'm a "kampung girl" trapped in a city girl's body! *lol* I can't wait for my next trip/holiday!

With much love,


cindy May 2, 2013 at 12:17 AM  

oh the paddy field..so lovely!

PerutBesi May 2, 2013 at 12:20 AM  

@cindy Tong: The fields were indeed lovely!! Gorgeous for photography :D Pleasure to the eyes!!

The Yum List May 3, 2013 at 7:38 AM  

Great summary! So easy to know what to do there now. :-) I wonder why all the catch in the market though were babies? How will they ensure a future food supply if they're killing the immature fish?

PerutBesi May 4, 2013 at 3:02 PM  

@The Yum List: Thanks for the comment! :D No idea about the babies being sold. I'm sure there's more than enough smallies to feed everyone! :D

Anonymous May 1, 2014 at 9:52 AM  

Lovely pictures. A great pointer for those tht wan to visit Sekinchan

Jotaro Zen August 20, 2014 at 1:00 AM  

Those are not baby sharks but adult dogfish. A smaller species of sharks.
Also buy the crackers direct from the "factory" and Yong Tau Foo from another "factory"
For more details on where, see:

PerutBesi August 20, 2014 at 2:26 PM  

@Jotaro Zen: thanks for pointing that out! I'm certainly no fish-pro :D will check out the other places next time when I go there again. Thanks!

Jotaro Zen August 21, 2014 at 2:17 AM  

You are most welcomed.
Do go to the cracker cottage industry as they sell the "un-fried" crackers too. These can be kept longer.
Also don't miss the sotong cracker, they are good!
I gave the lala crakers a miss though.

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