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In some baking frenzy...my baking diary

>> Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The mad PerutBesi has gotten into some mad craze of late (it may be the stress)...since she knows how to cook & is quite creative in coming out with her own dishes (at times strangely good), she decided to pick up baking (straight from recipes taken from the internet!). It's her little way of destressing since experimenting can be quite fun ;)

Here's a short account of my madness:

1 Feb 2012 - 1st attempt in baking - I baked some peanut butter, chocolate chip cookies & gave it out as an early Valentine's Day gift to my boyfriend, my family & some colleagues :) I merged/mixed & matched the recipe below from several sources in the internet, of which I forgot! So erm, below is the recipe that I used...

14 Feb 2012 - 2nd attempt in baking - I baked 2 types of chewy cookies this time. First type: mint chocolate chip cookies. Second type: mint (using extract), white chocolate, dark chocolate chips, & green tea (I pounded the green tea leaves/powder from the tea bags myself, k? No joke man...loads of effort) cookies. These batches are slightly too sweet & not as yummy as the 1st batch's...but on the overall, it still tasted not too bad. One tray of the green tea ones didn't turn out :( So I scraped it off the baking pan & kept it aside 'til I found a way to use it. Recipe is a mix & match between these 2 from http://rebelwithoutasauce.wordpress.com & allrecipes.com.

[Update 22nd Feb: I just remembered I have 1 piece of cookie each that I've kept aside for JL - she hasn't redeemed her cookies yet, so here's how the cookies looked like]

16 Feb 2012 - 1st attempt in "saving my flopped cookies" innovatively - The flopped mint, green tea, white chocolate & dark chocolate chip cookies (6 cookies) were crushed & stored aside at the "corner of shame"...hahahaha....but thanks to my crazee brain, at 12+am this very day, I thought of something "interesting" to save my cookies & make it pleasing to the palette.

1. Crush the cookies 'til it's fine, yet not 'til powderish.
2. Add some green tea to moisten it up...but never add too much liquid!
3. Melt some white chocolate in a bowl placed in a pan of slow boiling water on the stove.
4. Sliced up some fresh strawberries (my housemate said she didn't know what to do with the strawberries in the fridge since it's a sourish)
5. Roll & pat the crushed cookies into balls.
6. Dipped cookie balls into the melted white chocolate to coat it.
7. Top the cookie balls with a slice of strawberry.
8. Sprinkle coffee powder over the cookie ball.

Walla! You'll have a sweet cookie ball with some sourish strawberry & bitter coffee powder to take away the overwhelming/"jelak" feeling of the sweet white chocolate cookie ball. Yums :) Cookies didn't have to go to waste!

21 Feb 2012 - 3rd attempt in baking - 1st attempt in baking cupcakes! - I baked 10 moist chocolate cupcakes (with added chocolate chips that's not part of the recipe & I topped the cupcakes with some chocolate rice & chopped almonds!) without eggs, without butter!! FUH!! I was amazed at the successful result! :D *bliss* Recipe taken from simplyrecipes.com.

Cooking, baking, & eating makes The Ruthless Eater happy :D I think food just makes PerutBesi happy! :D I'll continue trying out new recipes & will share it here whenever I come across any successful ones! Up next, I think I wanna bake brownies or cupcakes again...hahaha...ANYTHING that doesn't require a cake mixing machine/electric hand mixer will come into my wish list... I've yet to bake bread too, but it takes too much time & effort...heehee...

Oh, don't you just love a nice, delicious smelling kitchen & home? I do :)

Chef in her "lab",


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